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We often listen to some friends who do stand to say that their site has been down the right, ranking all of a sudden back a good dozens of or even good hundreds of. Many webmasters have different inference, in the end is the reason for internal adjustment Baidu or the problem of their own website? At this time we are most important to find the reason for the right to fall, how to make the site adjusted to get a good ranking, this should be the question that everyone should consider, After the discussion with several webmaster friends to summarize some of the site down the right reasons and solutions.

For how to improve the ranking of the site, I am also very annoyed, one of my website Whale baby shopping before the internet has some keywords ranking is good. For example, Taobao women's shoes This word once ranked about 20, but now ranked sometimes down to more than 100, and sometimes back to 80, last night even to the 17, so unstable rankings in the end is why. And the opponents of the keyword ranking has been higher than the top page, I was down the right or other reasons?

So I asked my friends to analyze the site of their opponents, and found that my opponent's website is very different from mine:

First: The opponent's website content is almost original, although the station structure is not very reasonable, but the path content clear, want to find content can soon find.

Second: Do not deliberately to do cross connection, friendship links in their site is not much, but links are some of the high weight, good quality sites.

Third: The other side of the site's external links increased rapidly, more than 20,000 articles, and almost all of the industry, so it is not difficult to imagine, the weight must be very high, more admirable is the site most of the content has not been the operation of SEO, links from the classified information site or advertising platform.

Four: Site page nature, and did not deliberately to specifically optimize to make the site appear clear and natural.

It is obvious that the opponent's website differs from my website here. Opponents whether the adjustment in Baidu or the ranking of fluctuations in its impact is not very large, ranking has been very stable.

In the face of these problems friends give the following solutions:

First: Want to lead the spider to our website so our website must carry on the internal structure and add the original article, the reason can be very simple to say is the spider want detailed route and fresh food.

Second: The choice of friendship links we must be cautious, to avoid some of the garbage site to connect, to avoid dead links, cross connection. Resolutely do not buy black chain, do not be one dollar a friend of the chain of advertising attracted, we firmly believe that a penny a penny. So in the friends of the chain of audit must be strict, do not be Baidu found that friendship link is not standard, otherwise dangerous. Because the links are in the home page, so the weight of the search engine is generally very high, choose a good link in a short time can have a good ranking.

Third: We can try to increase the number of external links to the site, but this link is not what links are good, the best choice is the industry links, such as the same industry on the website of the soft Wen, some people may ask, why do you have to peer on the website of soft Wen? No other websites? Perhaps some people say that ordinary soft wen not? I think I can still try. The benefits must be some, the best choice.

Four: We should try to be the site clear and natural, this is important for SEO optimization. Baidu's adjustment generally for SEO and this, we should all know, so we must be in the station of the anchor chain contact to optimize, the best not too much or too can be painted, or Baidu will be disgusted with it. There are some good rankings in the site, although more anchor points, but due to the high weight of the old station, the impact is not too big.

Five: We can also adjust the interface, if it is said to change the content of the site may not be possible, the project is also large, but I suggest the webmaster best update as soon as possible, update the site best to reach 70%, the minimum is to update the contents of the first page, others need to simply adjust.

After being down right we must not be discouraged, do not lose confidence, as the saying goes, the sun always after the storm, we want to insist on every day, perseverance. Instead of watching the mood to do the station. I hope you do not need this article, because we do not want to be Baidu down right. But not afraid of 10,000 is afraid in case, if there is really a day to hope that these will help. It's written here today, and I have to go to school tomorrow.

This article by the Taobao Women's shoes original A5 start, hope to reprint friends to keep the link oh. Writing original is very hard, thank you

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