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The contestants are cheering runner-up Zhou Champion Guping runner-up Huang

Hit "Electric business War" of the smoke does not seem to disperse, after all kinds of festivals will set off the home appliance business platform of comparison, promotional battle. In most of the domestic electricity business because of fierce competition and the loss of the miserable, the foreign trade electric business is "stuffy sound rich." Sponsored by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Alibaba hosted the Shanghai-Jiangsu-Anhui Regional Electric Shangda Competition was successfully held yesterday, 6 grassroots "electric quotient of the talent" to gather in Nanjing, share their foreign trade and the business of E-commerce at the same time a showdown.

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"After" the electricity quotient of the scene shakes "Dry goods"

"Ask the camera teacher to give me more shots of my upper body." "Thin tall, good-looking big boy Zhou is very concerned about his image, but the suit with the image of jeans or show young people uninhibited." Born in 1986, the 27-Year-old Zhou has been in the domestic electric business platform for more than 4 years, last March began to turn to do foreign trade, is now the general manager of Nanjing Chong Fu Trading Co., Ltd.

After graduating from university in 2009, Zhou set foot on his own electric business venture, according to his theory is what the popular do. 2009 Contact b2c,2011 began in Taobao mall "Toss", only 2 months will be online shop to do "4 diamonds." But since last March, Zhou began to cooperate with Alibaba in international trade.

Since doing foreign trade and international customers have to deal with, good English should be basic skills, which from a number of "electric business people" fluent spoken English can be seen. But for even the English four is "difficult" through the Zhou is not easy. But this is completely difficult not to fall him, as long as understands "the key word" still plays the turn. Scene, Zhou also very generous to do their own foreign trade experience to share with you, even the judges are directly called "Dry goods." Shop façade is to attract customers, then how to make their shop stand out? Zhou on the scene of his own skills: The full code to write interactive pages. The use of Zhou introduced the "code-writing" approach, even if you do not understand English can also successfully write code, the Web page for custom production.

In addition, Zhou also introduced another experience, to customers must be considerate. Once, there is a foreign customer needs a product, Zhou company suddenly sent 28 products, each product inside a small package, and then loaded into a large bag inside. Customer received sigh: In China has 12 years of procurement history, the first encounter such a perfect procurement process, can think of so many details, there is no reason not to cooperate with you. Today, the customer brings a purchase order of 50,000 dollars a month to Zhou.

60-year-old foreign trade man moved to electric business platform

Network electricity business is not the exclusive stage of young people, this electric Shangda race, 60 years old foreign trade person Huang to become the focus of the contest. As "after 50", Huang to participate in foreign trade work has been 35 years, do E-commerce has 20 years, and is also the first in Jiangsu Province with Alibaba platform cooperation Enterprises.

From the earliest by telegraph, fax to do foreign trade, development to later through the network to do E-commerce, Huang This old foreign trade witness the development of foreign trade changes. Site, Huang show the company's online shop page, which set up 40 windows, customers can choose the products needed. Huang stressed that the Web page production to meet customer habits, taboo too fancy.

In addition, in the maintenance of customers, Huang advice, customers will be divided into mobile customers and key customers, mobile customers record down to maintain interaction, will gradually become a fixed customer. For key customers, it is necessary to maintain regular visits to deepen the relationship. "A friend asked me how to deal with customer relations, I said that the boss is three things, to put your clients operating well, your corporate culture well, to the trend of your goods to grasp." Huang said.

Electric Trader "Iron Wife" wins

Yesterday, 6 grassroots electric quotient recount, finally from Nanjing Love Yun Trade Industrial Co., Ltd. Guping won the title. Guping operating the shop is the instrument industry leader, now Alibaba International station Kimping Enterprise member. As the Director of the Association of Musical Instruments Guping also known as the electric Business "iron Wife", its foreign trade team are all the troops.

Although the shop has just begun to do a good job, but soon Guping encountered the problem of electric dealers often: "be copied." "Two things happened last year gave me no small shock, I found our site was a lot of peer and competitor plagiarism, and some even copied our pictures." "Guping later found that the plagiarism of some places than their own shops do a good job, which also reminded their own reform and innovation is necessary." "Later figured out, plagiarism is not to stop, but I can continue to innovate, so that they will never keep up with my footsteps." ”

Before, there is a "foreign trade barometer," said the China fair just left the curtain, according to the current China fair data show, overseas merchants than the last drop of 5.25%, and showed "more look less move" situation. And on all sides of the data and sound show foreign trade situation is grim at the same time, the foreign trade electric business is a good scenery alone, showing a strong trend of the contrarian growth. The reason for this, through the Internet, the foreign trade, the electrical business has greatly reduced the intermediate link, the domestic production of goods continuously to overseas, direct docking terminal needs. In the industry, the foreign trade is not only a foreign trade mode of transformation, so that "made in China, goods through the world," the way more efficient and effective, and its branding even carrying from "made in China" to "China to create" dream.

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