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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Read more details to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success (III): Web server hosting FAQ" look.

Vi. Server Performance Testing

1. Server Probe test

The server probe should be the most widely used test of the performance of the virtual host program, according to the supported scripts are different, but also divided into ASP probes, PHP probes, JSP probes. As the name suggests, if you are an ASP space, you need to use ASP server probes for space testing. Here we take a river ASP probe program as an example to illustrate the use of the server probe.

The first step: Download the probe source program, is generally a Web page program such as the. asp suffix file, decompression and upload it to the site any directory.

The second step: The probe generally only needs to be placed in the virtual host space can be used. Enter the space access address in the browser and the file name of the server probe. If you put the file in the host root directory, the address is http://www. your domain name. com/aspcheck.asp

Figure 3 Server detection probe program

The third step: Wait for the program to automatically check the parameters of the server, wait a moment after the detailed parameters of the server can be seen. For example, the server's IIS version, component support, server operation speed, and so on, there are more practical features such as bandwidth detection, server security status and so on. The security detection function can detect the unsafe components, and it is easy to compare the security of each virtual host.

Figure 4 Server Connectivity Bandwidth test

2. Display Speed test

Server speed Although software can be detected, but the simplest and most convenient way is the ping command. It is hard to see the difference between the speed of each server by the naked eye, but the ping command can be easily detected.

Ping is a system-led tool that can be used to detect network connectivity and link speed. The principle is that every server in each network has an IP address, and when we send a packet to that address, the server returns a packet of the same size. Based on these returned parameters, we can learn about the approximate speed of the server, as well as the connectivity rate.

Enter CMD in the Run dialog box to open the command prompt. Then enter the command "Ping IP address or domain name" after the relevant parameters appear. Depending on the length of time returned, you can determine the approximate speed at which the server is displayed.

Figure 5 Ping command test server speed

However, if you want to carry out a comprehensive testing, the general need for a number of different routes of the computer to ping test, so as to ensure the accuracy of the data. Of course the number of ping, and the network bandwidth you use also have a direct relationship.

In addition, we can also ping the command after a variety of parameters, such as the-T parameter can continue to the target host to the contract, you can see if there is a packet loss phenomenon.

The second approach is to use a more professional test program. The principle is that the browser initiates a connection to the Web server to send a response time difference, roughly can reflect the DNS resolution of the site plus the response speed of the server.

3. Query the same server Web site

The so-called Howl, in the final determination of the purchase of space when it is necessary to look at their neighbors. Although the virtual host is divided into a single space, there is basically no interference between the hosts. But for search engines, if there are sites that involve cheating on the same server, the IP address is likely to be blocked, and all sites in the server will be indexed, which is worth the candle.

Enter the query site, directly enter the domain name that has been bound to the server, or IP address, and then click the Query button, will be listed with the server site, including the domain name and home page title. If there are illegal or fraudulent websites in the server, the virtual host will not be able to.

Figure 6 Querying the Web site with the IP site

After the above query, you should be able to buy the desired virtual host, and in the process of communication with the merchant, with these basic knowledge, JS can do nothing.

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

After you have selected the host space where the Web site is hosting the data, you will begin to choose what domain name you want to use. As the saying goes, "Domain name is more important than CEO", because of the current domain name registration market is mixed, so register the domain name at the same time, but also pay attention to avoid risk.

Small knowledge: What is the domain name

Domain Name Popular explanation is the number on the Internet, used to identify and locate the computer on the Internet hierarchical character identification, and the computer's Internet Protocol (IP) address. Relative to the digital form of IP address, domain name with easy to remember, easy to use advantage. For example, domain name on the Yahoo website server "", try to enter the above number in the browser address bar, will find the same can enter the Yahoo site. But without a domain name, how can these long numbers be remembered? So the emergence of domain name management system, which can bind domain name and IP address. When we enter in the browser, the domain name server will automatically convert it to IP address, so that the IP address is difficult to remember the problem is solved.

Domain names have strict coding norms, not to say that a string of characters can be used as domain names. It must consist of alphanumeric or "-" symbols combined with dots and domain suffix strings, of course we can also use Chinese characters, such as Web site. com. The current English international top-level domain name suffix is com, the domestic top-level domain is CN, these suffixes are distributed by the global Internet domain name distribution Organization (ICANN), China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) is responsible for running and managing the country's top domain. CN. For example, the computer newspaper's website domain name is, that is, it registers the COM suffix's international domain name. Of course there are many other kinds of domain suffix. such as net (Internet), org (non-profit organization) EDU (educational institution), and so on, different suffixes represent different meanings, but their function and setting method are the same. Domain name not only can be used to build Web sites, but also as a blog to the address, as well as the implementation of personalized suffix mailbox and many other applications.

After understanding the basic concept of domain name, if you need to use a domain name, such as to create a website, or to their own blog to do a simple and easy to remember the turn. Can register a domain name, before registering we also need to inquire oneself wants the character have not to be registered by others, only then the domain name which is not used by other people can register.

1. Web page Single Query

Login Domain name Query page, in the corresponding text box to enter the domain name you want to register, and then select the required domain name suffix below, we can select multiple suffixes at the same time to query. Then click the "Search" button, the result of the domain name query will appear later. If the results show that you can register, click the "Register" button, and then register as a member of the website, you can register the domain name.

Figure 7

2. Software Bulk Query

We can use specialized domain name tool for domain name of the bulk query, "Easy to name China Domain Name Management system" is a collection of domain name "query, management, and other functions in one of the professional domain name software." Open the software, in the "need to query the domain Name list" To enter the full domain name of the query, and then enter the query list, that is, the beginning of the domain name of the query, after the query is completed, the software will be the domain name can be registered in two parts display.

In addition, the software also provides a domain name combination, you can combine letters and numbers as needed, or directly paste text files, and then batch add domain name suffix, and finally click "Add Query Table" can be.

Figure 8 Domain name batch query software

3. NET Silver Payment purchase

Select their favorite domain name, you can register, the current online purchase items need an online bank account to pay.

The first step: according to their own needs, select the suffix domain name. Login Domain name registration website, enter the website Member registration page. Then follow the text prompts to enter the login name and other information, and then click the "Register" button, if the data entered correctly, will appear the success of the registration prompt.

Figure 9 Application form for domain name registration

The second step: using just registered users to login to the Management center, click on the Customer service menu under the "Online Payment" link, that is, start using Alipay for online payment operations, you can use a bank card or Alipay account to complete the payment.

Step three: Enter the domain name registration page, enter the domain name to be registered according to the query way, and then enter the details of the domain name in the domain name information that pops up, such as admin password, domain owner, contact mailbox, etc. All listed columns need to be filled in before registration can be completed.


After the domain name registration completes must remember the management password, this password has the registered domain name all management rights, will need to use this password in the future setup.

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

1. Registering a virtual host

Login Http:// Web site, select the top of the "virtual host" hyperlink, there will be a variety of types of virtual host display, according to their actual needs. If you need to register the space of other service providers, as long as the site registered as a member of the station, other application methods are similar.

Select the desired space type, click the Purchase button directly, then enter the space in the registration page to manage the FTP account and password, the age of purchase, as well as the choice of room network lines and other options. After payment in the same way as the registered domain name can open the virtual host.

2. Binding Web Space

The host and the domain name are the corresponding relations, therefore we need to bind the domain name which the request to the virtual host. Binding can be used to upload the site files and other operations, thus perfecting our website. The binding space is manipulated as follows:

SETP1: First into the virtual Host Management menu, the "binding Domain Name" function module to enter the domain name and then click OK button, and then display the IP address of the server, the IP address to write down the standby.

SETP2: Login domain name Management website, enter the correct domain name and password, will enter the Domain name Management page, in this page can complete such as modify domain name information, view domain name certificate operation. Because you want to bind the virtual host, you need to click "Mydns function" to enter the domain name Control Panel.

Figure 10 Domain name DNS management panel

SETP3: Select the "Add a new a record" option, enter the domain name prefix (such as WWW), and then fill in the virtual Host IP address, confirm the correct click on the "Submit" button. Wait a moment for a DNS refresh that is binding complete. Wait for the domain binding to take effect, you can upload Web pages through the FTP software to the site space.

3. Use domain name to turn

If you want to use the registered domain name for the blog space Shift, to achieve personalized and easy to remember the blog domain name, you can follow the way above the domain name Management panel, select the "URL Forwarding" feature options, and then the same way to enter the domain name prefix, and then enter the blog service provider assigned blog address, Then choose whether to hide the forwarding address option, the final submission wait for the effective.

4. Domain name suffix mailbox

This function can be implemented by the domain name suffix of the e-mail service, such as owning a domain name, you can register a similar e-mail address, for enterprise users can be a good upgrade corporate image.

At present, almost all of the sites providing domain name registration have a post office service, but now there are a number of free enterprise post Office services, such as Google's free Post Office service (HTTPS://WWW.GOOGLE.COM/A), Microsoft Live Enterprise Post Office ( In the application only need to add an MX record in the domain Control Panel to the address specified in these sites, the resolution can be added to their own mailbox.

5. Other Domain name Application service Collection

Reference Google Apps Web version (Google Apps)

Application Address:

Google Apps is a complete set of tools provided by the search engine website, which includes several useful service items. Request the service is completely free, but only if you need to have their own domain name, domain name preferably com, net or org suffix, the current CN suffix domain name may not be approved. The application can have similar enterprise Post Office services, you can open to their own domain name suffix of the mailbox, each mailbox has 2GB of storage space. You can also use Google Calendar and Google Talk. Users can customize their user interface, logos, and colors directly on the web without having to install any software.

Although now has opened the Simplified Chinese version of the application interface, but the proposal is to choose the English language to apply, which will increase the likelihood of passing the audit. Most applications can be satisfied by simply applying for a free version. The other two editions are the advanced version and the education version, which will charge an annual service charge of USD 50 for each account, while the latter is a free premium service for universities and institutes. The difference is whether the email service 99.9% is guaranteed to be connected.

In the application, you need to first have Google's account, and then enter the site to fill out the basic information, marking the asterisk is required, completed after the submission to wait for the audit can be. It is advisable to use a foreign proxy server to apply. It should be noted that Google does not guarantee that all applications can be passed, if the error message is filled in or the domain name that uses the other suffix may fail to apply.

After the application is approved, it is necessary to verify the domain name, that is, the owner of the domain name. You can prove by adding HTML files and adding subdomains to the former by saving a Google-generated text as a file in the root directory of the Web site, and adding a subdomain with this string of text as the prefix. With CNAME records resolved to, the domain name after the entry into force to verify success.

(2) Free Intelligent DNS Resolution Service

Application Address:

In order to solve the north-South network interoperability problems, many owners have adopted a dual-line or multiple servers to mirror each other to improve the speed of access to the site. However, this site will have to use multiple domain names, very detrimental to the user's access experience. Dnspod is a Web site to provide intelligent DNS resolution, it can not only achieve basic domain name resolution, sub-domain name forwarding functions, the biggest feature is the support of the domain name of the dual-line intelligent analysis. That is, you can automatically determine whether the user's network line is Netcom or telecom, and then guide it to the corresponding Web site mirror server. Use only select the appropriate line type. In addition, the system does not limit the number of domain names added, but also provides practical services such as domain name Universal parsing.

Figure 11 Free Intelligent Domain Name resolution system

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

Nine, simple three steps to establish the embryonic site

Ten, 3G Mobile website to build the whole introduction

XI. website Payment function configuration

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