The strongest strategy against the double eleven

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This year, you can enjoy the Tmall "Double 11" price when you purchase goods at the Hangzhou Intime entity store, and you can also purchase physical stores through the Intime Tmall flagship store. The Wal-Mart supermarket also played a promotional campaign for “Double 11 Advance Purchase”. With the follow-up of physical store promotions, online and offline further interaction and integration, I believe this year's double eleven will be more smoke-filled.

So how do retailers respond? Coordinating marketing channels to ensure that every step provides consumers with a seamless shopping experience is the most important part. Not only that, but if retailers can take the time to prepare the logistics departments to respond to the surge in business during the event, they will be more likely to achieve substantial sales. The more orders, the more shipments and returns, the more customer inquiries and related management. Now is the best time for retailers to prepare for the final release!

The strongest strategy against the double eleven

The following key steps will help retailers fully grasp the huge business opportunities of this year's Double 11 and face the year-end promotion.

1. Use available data

In order to take full advantage of the good opportunity of the Double Eleven, retailers should make full use of all available data on hand. Through reliable forecasting and observation of real-time data, such as best-selling products, inventory in hand, delivery delays, logistics efficiency, etc., retailers can make scientific decisions to determine the types of products that participate in the promotion and will increase in the future. The type of goods sold or not sold.

2. Change the promotion

It is vital that retailers not only value the promotion of the Double Eleven, but also ensure a consistently high quality of service. Only by learning to balance the two can we retain or win loyal new and old customers while successfully achieving sales. Therefore, retailers must monitor the progress of sales and product sales in real time, and decide which products to sell and which sales methods to use. For example, retailers can choose to take 15% discount on best-selling products and promise to ship within 24 hours, but they can also choose to increase sales promotion, carry out 30% discount, and ship the delivery date of less popular products. Up to 10 days. Retailers who know how to make use of available data and make scientific decisions can better grasp the best opportunity for the Double Eleven and fully exploit its commercial potential.

3. Increase flexibility and maximize sales

Once the order has increased dramatically, but the offer and delivery time have been determined, the retailer will need to develop a more flexible strategy to complete the order. For online orders, instead of shipping from the main distribution center, it is better to directly allocate the order of the store to “click and send” orders; in addition, if the customer receives the goods faster and the distribution cost is lower, it can also be directly from the mall. Ship. In addition to its own sales network, the mall also extends the functions of a small distribution center, which not only improves the efficiency of delivery and sales, but also reduces the overall cost. As the role of the store evolves, retailers must properly reconfigure mall facilities and staff.

If this is the key three steps, then the retailer will be able to respond flexibly to the peak of orders such as Double 11 and achieve lucrative profits at a reasonable low cost, while providing service guarantees to customers.

Careful preparations for information, technology and strategy will help boost sales and maintain the loyalty of new and existing customers. Let us wait and see how the major retailers are performing in this year's double 11 promotion!

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