The recruitment of high-end talent has entered the "Seller's Market"

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Abstract: For more than 5 years of technical and management personnel, the use of the term job seeker is clearly not appropriate. In particular, the domestic Internet industry, whether it is a start-up or industry giants, can not avoid the big problem, the recruitment of high-end talent

For more than 5 years of technical and managerial personnel, the term "job seeker" is clearly inappropriate. In particular, the domestic Internet industry, whether it is a start-up or industry giants, can not avoid the big problem, the recruitment of high-end talent has already entered the "Seller's market." And the hottest people are reluctant to send resumes to the recruiting website because of the harassment of headhunters and the fear of exposing job-hopping. In other words, middle and high-end people want low-key job search, do not affect the current work, to avoid personal privacy is leaked.

Since it is a seller's market, to serve this crowd, to help them find the most satisfactory offer is yesoffer want to do things. Founder and CEO Feng Lianhui Alfred told 36 Krypton that they wanted to be a talent broker: in addition to providing free counseling for exclusive professional brokers, Yesoffer would pass the anonymous resume of the talent to the most suitable employer by "auction" and backstage "matching recommendation", only after the person agreed to the interview, The enterprise can obtain the talent's real name resume and the contact information, the system also has shielded the present and the past employer for the talented person.

As shown above, the user registers and provides a resume on the mobile (micro-service) or web-side, after which Yesoffer's professional broker helps TA refine an anonymous resume. If you agree to be recommended, the broker will recommend anonymous resumes to a number of companies that meet TA's expectations. Usually a person in Yesoffer will receive about 5 interview invitations. Unlike traditional headhunting, the user sees the invitation information as full and transparent, including position, salary, background of the enterprise, report to WHO and the number of team. If you agree to an interview, a professional broker will arrange an interview for all matters of entry.

From the talent point of view: Yesoffer provides privacy protection and the recruiter's information transparency (such as salary). Usually choosing a recruiting product means you have to measure whether you are willing to trade your privacy for their services. Rather than "sell" their resume information to a recruiting site, job seekers tend to be "bright" and "dark", so anonymous resumes address their two-point needs. According to Alfred, Yesoffer, 90% of the recommended talent has received an interview invitation from the company since it was online last June, with 50% earning an average of 405,000 (excluding options) for multiple offer,offer.

From a corporate point of view: Yesoffer helps HR save time by sifting through a huge amount of resumes while saving money. At present, the search agencies in the market according to the candidate 20%-35% annual salary, Yesoffer recruitment success after 15% of the annual pay as a fee. Although the middle and high-end job search cycle is longer, difficult to deal with is also higher, but usually these talents as long as the decision, commitment to the probability of the post is also greater.

Currently, the ratio of 5:1 to the Yesoffer micro-service number and web side is consistent with LinkedIn's 2015 Recruitment Trends Report: As mobile devices rise around the world, job seekers are increasingly inclined to learn about jobs and corporate information on the mobile side. In addition, the entire recruitment process on the phone to complete a can be seen at any time, very convenient, and secondly also to avoid being seen by colleagues embarrassed.

Again, LinkedIn released a hiring trend report last year, with only 21% of people in China taking the initiative to find a job and 79% passive job seekers. How to pry this "silent majority"? This is a common problem in the recruiting industry. 36 of Krypton's earlier report, the network tried to use the micro-letter platform as a network management tool in the form of "micro-business card", and another "Chihiro" gave the answer to the micro-credit social recruitment +ats system. Alfred also admits that this is a big difficulty at the moment, but the specific solution is still inconvenient to disclose. I'm personally curious as to how they can do it, and that it's the key to Yesoffer's eventual success.

On the team side, CEO Feng Lianhui Alfred graduated from Stanford University and was a partner with SES, a high-end headhunting firm, and a founder member of several Silicon Valley technology companies such as expert Edge, Future Labs and WebEx Communications. WebEx Communications, which had been listed on Nasdaq, was bought by Cisco at $3.2 billion.

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