The students ' eyes Lanxiang: The jump over the jump is heavily punished not to pay the penalty

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Feng Study is a 2.5-length chef professional. He said, do not know when trying to learn, after admission to a clear agreement, there is a written on the need to fully obey the school allocation. Dug ditch outside the school district is caught heavy punishment borrowed for the family to visit the name, September 21, the reporter in Lanxiang Technical schools admissions department Wu surname teacher led, visited the South Campus. South Campus is Lanxiang Technical School in recent years, newly built campus, only students dormitory building has nearly 20 buildings. Six cannons were placed in front of the school. The wall of the South campus is about 2 meters high, and the moat-like ditch surrounds the school. Some students say this is to prevent students from climbing the wall out. Since its inception, Lanxiang Technical School has five campuses. South Campus and the East Campus bridges between the bridge, peacetime school door closed. The East campus is one of the Lanxiang technical schools opened earlier, at present only a few internship base, most of the dormitory and teaching buildings are abandoned, campus two units marked "Jinan militia" of "military vehicles" is very conspicuous. There are many students ' advertisements on the blackboard and dormitory wall of the deserted classroom. The students are in strict control of entrance and exit. 22nd, Lanxiang Technical School holiday one day, but students have to leave by the pass, doorway two students of student union left one right Zhagang. Lanxiang Technical School School gate East 200 meters outside there is a commercial street, connecting the campus of the flyover is written "drive one economy" propaganda slogan. Every Lanxiang technical school holiday days, the surrounding small vendors will gather around the gate, the purchase back every student hand is carrying a bag of things. This year, 18-Year-old Zhang studied the technology of steam repair, reported is a three-month short-term class. "A few years ago, working outside, earning no money, want to learn some technology." Ordinary school is too strict, the wall is more than two meters high, is to prevent some students can not suppress the jump wall out, jump wall is caught, usually heavy punishment. "Xiao Zhang said," short-term management loose some, there is no morning and evening self-study, night time to light the lights. Long-term class tube is strict, night 8:30 must be lights out, but check not Charding, the teacher's own decisions. "Try to learn January, do not go out of school" "Try to learn January, do not pay any fees." This is the classic slogan of Lanxiang Technical School. Culinary Professional Student Feng (a pseudonym) told reporters that the students here are almost all see Lanxiang Technical School TV ads come, many students are the biggest feeling is "try to learn January, not out of the school gate." At the train station Lanxiang Technical School reception point, staff told reporters, try not to charge tuition, monthly with 210 yuan living expenses can be. The School Admissions department teacher told reporters that during the trial, students with 450 yuan per month living expenses. Feng said that he was more frugal on weekdays, not much money in school, but 20 days to try the semester, spent more than 2000 yuan, "the school closed, a lot of things have to buy in the school." "Many students said that their monthly living expenses in 700 yuan-1000 yuan." The reporter learned from the cooking department students that the school cafeteria meals are indeed part of the cooking professional students do, but not all. Feng said that the school semester in the campus and after the formal entrance to the campus is not together, the understanding of schools are listening to the teacher said. "The equipment in the closed Test school area is not perfect,Basically is to teach some basic courses and theoretical courses, such as cooking the cutting pier, many times is to observe experience. The reporter learned from a number of students that, according to the school rules, try not to be allowed to go out in the semester. "is to shut you up and say that the school is all good, but we do not know the real situation of the school." "Feng said. The school and the students are more consistent in their argument that the semester is not allowed. "Students have just come to take safety into consideration, they must not let them go out of the way, and also prevent problems such as surfing the internet," said Miss Wu, the Admissions office. Students have special circumstances can reflect to the teacher, follow the teacher out. "Drop out of school tuition fees graduation to" subject to distribution "the students interviewed said that in Lanxiang Technical school to pay a one-time payment of all the tuition fees, the drop-out fee. In this respect, Mr Wu said, "most of them are paid in one lump sum, so that they can enjoy the state subsidy, but also to reduce part of tuition fees." Feng Study is a 2.5-length chef professional. He said, do not know when trying to learn, after admission to a clear agreement, there is a written on the need to fully obey the school allocation. Enterprises from Lanxiang Technical School booking students, to pay 1000 yuan fee. "If you don't obey the school assignment, you have to pay the penalty." Our professional pay 1600 yuan, some hot professional can to more than 3,000 yuan. Feng Analysis said that employers use school graduates need to pay for booking, "If you choose to work, the school does not have the money to earn it?" We are advocating the first employment and then careers, and finally entrepreneurship, hope that students first to the employing unit. If you do not want to choose their own careers, to pay 1500 yuan to 2000 Yuan liquidated damages. Mr. Wu said. Feng to reporters that Blue Xiang students ' employment is not bad, but "the employer's wages are not much." "As we graduate with a senior technician certificate, we can get a salary of 2200 yuan in the unit recommended by the school." If you do not go on their own job, chef grade certificates and other related certificates can be issued 6-9 months after graduation, if the period of departure from the employing units, may not even have these cards. "Feng said.
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