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Duyu a product, the process of product design has a rigid index. But in fact, whether a product is successful, in addition to these actual visible factors, there are a lot of "hidden" factors, although the factors "colorless and tasteless", but they sometimes for the success of the product has played a crucial role, let's take a look at these invisible factors together.

1. Best Practices and communication

Experienced a number of product development, there are successes and failures. Determine the success of a product development, in addition to technology, resources, management, personnel, and other very hard indicators. There are two soft that are critical but often overlooked-best practices and communication.

Large to product development process, management methods, small to code writing can form a company or a team of best practices. The goal of best practice is to have a company or team of people to do things the best way. For example, development processes, waterfalls, iterations, increments, agility, and so on, that way is right for us? Suitable for our products? What can be done better? Although the books are very good, but must be converted into their own best practice to produce real value, if read, sometimes even harmful.

Management is communication, communication and communication – former GE CEO Jack. Welch。 In a team, for the smooth development of the product, whether the members can be good communication is the most important. Communication here refers to two aspects, one is work, the other is life. At work, whether the task can be accurately communicated, we have a unified understanding of the matter. This includes documentation, meetings, direct communication at work, and more. Whether members are aware of each other's preferences and habits in their lives. This includes lunch chat, weekend KTV and so on. Some companies and managers often ignore the back, in fact, communication in life will often have unexpected gains.

2, sometimes the product itself is not a problem, the problem is to make the product popular

Do Internet products People often mention Baidu know, stick, NetEase's mailbox. These products are very good in themselves, and they are very low-key. Others say they are not very good from the product itself, but they are also very successful. such as Taobao, happy Net, Journey. One of the key points in the success of these products is marketing. Taobao in the early days with 3亿来 to do media advertising, net network virus marketing, the journey of 2, 3 level of marketing.

The advantage of doing Internet products is that we can make full use of the Internet and get a lot of new comprehensive knowledge. The problem is that vision is often stuck in the web and the product itself. Shi Yuzhu said that China's online game marketing way too backward. The result was a "journey" with "melatonin".

Today's Internet products are many, and many products are no technical threshold, so you do today, in a few days will be copied. Even copying people do better than yours. So the Internet product is no longer the product itself is the hard truth, but the product + Marketing comprehensive consideration of the Times.

3. The internal sociality of the product

With the popularization of web2.0, SNS and the application of community-oriented products more and more, we suddenly found that the Internet products are no longer as simple as the previous product, her complexity and the internal user's sociality more and more elusive.

Baidu Bar "Explosion", Taobao "credit door." These events and problems, as the product itself, the explosion of user volume, eventually detonated. If a few years ago we look at an Internet product can also from the quality of the product itself, to provide users with what kind of valuable functions, to consider. And now in the community based on the application of products, we also have to consider the product itself within the user's social issues. These problems are often difficult to estimate or ignore in the early stage of product design, and some problems occur with the increase of user base. A while ago I heard that Alibaba to recruit a huge fortune sociology experts, it seems that Ali has recognized the seriousness of the problem.

So when we study and study the product itself, as much as possible to study and understand the user groups, to supplement the knowledge of sociology. All these will be of great help to the future product design.

4, plagiarism is not a problem, the key to copy the Chinese characteristics

Also once posted "American internet giant in China development 10 big failure" very interesting article. Although we already know that because of China's own environment and user reasons, it is difficult for foreign Internet products to enter the Chinese market. But don't you think you can make it if you copy an identical product?

You may say QQ is not plagiarism? Yes, plagiarism itself is not a problem, but to succeed must know where to copy where should be copied, where should make their own design. For example, QQ screenshot function, Baidu search results link are pop-up new window. And on how to put a foreign Internet products into China's successful products, the most classic case is "China's ebay and Taobao." ebay's three features: transaction charges, main push auction, email communication. Taobao is also three features: trading free, the main push a price, instant communication communication.

Therefore, in product design, in addition to the study of foreign products, advanced technology and thinking, we must also consider whether it is in line with the broad masses of people's living habits. Only "deep processing" after the product is to be able to be accepted by the masses of the key.

5, design from life, but not higher than life

In literary works and film and television works often say "from life, but higher than life." and product design I think is "from life, but not high and life." In other words, the product will eventually go to life, although great products can change the way people live. But she's a part of our lives, that's all.

Do not know why, a lot of it product design practitioners rarely watch TV, playing online games only to play Warcraft, watching TV show only watching American drama. I think there is nothing wrong with this way of life, but do not forget that you are in China this magical land, the product you designed ultimately to let Chinese people use. From some kind of "high-end" attitude we may spit out the hypocrisy of CCTV, super female vulgar, shanzhai machine of no goods. But let us not forget that these things are what most people are watching and using.

If you are still not accustomed to seeing those "vulgar" TV programs, using those "no products" products, it doesn't really matter. But in order to design the "mediocre" people to use the product, you can be forced to watch TV two or three hours a week. A half month or a month to go out to stroll the street, perhaps there will be unexpected discovery.

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