The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (III.): From theory to practice website to establish actual combat

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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

The previous website construction pattern, all is through the study webpage production, one page page makes the HTML file, the combination produces a static website. And now is often the use of special construction station procedures, after a simple installation, only need to add content on it. Although there is no need to learn complex programming and database knowledge can also build a station, still need to understand some basic concepts.

Even though the construction process has been widely used today, the page design of the site is still very important. Good web design will make visitors refreshing, and to a large extent improve the credibility of the site. Since most of the current Web sites use content management procedures, usually through the design of the program-specific page template, and then implanted into the Web site program, so that the content of the update and the site changes are more convenient.

In the Web page planning, pay attention to the overall layout of the coordination, as well as the location of the site. To create a good website page, pay attention to the following points:

1. Understanding Web page Editing software

Web Page Three Musketeers is the best choice for Beginners Web page production, including Dreamweaver, Fireworks, flash three software, they are used for Web page design, image processing and web animation production. Know that they can make the site better.

Usually, it is the learning software that began to build the station. At present, most of the webmaster is the opposite, first set up a website, and then slowly learn technology, is also a good way. In the learning of these software, to practice step-by-step operation, rather than specifically for the construction station to buy a variety of books to see, so inefficient.

2. Pages should not be cluttered

When planning a website page, you should start from the simple and practical. Some beginners tend to make web pages very fancy, full of styles and special effects, which often have the opposite effect. Site to have affinity and professionalism, a page should not be too much color, not more than five kinds of appropriate.

Page clutter also includes the use of too much web site effects on the Web pages of various types of javascript or flash effects, can not be used in large quantities. Even if the site needs to be structured with similar effects, it needs to be appropriate. Otherwise, it will be distracting, so that viewers at a loss.


Many web site habits will be made a very long home page, that this site content is rich. In fact, according to their own needs to design, the characteristics of the site and the main content on the home page can be.

3. Reflect the characteristics of the site

Many websites use templates that are identical in style, and are printed like a mold. This is very detrimental to the visitor experience. This is easily caused by the homogeneity of the site, there is no own style and characteristics.

For example, the site for the age layer is different, color style can not be the same. For their own visitors also need to have their own color matching. So even if you are using a downloadable Open-source program, you need to modify the template to incorporate your site's needs. If you don't, you can also download some of the templates that others have provided that match your site's style, and never use the default templates that your program takes.

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Although most webmaster now no longer need to write their own programs, but the use of a variety of Web site content management programs. But to be an excellent webmaster, you still need to understand the basic concepts of these programming languages and databases.


ASP is a shorthand for Active Server Pages, the dynamic Servers page. It is a server-side script platform developed by Microsoft that is included in IIS. A general ASP needs to be used in conjunction with an Access database or SQL Server database, and the ASP's Web page file is in the format of. asp, which is now commonly used in a variety of dynamic Web sites. You can mix HTML, scripting languages, and components to create server-side powerful Internet applications. The ASP interpreter on the server makes ASP programs on the server side and delivers the results in HTML format to the client browser, so the Web pages generated by ASP can be viewed normally using a variety of browsers.

Features: Easy management. But when the amount of data is large, it is prone to panic. Suitable for use in small and medium sized websites.


PHP is an acronym for the English Hypertext Preprocessing language (hypertext preprocessor), a server-side scripting language used to make dynamic Web pages, and is free to use. Unlike the ASP, it is a cross-platform open source that PHP can perform in Windows NT and many different versions of Unix

Many websites now use PHP as a platform, and its unique syntax mixes C, Java, Perl, and PHP from innovative syntax, and PHP's dynamic pages are more efficient than other programming languages compared to other languages. PHP has a very powerful function, all of the CGI or JavaScript features PHP can be implemented, but also support almost all popular databases and operating systems.

Features: powerful, large data capacity. Suitable for all kinds of medium and large web site use.


JSP (JavaServer pages) is a Dynamic Web page technology standard pioneered by Sun Microsystems Inc., which many companies have been involved in setting up. JSP technology is similar to the ASP technology, it is in the traditional Web page HTML file Insert Java Program (scriptlets) and JSP tags (tag), thus forming a JSP file.

JSP technology is written in the Java programming language and is characterized by the separation of the Web site's programs from the web design, emphasizing reusable components, simplifying page development with logos, and making web-based application development easier.

When a Web server encounters a request to access a JSP Web page, it first executes the program segments in it, and then returns the execution results to the customer along with the HTML code in the JSP file. The inserted Java program segment can manipulate databases, redirect Web pages, and so on to achieve the functionality required to build dynamic Web pages.

Features: Because the space and the program is not popular and so on, the JSP language is not popular in the personal website application.

Third, the choice of website database

The database is organized according to some data model and holds the data collection in level two memory, this data set has the characteristics of not duplication, the best way for a variety of applications services, its data structure is independent of the use of its applications, the data increase, deletion, modification and retrieval by the unified program management and control.

Site database is the dynamic site used to store data on the site of the space, now most of the site is the use of ASP or PHP Dynamic Web site, the site data has a special database to store. As a result, the site's various content can be through the website background management program, directly published to the Web site database, the site will be the front desk to display the contents of these data.


Access is a relational database management system released by Microsoft. It combines two features of the Microsoft Jet Database engine and graphical user interface, and is often used to develop Web applications. These applications are running on IIS using ASP technology. However, because access is a small database with a fundamental use limitation, it can degrade dramatically when the database is too large or the traffic is high. Web applications that are more complex or large in size use Php+mysql or Asp+microsoft SQL Server schemas. However, for small and medium web sites or individual independent blogs, access is easy to manage and easy to use, and is still suitable for the database used as a Web site.


MySQL is a relational database management system, developer for the Swedish MySQL AB company. It is short, is similar to access to the file-type database, but the data load is very large, is a multi-user, multitasking database system, security is also better. Generally, you can use the phpMyAdmin program to manage the MySQL database with the web.

MySQL databases are widely used in various types of Web sites. Because of its small size, speed, and can be used for free, coupled with its open source code features, many sites have chosen MySQL as the site database.

The current popular web site architecture is linux+apache+mysql+php, that is, using Linux as the operating system, Apache as a Web server software, and MySQL as a database, PHP as a server-side script interpreter. Because these software are the software that develops the source code, so the way that uses this kind of website structure is completely free.


MSSQL, or Microsoft SQL Server, is a server-side midsize database that is ideal for high-volume data applications and more functionally managed than access. Many uses the ASP program the large data quantity website, when the Access database cannot satisfy the actual demand, often will adopt the MSSQL database.

MSSQL has incomparable advantages in dealing with the efficiency of massive data, the flexibility of backstage development and scalability. Since databases are now managed using standard SQL languages, they are generally universal if they are standard SQL languages. There are more extensions to SQL Server, and there is no theoretical limit to the size of the database.

SQL Server is characterized by a client/server architecture. And because it is the graphical user interface, make the database management way more intuitive and simple. It also provides a wealth of programming interface tools to provide users with a greater choice of programming.

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

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