The relay is ticking, the American taxi application launches the war of burning money

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The domestic taxi application burning money war just calm down, the United States began brewing. According to the U.S. Science and Technology blog Re/code reported that carpool application Lyft is in the new round of financing. At present, the competition between Lyft and Uber is very fierce. This week, a document submitted by Lyft in Delaware State shows that the company is making a total of $150 million trillion in D-round financing. There have been recent reports of Lyft financing, but this is the first time the news has been formally confirmed. Lyft will issue 14.8 million shares in this round of financing, at a price of $10.13 per share. The company's previous rounds of financing were priced at 22 cents per share to $4.25. Three sources said the round of financing would be divided into two parts. The first part of the total of USD 80 million is now complete and the company is still in the second part of the 70 million dollar financing. It is not clear whether this is true. Details of the investor are not listed in the documents provided by Lyft. Several sources said the private equity firm Coatue Management was involved in the Lyft round of financing. This round of financing is valued at $700 million for Lyft in addition to cash. In contrast, last summer Uber a $3.5 billion trillion valuation to finance $250 million trillion. Uber's UberX service is the direct competitor of Lyft, which supports the provision of paid passenger services by drivers without a commercial licence. In key markets such as San Francisco, Uber is trying to squeeze Lyft out of the market through big spending. In January this year, Uber lowered its price by 20%, while dividing its revenues into 5%. In addition, Uber also held promotional activities to the driver from Lyft to Uber to give a 500 dollar reward. At the same time, Lyft is building a friendly community experience to strengthen its competitive edge. In addition, Lyft is actively attracting new drivers and expanding. But comparing Lyft with Uber is not entirely appropriate. Lyft was launched before 1.5, and the company was previously focused on long-distance carpool services, and the company was named Zimride. The company's valuations are based entirely on new mobile carpool services. Lyft hasn't commented on the latest round of funding. So far, the company's total financing is just above $80 million trillion, with investors including Founders Fund, Mayfield Ventures and Floodgate. In May 2013, Lyft had a previous round of financing, with investors including Andreessen Horowitz, with a financing amount of 60 million dollars.
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