The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (III.): Setting up Independent blog site

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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

Nine, simple three steps to establish the embryonic site

Ten, 3G Mobile website to build the whole introduction

XI. website Payment function configuration

12, the site ICP record must not be less

13, the establishment and modification of DNS system

14, the website CMS Choice has the knack

The convenience of small use of worry-free CMS Rapid construction Station

16, use the discuz! to build the Exchange forum quickly

Read more details of the above can go to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success" (iii): Use discuz! Rapid build Exchange Forum "look."

17, build popular SNS website

Nowadays a variety of social networking sites popular network, SNS type of site common features are to provide friends, blogs and other platforms, not only can publish the log, upload pictures, but also to share information with friends, discuss topics of interest, to understand the latest news of friends. Through open source SNS program, without complex programming knowledge, can easily build a similar "network" and Facebook SNS website platform.

TIPS: What is SNS?

SNS, the full name social Networking services, namely social network service, foreign Facebook, MySpace, as well as domestic network, happy net are characterized by the SNS website platform.

1. Choose a good program, build step

At present, there are a variety of SNS software can be selected, including foreign PHP Online Community procedures, as well as domestic ucenter home, Thinksns, UCS and other procedures, these procedures are mostly similar functions, generally have a SNS basic functions such as logs, albums, etc. Here we take ucenter home software as an example, to explain the SNS website platform to build methods.

Ucenter Home is a set of PHP language and MySQL database construction of social networking software, before installation also need to prepare support PHP script server or virtual host space, as well as MySQL database and other necessary resources.

The first step: Install Ucenter home before you also need to install the "Ucenter User Center Program", first decompression Ucenter software (program address: CD/program/ucenter.rar), the program files uploaded to the site space after installation.

Step two: After the User Center configuration is complete, you can install Ucenter home, open the program's compressed package, unzip and use the FTP software to upload all the files in the upload directory to the server. After uploading, rename the below the root directory of the program to config.php. Log in as the founder of the Ucenter User Center that has been installed, and choose the installation method for the URL installation.

The third step: according to the installation wizard prompts, correctly set the read and write properties of each directory, and then in the browser input application installation address http://program Access address/install/index.php, click the "Install" button to enter the Program Installation Wizard, according to the prompts to fill in the necessary information, Including the database name password and other information set correctly, and then wait for the program to automatically generate data, SNS platform is completed.

Small hint: After the program installs completes and the test is correct, needs to upload in the server's install file directory to remove completely, avoids the possible two installs, causes the coverage already to have the data.

Figure 36 Set up the completed SNS website homepage

2. System configuration, easy online website

Although the program can be completed after the completion of the browser, but the current SNS including the name, logo and other information are still the default style, to the online site also to the basic information to modify the configuration. Program provides a more convenient background management procedures, in the management of the domain name after the input admin address admincp.php, fill in the Set Administrator password can be logged in the background.

(1) System basic Information configuration

First need to modify the name of the platform, in the management center of the left column into the "Site Settings" column, in turn set the name of the site, logo pictures, contact mailboxes and other information. In the basic settings, there are almost all the basic parameters of the site, you need to carefully fill out the parameters, some such as "record online time" and so on have the default parameters of the options can not be modified.

Figure the System setup of the SNS website

(2) User Group Management settings

In the system management backstage, can conveniently custom register user's member level, the default built-in has the limited, ordinary, intermediate, advanced and so on user group, also may customize the user title, realizes the characteristic display name, for the familiar relatives and friends, also may specially set the VIP the user qualification.

Figure 38 User group level settings

(3) Mail Send function configuration

SNS platform is most important also is a very necessary function, is the mail sends. It can not only allow users to find new users themselves, but also in the user forget the password when self-help back, very practical and convenient. So we also have to specifically set the mail delivery function.

The latest version of Ucenter home enhances the ability to send messages and introduces the functions of mail queues. That is, any message that will be sent is not sent immediately, but is placed first in the mail queue of the scheduled task.

Three ways to send mail

The way one through the PHP function of the sendmail sent, this way is to use PHP functions to send mail, the general virtual host are built into the mail system, so recommended use.

Mode two through the SOCKET connection SMTP mode, suitable for Windows or Linux Class Server use, support ESMTP authentication. An SMTP server is required.

Mode three is sent through the PHP function SMTP, only valid under Windows host and does not support ESMTP authentication. But the system environment requirement is high.

How to send a website's mail

First register a mailbox used to send mail, and then login to Ucenter Home management background, turn on the "Basic settings → site settings → mail settings" option. Select the appropriate way to send the message against the list above, and the separator for the message header chooses "Use CRLF as a separator", and finally fills in the relevant SMTP server information.


After setting up, you can register a user to send the test first, if you do not receive the message, you also need to manually update the mail Schedule task.

3. Data Backup mode selection

For SNS website, the user data is very important, in case of losing will easily let the user to produce distrust to the website. So backing up your data is the most important thing you do every day. To back up all the data on the platform, you need to select "Advanced application → data backup" in the background of the system management, there are two kinds of data backup way to choose, one is to back up all the program's default datasheet, and the other is to customize the database table to be selected for backup.

4. Everything is ready to make the function more intimate

After the above settings, the site can be published for users to use. What, you said the default template is too simple, not unique. Well, then we'll teach you how to change the template, and enable the two-level domain name and other intimate functions, enhance user viscosity.

(1) Replace the template plug-in

Templates are divided into global templates and personal space templates, which are used for styling the entire site, and the latter for personalized home page templates that users can choose from. Directly in the official website of the forum download can be used before the need to back up the previous style, and then overwrite the template file.

such as electronic maps, network television, friends, such as the sale of games plug-ins, not only to the function of SNS richer, but also to attract more users.

(2) Enable level two domain name function

Ucenter Home Program provides a two-level domain name automatic steering function, allowing users to customize such as "User name. domain. com" to the level two domain name. The level two domain name feature requires server configuration support to be enabled, and you need to set the root domain name of the jump in Admin panel first. In order to ensure that some such as "blog, space" type of domain name is not registered, you also need to fill out the system to retain the level two domain name.

Figure 392 Level domain name function setting

18, easy to erect independent blog site

ASP space is cheap and easy to use, if only need to implement the simple function of the article release, or want to build their own independent blog, Zblog program is a good choice. It is to support the ASP Space blog program, can also generate HTML static page files, the search engine optimization effect is very good, most seoer (people engaged in search engine optimization) are using Z-blog as their own blog program. And because of its easy to use, the advantages of convenient transfer, by the independent Bloger favored.

1. Virtual Host Space Environment test

Figure 40 Testing the space environment

Because the Z-blog program is based on the asp+access architecture, so the general ASP virtual host space to meet the needs, because the program itself data file is very small, the capacity of the space is not too big requirements. In order to facilitate the choice of space, the program officially launched a "Z-blog Network host Environment Test program" (Program Address: CD/program/zblogtest.rar). Download and unzip it and upload it to the virtual host space, open the test.asp page in the browser to test, after six steps of testing, through the description space can run the program.

(1) Easy to use installation program

Z-blog program installation is very simple, can be said to be the most convenient blog program. The program provides two types of installation packages to use, one is to install the package manually, and the other is to install and upgrade the package automatically, which is applicable to new installers, which can be used for both new installations and upgrades of older versions that have been installed.

When you are ready to install the required installation conditions, you can start the installation of the blog, here we have to manually install the package as an example to explain. First open the Zblog source program (Program address: CD/program/zblog.rar), decompression and use the FTP software to pass it to any directory of the website.

Figure 41 Installation of a standalone blog

After transmission, in the browser directly into the URL, will appear in the blog program installation interface, under normal circumstances only need to set the blog Administrator account password, because the name of the database and address are randomly generated by the program, so security is more secure. Click the "Submit" button and the "Setup is complete!" Prompts to indicate that the blog was installed successfully.

(2) Set the necessary blog parameters

Click the "Manage Login" link in the Control Panel section, input just set the account password and the program automatically generated verification code, you can log in to the blog management backstage, first we need to blog name, Introduction, the title to set up, in the Control Panel menu click to enter the Site Settings page, the basic set of blog, Here you can set up and modify almost all the parameters of the blog site. And each parameter has a detailed description of the text, you can modify in turn.

Map Z-blog Blog Management Backstage

Note that Z-blog has a different place from the other blog program, if you need to add links or modify the site collection and set the blog navigation bar, you can go to the menu in "File Management" to set.


Because the program generates HTML files by default, you need to update the Web page after making any changes to the parameters. The index rebuild and file rebuild buttons in the Control Panel, respectively, update the first page file only, and the latter update all documents.

2. Replace the personalized template

Because the blog program is very "fool", in fact, after a simple installation can start to use. But when you face the default template style of the program, is there a desire to replace it immediately?

Program Official forum has a variety of style templates to choose from, for the blog replacement template is also very simple, in the selection of a favorite template style, will provide the compression package file download, generally include a CSS file and a number of HTML template files, follow the instructions to upload them to the same folder in the blog.

Download the style upload after login blog backstage, into the Site Settings page, the interface style name modified to just download the style name. After the confirmation is correct, the file is rebuilt. Refresh and then look at the blog, have you changed to new clothes?


If the style changes after the blog template dislocation, and so on, you need to confirm that the CSS style sheet files are placed incorrectly, the general need to put the style sheet files in the style directory.

3. Practical Plug-in Extensions

Blog programs can be installed by installing Plug-ins to expand other features, if you want to achieve some special features, such as article batch management, anti-spam and reference ... You can write plug-ins by the way to do, do not write how to do? Then directly download the plug-ins provided by others to use it.

The most common independent blog is to receive automatic mass advertising messages, we can in the official forum of the program to find these plug-ins download (address: For example, a "anti-spam message and reference plugin Totoroⅱ" can be used to prevent the publication of key words blocked; messages contain sensitive keywords for filtering; You can also set the number of hyperlinks allowed in comment text. So what kind of advertising can not be invaded.

Now, you have set up an independent home, you can use Z-blog to add your favorite content.

4. Independent blog transfer? You want to turn.

Now most bloggers buy virtual host, set up an independent personal blog, many well-known bloggers have left the original BSP and choose their own "home". In the process of "independence", does it feel that the existing procedures are not "taste"? It doesn't matter, even the independent blog can "want to turn".

(1) converting the program to Zblog

Z-blog is a stand-alone blogging program based on the Asp+access architecture, with the greatest advantage of being able to generate HTML, and to customize the file name. For search engines, HTML format of the Web page files are relatively friendly, conducive to site search rankings.

Z-blog provides a variety of other blog program data conversion tools, below we take "Pjblog to Z-blog Database Converter" as an example to explain the Z-blog conversion method. Other blog programs also provide the corresponding software, can be downloaded to the official blog forum, conversion and use of similar methods.

The first step: first download the conversion program Compression package, extract a file after the ASP suffix, the file uploaded to the Pjblog blog root directory, and then open the file in the browser, the page will appear blog database conversion page. Follow the prompts to enter the Pj-blog database relative path file name, Zblog database name to keep the default, and then click on the "Convert" button, the program will automatically convert pjblog database to ZBLOG database structure. Just a moment. The database is converted, and if there are many articles in the blog, it will take a long time to wait.

Figure 43 Standalone Blog Database converter

The second step: Next will convert the database directly into the Zblog program's data directory, and then install the page prompts the blog name and link code inserted or replaced to c_custom.asp file, friendship links need to replace the include/link.asp file. The converted database administrator account and password are Zblogger and the login background needs to change all the passwords first.

The third step: finally put the Pjblog folder attachments and image folder upload and cover to the Z-blog root directory, complete the transfer of blog pictures and accessories.


For the sake of database security, the database file suffix is changed to the ASP suffix, only the suffix can be modified as an MDB when converting.

(2) converting the program to Pjblog

Pjblog is a simple and easy to use Independent blog program, also based on the asp+access architecture, because of its simple and easy to use features, the number of users are also more. If you want to convert your blog to a pjblog program, you can use the program's official transfer program, and here's a simple description of the "Zblog to Pjblog database converter." The latest version of the program can be downloaded in the Official Blog forum (

The same way to download the file and upload to the virtual host space, in the browser to open the file is the blog transformation interface, follow the prompts to enter the source database and output database address. Then click the "Start Switch" button. Wait for the conversion to complete. It should be noted that if there is data in the target database of the output, it will be emptied and rewritten in the course of the conversion.

Finally, the conversion of the database to cover the Pjblog database, into the blog homepage refresh, if the conversion is successful, blog posts can be displayed normally.

Figure Pjblog Database Conversion Tool

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

19, the excavation guest, lets the website interact

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