The role of cognitive Network marketing in market dynamics

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Four years has been engaged in the Internet industry, from the site planning to product design, from the community operation to marketing, accumulation in learning, in practice, thinking, so that their own e-commerce and network marketing has some experience and views.

& ">nbsp; This period of time suspended at home, just use their new blog-"Interconnected with about" on the previous study and work of the thought of some precipitation and carding, a systematic record down, in order to pass the Bo's peers to reach people can speak pointing pleaes.

As for the definition and concept of network marketing, you can easily list millions of related items as long as you search the Internet casually. With the deepening of the understanding and cognition of Network marketing, network Marketing has become an important part of the overall marketing strategy of enterprises, more and more enterprises to use advanced technology in the Internet to create an ideal business environment, through the Internet platform for various forms of rich network marketing activities.

The biggest difference between network marketing and traditional marketing means is the difference of its manifestation and intension.

Traditional marketing relies mainly on mass communication, mainly to one-way persuasion and strong recommendation, and today's network marketing is to more changeable technical means to seek the target audience deeper understanding and communication, then the results of the comparison is self-evident, the current network marketing methods more scientific and rational.

The changes brought by social evolution not only show the superiority of material life, but the intrinsic identity and respect are more important. Communication between people should be equal two-way, network marketing is also full of respect and humanization, so the form of internet marketing is more easily accepted and easy to spread.

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