The report of the attack on the network yellow cattle was born like this

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Five minutes booking 503 Tickets December 27, 2013 late night, Beijing Chaoyang North Road No. 237 Fosun International Center 12 floor of a meeting room lights brightly, in a few hours, is the first day of this year's Spring Festival network ticket purchase, and this in the Golden Hill Cheetah is the secret group of snow hidden is urgent overtime. On the morning of 28th, the Railway Ministry's official website 12306 website became the focus of the user refresh and the third party to brush the ticket. Netizen little Sue began to log in from 7 o'clock to rob tickets, according to him, the first query of the remaining tickets there are more than 200 tickets, but click the ticket booking, has no ticket. The website has been paralyzed and cannot get into the site again. At the same time, the engineer Xu Qi, also began to be ready to brush the ticket artifact moved out, he first try to buy the first day of Spring Festival January 16, 2014 Guangzhou to Haikou tickets. In just five minutes, a successful booking of 503 tickets, in order not to affect the passenger purchase, he quickly canceled the order, the ticket back to the 12306 online. However, soon 12306 websites collapsed. Xu Qi Another computer on a name for the railway QQ group began flashing, group of friends began to cross-examine the group of owners, 12306 of the site is paralyzed, what is the reason? is not the brush ticket software caused? In case 12306 changes the rules, will our software be useless? The group owner simply replied: "I don't know at the moment, I'm getting to know more." What the hell happened? Why do ordinary netizens buy tickets, while Xu Qi can buy hundreds of tickets in a flash? Why are 12306 of sites paralyzed for up to an hour and unable to log in? Mystery group inside do not know according to Xu Qi introduced, as early as three months ago, some netizens to them, many of the cattle use illegal ticket software to sell a lot of tickets. The technical personnel research found that these ticket-grabbing software not only needs to charge, its name is also strange, and seriously endanger the Netizen's normal purchase ticket behavior. To this end, Jinshan set up a combat network of cattle Expert Group, set up 1 million Yuan special fund. Team members jokingly call themselves the Cheetah Bulls group. According to the team leader Xu Qi introduced, the group of 7 members, respectively, by technical engineers, product engineers and market personnel, someone is responsible for undercover investigation, get yellow cattle trust, buy illegal products, to technicians in the rear do research and analysis, to solve technical problems. Even the people inside the company are confidential, not more than 20 people know. Xu Qi said that the team until January 8 CCTV "news 30 minutes", "News Live Room", "Oriental Space-Time", "News 1+1" and other important columns broadcast the attack on the cattle program, only to surface. Three months, the team members in Beijing, Guangzhou, Zhuhai, a number of city railway stations, basements, small restaurants, and cattle joints, undercover investigation. In the end, wrote a tens of thousands of words of the "crackdown on online yellow cattle Survey Report", a cattle grab ticket software behind the black industrial chain to surface. Buy more than a dozen of tickets to the artifact based on the clues provided by netizens, Xu Qi sent out from the marketing department of the Cattle GroupMember Zhaoxuzhi is responsible for prying experience. Zhaoxuzhi soon and a yellow cattle organization contact, through a long period of latent, achieved the other party's trust, has repeatedly spent heavily bought many sets of similar to the Yellow cattle ticket artifacts. After further study of the major artifacts, technical engineers found that these software often have time and function limitations, to users through the purchase Activation Code registration solution. I later joined several QQ groups, similar to the railway, where there are several groups of people who are very active. One is the author of the Yellow cattle software, they write and sell yellow cattle software, the other is to purchase the software, and to provide a brush ticket and buy train ticket services. Zhaoxuzhi said. According to the study of cattle group, this kind of yellow cattle software trading volume is very large, operating mode is extremely complex, the entire chain of transactions involving software authors, scalpers, travel agencies, brush votes Party, account party, selling the party and other various division of labor. At present, this kind of transaction mainly through QQ group and private communication reached, the software price basically according to 2000 yuan per month to 8000 yuan, the transaction both sides only through net silver or Alipay payment. Zhaoxuzhi said their deals are usually unusually active during the spring festival and are quite covert. Trading areas are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other major cities, involving the national railway line radiation, such as Guangzhou to Haikou, Beijing to Chengdu, Shanghai to Nanjing and other popular routes and trips. Since the launch of the network to buy tickets last year, Scalpers's trading behavior from the previous railway station to reverse the ticket, transferred to the online network hoarding tickets, the technology and means to reverse the ticket is also escalating.  And the emergence of such illegal ticket software, but also for the ox to provide a new way to sell tickets, so that the original stretched the Spring festival tickets become more unbearable load. Uncover the yellow cattle software to rob the ticket process However, it is puzzling that this illegal cattle grab ticket software is how to get the ticket? Xu Qi, head of the cattle group, explained that the yellow cattle software illegal technology means mainly has four kinds: first, it can be barrier-free bypass 12306 servers, automatically looking for the best server, and then in these several servers to brush the ticket, the speed and frequency of the ticket is ordinary ticket-grabbing software dozens of times times; second, fully automatic authentication code, Automatically enter the code in milliseconds, faster than the hands of a hundredfold; third, the millisecond moment to brush the ticket, not according to the required interval of 5 seconds to brush the ticket, real-time refresh in milliseconds, the equivalent of an automatic brush ticket machine; four, can be multiple account hanging machine, using fake ID card to register thousands of accounts, and then bulk import these accounts and brush tickets, Hundreds of thousands of tickets can be snatched in one go. And this is why at the beginning of the article, Xu Qi can instantly buy 503 tickets to the popular train, that is, ordinary users through 12306 can only buy 5 tickets each time, but the use of the yellow cattle software can buy thousands of tickets at the same time, or even a whole car ticket can be snatched instantly. Have Netizen direct call, the Ox software just really is to pull up the ticket of the sky to steal the magic artifact ah. Xu Qi said, this is nothing, the last time we give CCTV reporter demo, one-time purchase 1245 tickets, many carriages were instantly washed empty. Previously, 12306 to prevent the machineDevice behind the scenes, deliberately set restrictions on the booking process, that is, two tickets time interval of not less than 5 seconds, login and submit orders need to enter the verification code. However, these ox software's brush-ticket function is formidable to be astonishing. Xu Qi said. "The attack network Yellow Cattle investigation report" shows that at present its understanding and grasp of illegal yellow cattle software mainly includes: Czech way booking assistant, Railway pass, Tthelper, bird Booking assistant, 911 and other products.
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