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Web traffic and money can figure out how much money you make every month.

For stationmaster, this is a very valuable article of reference, from which, perhaps you can think of many things!

The following data are purely personal surveys and observations, the size of the data differences are normal, I listed the data as general statistics. Look at the ability of the grass to do and transport.

Sites that do not include illegal sites, such as * * sites, do not include commercial sites selling products.

Individual sites of all kinds

Website daily traffic to do every month to make money

1000IP 200-300 RMB

(1000IP a day, for like a site, a bit of content site, in 20 days it is easy to do. Tom League can have 400 points = 2 blocks, 3721 AD league can have 100 points = 4 block, 3721 Assistant federation = 2 block.

3000IP 500-800 RMB

(3000IP a day, it's very simple to do.) This time some people will be very impatient to pick up the advertisement, my opinion is not to answer. 50 pieces of one months of banner,20 block one months of text. Not much, not to earn so little money. 3000IP, federation and 3721 can have more than 10 blocks a day.

8000IP 2500 RMB

(8000IP a day, it's not hard to do?). From 8000IP, the website can belong to the primary, the money greatly upgrades. Taobao net one months on 1500 yuan, Tom League can be removed, or put in inconspicuous place, 3721+ other public Welfare alliance can to 2200, followed by a small number of advertising, one months 2500 yuan is very stable.

Starting from 10,000 IP, did not increase 5000IP, the level of the site can be upgraded, each month to make money can also be increased by 2000 yuan.

Starting with 100,000 IP, the monthly revenue can be fixed at 580,000.

The increase in traffic, so that similar sites and the same flow site can be eliminated from other sites. The funds of all kinds of alliances will also increase with the increase of traffic.

After the traffic is big, the Alliance advertisement can be removed, if you think that position you can make more money.

Advertise and find company. Or find a company to buy.

The difference between advertising is very large, some stations 15,001 months, some can do 2500 yuan. Some do 40,001 months, some can do 6000. Several positions can be a difference of 120,000.

To find companies to cooperate, and the acquisition of the company, the need for site content, Web pages, etc. to meet the commercial site of certain principles to do.

For example, we all know the wind flash, 200,000 IP per day. But there will be no company takeover.

How to do like I said every day so many IP?

1. In order to speed and flow and future considerations, the site content must be used static HTML. Will be the search engine revenue. The traffic from the search is much greater. Static HTML access does not go wrong, and the speed is greatly increased.

2. The rules of the page are uniform, and generally appear as pages.

Do not need to be too beautiful, the public accept looks comfortable, will get more repeat customers, also increase the site's fixed traffic.

3. For search optimization

Optimization for the search traffic will be more, ranking in front of the search, if not in front also can increase visitors to the results of clicks.

4. Friendship connection with the station

You can quickly get search engines to update sites, collect more pages, and update pages in the search database.

5. Website update

If your site is not updated, do not talk about making money.

6. Promotion

Find a friend to do a connection, advertise. Find a site to advertise (need money).

Find a forum post, email, etc. for now, it is not as effective as before. So there are times when you can do something else.

If your station traffic is in 6 digits, there's 7,8,9.

7. After the high flow is not to make more money

should develop more.




Do website is so simple, do website is so difficult.

It's so easy to make money, it's so hard to make money.

The key key is directly related to one's ability.

The same flow, the same content of the station, substitution transport do, make money is also different.

If you make more money than I predict, congratulations, you're a success, you're better than me.

If you earn more than I predict the less, then I'm sorry, you should think about it, and try to do it. Try to make more money, saying that personal ability is limited. No way.


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