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"Song of the film" Stills "movie song" Still "movie song" Stills music producer Jonathan Sina Entertainment news large multimedia musical "movie song" After five years after the audience again, the 2010 annual "movie Song" brings together director Tian Shin and music producer Jonathan, and a group of outstanding young people to join,  Let the 2010-year "movie song" Behind the team look particularly dazzling. Tian Shin, the most influential musical stage director in contemporary Times, is directing the new masterpiece. This year's "movie song" plot compared to 2005 more animations, the story of the war from 1905 to the outbreak of the society more turbulent, born in Beijing opera family of the film, because the love of the movie and father produced a fierce contradiction, leaving Peiping to Shanghai to pursue the dream of film. He met just the red actress clear, two people at first sight, fall in love.  However, the dream of becoming King of the film company bi-boss, but become a clear pursuit of fame and fortune and choice of the patron, he to the shadow of the envy of hate, eventually put it into prison. After 5 years of meeting again "movie song" Gorgeous Metamorphosis, behind the team really played a credit to the role of Wei. The director of Tian-Qin Xin as a new generation of music drama director, won many awards, this time to take the "movie song" Really let her feel some trouble, "the 2005 version of the" movie song "In many people's eyes is a classic, we have to go beyond the classics, for me is really not small, we also do enough homework,  In the entire musical choreography and production compared to 2005 years have made great progress, this year we have added a lot of 3D special effects, the audience will be attracted to the scene, will be more dedicated to it. As Jonathan, the music director for the second time as "the song of the film", the same problem is also in front of him, "there is a trap, if do not good is very easy to give people a sense of renovation, the original story scale (scale) more grand, music is also original, the performance is also very exciting, But after looking at the new version, I think Tian Qin Xin director to do very successful, new music processing, orchestration and so on have a breakthrough feeling, give a new breath. "Believe that dormant 5 years later, with a strong behind-the-scenes team escort," the film song "will become more distinctive, intriguing!"
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