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Mention of website construction, everyone will think of programming, in fact, the concept of website construction is very wide, involving computer, marketing, psychology and other aspects. As a novice, how to better build their own website has always been the IT practitioners frequently mentioned topic. Today, we will discuss the major points of website construction by the Chinese rental network.

Building a website, you need to understand HTML, ASP, PHP, and so on, and then no longer repeat. As the structure of the website, the website program has played a decisive role in the type of website. Current domestic mainstream open source free program including Imperial CMS, Hdwiki, discuz!, Diary dog, daily Purchase, Zibo CMS, Phpwind, Power CMS, PHP168, Ecshop, ShopEX, Dedecms and so on. Can be said to cover the various types of Web sites, and very suitable for novice operations, these open source program currently has a feature, that is, the opening of the template, making the program beautification and functional expansion is very convenient. The choice of the program needs to choose according to the type of the website, the integration between different programs is very important topic, when the template of the website completes the integration, it needs to carry on the communication of the data, usually adopts the key communication between the program and the database sharing two kinds of ways. For the new webmaster, the integration of different open source programs is a very complicated groping process. Of course, if you are a self-built program, you need to pay attention to HTML5, Flash and other plug-ins application.

When the program is finished, the line, type, space environment and database type of the space need to be decided according to the requirements of the program. Web site construction generally use server rental/hosting, but for beginners, choose a virtual host or cloud virtual host. When the website program is completed, it is necessary to carry out the social component installation of website promotion, the current most popular is the interaction of micro-blog wall. In addition, instant chat components, Web sharing components, comment components, fast landing components are also commonly used effective components, RSS aggregation is very important applications, the promotion of the site plays a vital role. Of course, data statistics components can provide a good site for webmasters and traffic conditions, to optimize the site to help a lot.

The design of Web page involves the influence of tone and line on audience psychology. The entire page frame design also needs to conform to the user's psychology and compatible with various browsers. Different scripts and encodings may be different, and the difference between ASP, PHP,. NET and Standard code is obvious. By the way, it's best to keep your scripts and coding consistent in order to avoid unnecessary errors when you are integrating different programs.

In the construction of the station also need to consider is to cooperate with the Web site, mobile app and WAP site development. The rapid development of mobile Internet today, the use of mobile phones and flat-screen users more and more, since the city began to realize free Wi-Fi, the domestic trend is more obvious, and Huawei and other companies in the 4G field has made a certain breakthrough, the future into the 4G after the Chinese hardware and software manufacturers, Will further promote the development of the Internet in China. With Android apps in the mobile phone system more and more, Android app development will gradually become the basic development of every webmaster. In addition, the traditional WAP Web site development will also be used as a complement to the non-Android system mobile phone development. Mobile website or application development is a very good way to promote the site.

I think, in addition to the traditional SEM, the site also need to pay attention to the focus of the brand platform to establish a good, authoritative website image. For example, certified micro-blog, micro-trust public platform, everyone's public homepage, Happy Public home page. Brand generally refers to the site name, when a site brand effect played out, the site will be promoted into a fast lane, promotional work will be twice the effort.

Finally, the need to focus on the operation of the site, or the profit model. For Web site programs + Web design workers, the general web site design from the website of Granville Guest website Construction Commission, platform shop decoration template costs, open source program plug-in template costs. For a stationmaster, these all belong to the income outside of own website, does not belong to the website normal profit way, any net marketing capital flow source, all comes from the electronic commerce, therefore transforms own technical service to the product, through the electric business model sale is the very correct way. In addition, advertising and site value-added services is also a very important source of profit, but these two models are only suitable for real traffic, strong user stickiness of the site, and value-added services is so.

For the novice webmaster, China's Rental Network ( that the road on the site there are many to explore, through the novice to build the station's top ten ideas can be very effective to help the webmaster.

Website building you have to know the secret:

1, the use of open source programs and learn to integrate;

2, learn to apply social components;

3, pay attention to establish the website brand;

4, pay attention to the site program and space type, line compatibility;

5. Different ways of writing web pages;

6, understand the importance of mobile Internet;

7, understand the difference between Linux and win;

8, attention to web design audience Psychology and script/coding compatibility;

9, know how to choose the domain name, understand the importance of the domain name defensive registration to the station;

10, familiar with the basic mode of website operation, and the principle of Internet profit.

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