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First of all, said here that the medical SEO specific for the hospital site SEO, because the author is engaged in this industry, but also the hospital's SEO status is more familiar!

How many people engaged in this industry I do not know, but from the various AdSense BBS signature chain, QQ Group can be found, this is a large group. They do the same thing every day, and everyone does the same thing! Although many practitioners feel that medical SEO is hard to do, they rarely think about change because everyone does it!

Last year, Baidu named hit the medical station, is not unreasonable, the following is the status of the hospital site SEO:

One: two homogeneous

1, the site appearance of the same quality most hospitals are the way to promote the use of multiple sites, programmers do is also continuous imitation station, PS pictures, to do a site need only 1-3 days. Do not have their own hospital characteristics, or can not have characteristics, because you work hard to make the "characteristics" other people only need 1-3 days to become his.

2, Content homogeneous Hospital website article is you copy me I copy you, this is public. Homogeneity of serious and can not blame SEO, but its characteristics decided: a hospital so a few diseases, every day dozens of on the task of dozens, which have so many original content can write? How much time and energy to write?

Second: Making rubbish

If the internet to classify the rubbish, illegal information accounted for 30%, medical treatment of junk information at least 30%. This rubbish information gathers in each classified information network, free blog, forum and so on. Whenever can send free information places can see medical information figure, is all-pervasive, which is determined by its characteristics!

Medical articles contain a large number of sensitive words, so the chain channel is limited in a small space, in this place, there are a large number of hospitals, a large number of SEO practitioners need to complete a large number of tasks. Can only do is to create network garbage!

Speaking of which, many friends may have noticed that I have mentioned the term "its characteristics" many times. Then the hospital class website SEO characteristic is what? is to make a lot of websites, update a lot of content, release a lot of outside the chain!

So what's the result? Some hospitals have more than 10 seoer, but the site is not a traffic! Why not?

Most of the hospital sites are using the home page to optimize the topic of the hospital, but also useful column page optimization disease species. But the result is that the rankings are good, the flow is not! Under normal circumstances, Baidu bidding system to give the number of the bid is 8 or 10, the minimum situation is to occupy the first page of the first screen position. According to a foreign research statistics show that the network name on the search results of the distribution is "F" type, generally separated from the first screen, the promotion of the effect can be almost negligible.

So since there is no effect, why there are many hospitals, many SEO practitioners do it? Because of the high profits of the medical profession in support. Or, many private hospital bosses feel that other hospitals are doing SEO, they have to do, others do so, I also do so, even if no effect, do not care to raise a few idler.

However, once lost the high profit this support point, the medical website SEO will instantly collapse! With the increase of competition in private hospitals and the decrease of trust among ordinary people in private hospitals, this situation will be foreseen and the SEO reform of hospital websites is imminent!

So how to reform? Here's a personal point of view:

One: Change the current website Transfer type for the exchange type.

Few hospitals want to build interactive platforms such as forums, which have several benefits:

1, give visitors confidence to dare to open the hospital must have strength, at least not cheater website.

2, visitors are usually the visitors to the hospital website is to visit a lot of websites, access to a large number of information to decide, but through the forum in this form, because he can get many other visitors in the station information, so can be intercepted.

3, it is easier to do word-of-mouth marketing because you are the boss of the Forum, where you can send any information and limit some information, as long as not to do too much obvious, then it can be very good to maintain the positive information in the station, and played a role of Word-of-mouth publicity

Second: Change home page to promote the whole station

Why do we all do the home page, the master word? Because it is easy to do, quick. But for the hospital, not bad money, not a cop, not bad time, can completely slow work out malt, through the whole station to obtain a large number of long tail word flow, to avoid Baidu bidding system.

Finally say a word, just go to work, heard a medical company rented a whole teaching building as the network Department office, there are nearly thousands of optimization personnel, think, it is not necessary!

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