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For users who want to store their photos, music, and other files on the network, there are many storage services to choose from: Some offer free services, while others offer better security, statistical services, and other features. All cloud storage systems have one thing in common: they all have a burst of risk. So when we talk about data management, we have to involve redundancy technology.

We are now beginning to focus on some of the problems that individuals use in cloud storage, which can give users a new storage option for those with fast-growing data, and users who want to put photos, music libraries and other personal data online can have many options, including free and fee-based services.


free online photo storage services include flickr,snap fish and photo Bucket. The free online music storage service includes MP3 tunes, and music Free, multi-purpose storage services include xdrive and Of course, these are just examples-there are actually quite a lot of free online storage services. With respect to fee-based services, smug mug,carbonite,upline and Mozy are available for online storage, charged by month.


Mail Store


at present, large-capacity free email services such as Gmail have attracted some users to use them as personal data repositories. However, Terrance Bus, a spokesman for Fast in Chicago, said that storing data in an e-mail account might not be the ideal approach for those with security awareness.


"You can't classify Gmail as a real storage solution unless you're going to use a mailbox to send yourself emails with a lot of attachments so that data can be accessed at home--that's a bad idea." Bush told Tech News World. "For consumers who want to save photos, important files and MP3 files without having to download them again from itunes, Carbonite and mozy are good products for home users," Bush advises. ”


The price of a charged online service is about 5 dollars a month. Bush added, "This money may be trivial for users, but it can get a higher level of service from a free service." ”


The responsibility of
service provider


What data can users store on the network? It takes us to imagine. " Bush commented: "If you know that some consumers are storing content in their backup system cloud computers, you may be surprised." One of the consumers we know keeps their Internet Explorer favorites because he has been using them for the past five years and he can't do business without them. ”


business users need to store financial data, product documentation, and other detailed classifications in their backups, Bush said, "for individual users, most of the data needed to be saved is photos, videos and music." Newer computers come with a repair disc, and you can quickly reload the system when you open it.


"In addition, Microsoft Windows has many recovery points, so users can quickly restore data to a specific point in time when they need to recover data." Apple's leopard operating system comes with a time machine software that can help users recover photos, music, movies, TV shows and documents, and so on. He added.


Rob Enderle, chief analyst at
Enderle Group, said: "There are some potential legal consequences of storing data online." "Music is always difficult to determine, especially when a website allows music to be shared, it may have violated the license of the music itself." Enderle told Tech News World. "Most photo sites allow sharing, although more and more people are using social networking sites for this purpose." "Considering the accountability of storage vendors is also important for cloud applications."


"The responsibility of the service provider for selling backup storage is changeable, and this is where consumers need to be aware." "The user needs to know the rules, and some of the service providers in the industry are not responsible for your proprietary data," he advises. So make sure you work with a vendor that actually protects your data, not with a service provider that simply makes bad checks. The replicator should have a recovery plan, a replication solution, and multiple redundancy of the online storage service to avoid data loss from hardware corruption or catastrophic events. ”


The problem of
sudden accident


The problem with
cloud storage is that the cloud may disappear IT service management, Haff said. "Cloud storage is a cloud service platform to some extent that guarantees that the backup data will never happen unexpectedly, even if the company has some sort of a mistake or the company is out of business," Illmuminata's chief it advisor Gordon Haff told Tech News world, "but that guarantee doesn't make any sense, Because cloud storage is often used by large companies that provide enterprise-class applications. And even if an accident happens, it's just the loss of the data from the backup cloud computing application, which is less harmful than the loss of the source data. The premise is that users also retain their source data. ”


"Consumers should save their own data backups on USB drives or other storage media," Haff recommends. "The best solution is to use multiple redundancy systems: using local and offline backups, synchronizing data and archiving data," Rogerkay, chairman of the Endpoint Technology Association, told Tech News World, "In addition, many services provide automated archiving services, You can crawl live data from a disk array and periodically copy it to tape. ”


storage company does not allow users to sue them for lost data, Kay said. "However, it is clear that the impact of losing user data on their business is fatal." ”

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