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Mention Tumblr, do not know how many people have heard, in fact, Tumblr is recently popular a kind of light blog, by a lot of young people's pursuit, below we will come together to understand the light blog Tumblr.

1. What is Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblog.

If the ipad is a product between a traditional computer and a mobile phone, then Tumblr is a service between blogs and Twitter. Compared with Twitter, it has more complex functions, more content display and more emphasis on multimedia applications.

Since the end of 2007, Tumblr a total of 17.5 million blogs, 4.95 billion articles, increasing the number of articles up to 28 million. The following are the latest official figures:

2. Why Tumblr success

Tumblr It is still too early to be the first line of Internet service, but it has raised more than $40 million trillion in investment (with a staff of around 30) and is currently one of the hottest emerging services in the United States. Domestic wide path, point, push him copycat and so on to follow up. The DOT network boasts a total of 10 million dollars in investment, including innovation workshops.

Its success factors are briefly summarized as follows:

1, although cut into the face of narrow, but accurate to meet demand.

Blog overweight, Twitter too light, Tumblr just meet the middle of the demand, his interaction is stronger than the blog, personalized better than Twitter, and accurate hit Twitter does not support the weaknesses of multimedia information.

2, to cater to high-end users, with content-driven low-end users.

Compared with the TWITTER,TUMBLR, the threshold is relatively high, but the browsing threshold is very low. As a result, a large number of content consumers have been acquired by focusing on high-quality content producers at a few elite levels.

(Generally, the content producers of web2.0 Web sites typically account for only a quarter of the total number of users, YouTube's contributor ratio is only 0.16%, Flickr is 0.2%,wikipedia, and only 2% are modified, and if only high-quality content producers are counted, the proportion will be lower, Conversely, there are thousands of content consumers behind a producer of high-quality content. )

3. Perfect presentation of high quality content.

Tumblr through a series of product means, will be fully excavated and presented high-quality content, so that the quality of the content of the entire community, creating a good community atmosphere, the formation of content producers and quality content repeatedly strengthened community temperament.

If the above is too abstract, may wish to ...

Think about what we've done with Twitter.

No one is paying attention to it.

A variety of social topics are constantly forwarded, counting to the fact that there are not many original

More and more people are concerned and the information gets more monotonous

Originally concerned about a peer want to obtain industry information, the result of the other 10 words have 8 words and their own independent

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a certain category of content that is constantly breaking, with all the information being broken.

On the Tumblr you will see:

No one, full of colorful content

Your concern is not people, but a theme blog, you do not even know whether to maintain the blog is a person or a dog, of course, there is no need to know

The contents of the label without impurities, can constantly find the quality of the endless stream of content

Multi-person Collaborative blogging makes you look like a professional site

The site gives you the recommended content that will never let you down, not the annoying "people you might know."

This is Tumblr.

3. How Tumblr did it

Only product factors are considered here.

3.1 Functional analysis

1. Multimedia support for content

For a long time, Twitter only supported text and links with a single maximum of 140 characters, one of the factors that enabled Twitter to grow rapidly, but it was also a big disadvantage (otherwise the new Twitter wouldn't focus on multimedia content). Tumblr not only supports text, pictures, audio, video, unlimited text length, unlimited number of pictures, and even support HTML.




Support HTML, no limit on words.


can upload jpeg, GIF, PNG, BMP, single MB, available URL map, can add comments, unlimited number.


Quoting a famous quote, the source supports the editor.


Submit a text that contains a connection, similar to the introduction component of Facebook.


Paste a chat record.


Limit upload a day, size 10MB, only support MP3 format, can also be used in other space web site to paste music.


Provide video recognition and page playback, can also be uploaded separately.

2, gorgeous blog template

Compared to Twitter's profile, Tumblr's User blog page has a strong visual impact on users with a flat-magazine display and large images (English is magnified). Tumblr provides a variety of templates, the freedom to set a very high degree of flexibility, far away from the General Portal blog Services, large to the entire layout of the page, small to a button style can be set freely, blog URL can be changed at any time, Tumblr the whole site interface uniformity was trampled to pieces. It is very friendly to the discerning user who pursues individuality, and this part of the user often represents the high-quality content producer.

In addition, by providing advanced templates to earn revenue, this is Tumblr now the main profit channel.


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