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There is no doubt that cloud computing is the hottest area in the world, with companies, Governments, and scientific institutions "having a high fever". The report, published by world renowned market analyst IDC8, shows that spending on public and private cloud computing services will create nearly 14 million jobs around the world in 2011-2015, and that its push for it innovation is expected to bring 1 annually. 1 trillion dollars in new business revenue.

"Touch Cloud" is like using tap water

The most straightforward explanation for cloud computing is that it is like water from a waterworks, and as long as the switch is turned on, it will flow into homes, offices and factories. What cloud computing has to do is to turn the computer and network resources into a resource that is as convenient as tap water, and users can buy the same amount of CPU, bandwidth, or even the overall packaged it resource, like buying water.

"Cloud computing will have a huge impact on job creation," said Shenwey, chief cloud computing strategist at Microsoft Greater China, "as a revolutionary technology, cloud computing will reduce costs, spur innovation and create new jobs and skills globally." ”

In the 14 million jobs created during the 2011-2015, cloud computing accounted for about half of all large enterprises and small businesses, according to the IDC Research report. And the amount of work created by cloud computing is in some way proportional to the size of each industry, but not absolute. Industries with a high proportion of small and medium enterprises, such as professional services and retailing, will play an important role in driving cloud computing applications. In the banking sector, the transition to the public cloud is slowing, in the interest of security concerns, but may increase the adoption of private it cloud services. Overall, the three major industries expected to create the most cloudy-related jobs are communications and media (2.4 million), banks (1.4 million) and discrete manufacturing (1.3 million).

Promote industry transformation and upgrade

IBM China Development Center chief Technology Officer Mao Long engaged in cloud computing research, in his view, cloud computing This new form not only brings cost, speed advantage, but also bring different open standards and economic models. "With the new IT resource usage model of cloud computing, the same physical resources can do more, cost less, and work more efficiently." Not only that, cloud computing's greater value in its business innovation opportunities, it radically changes the traditional business model and business model. ”

Cloud computing will bring huge scale effects. Mao explains that the more people you call, the greater the network value of the phone, the more The cloud computing, the more people you use, the greater the value. Amazon has been pushing cloud computing as early as a few years ago, because the number of consumers buying books is huge, so Amazon can offer a very powerful referral list, based on the reader's purchase data. More than half of the books that Amazon sells are sold in this way, which is a unique, business secret that Amazon can not copy. Cloud computing also brings a long tail effect, and a lot of personalized requirements add up to great value. Mao said: "Consumers are likely to not know, Amazon's sales of obscure books added up to more than the total volume of 70%, and the best-selling book only accounted for 30%." So the value of cloud computing is to create the ' blue Sea '. ”

Domestic companies have also seen a huge opportunity for cloud computing to start upgrading traditional businesses with cloud computing. Mao told the reporter, Suning appliance has reached strategic cooperation with IBM, through cloud computing to promote business transformation, become "Wal-Mart plus Amazon."

Mao's new ideas have been recognized by many people in the industry. In the interview, a number of experts said that all walks of life are useful for the model of cloud computing opportunities, a city in all walks of life combined with its regional development characteristics, the scope of cloud computing will be greater, the higher the efficiency.

Transform Shenzhen manufacturing industry with "Yun"

The discussion of manufacturing transition has been shoving, but experts agree that cloud computing is a glimmer of light for the manufacturing industry through new technologies.

There have been rumours that many of Shenzhen's manufacturing industries may be moving inland. In this respect, Mao analysis, enterprise migration logistics Cost is terrible, if not moved, the cost of manufacturing industry is very large. "We should put some industries together, that cloud can play a big role in Shenzhen, if we need to manufacture the manufacturing cloud, logistics industry logistics Cloud combined, we can solve a lot of problems." ”

Indeed, many large manufacturing companies have very expensive production lines and very good production capacity, strong manufacturing capacity but lack of design, and many small manufacturers have good ideas. "If we share the resources of these two types of enterprises, and stimulate the design of small businesses and the creativity of big companies, from the understanding of the market to the creative, design, raw material collection, production, selling the process, all to it in the way of cloud connection to do, you can build a new business ecosystem, which is very important to the next transformation of the manufacturing industry. ”

Industry insiders point to the use of cloud computing to upgrade manufacturing needs government guidance. Because in this process, first of all to understand the market, design creativity, and then to the manufacturer, to have the brand to promote the builders, to have online sales, logistics, as well as supporting the bank funds, so that the local advantage of the industry to gather up.

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