The successful way of Internet Entrepreneurship (III.): Using discuz! to quickly build communication forum

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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

Nine, simple three steps to establish the embryonic site

Ten, 3G Mobile website to build the whole introduction

XI. website Payment function configuration

12, the site ICP record must not be less

13, the establishment and modification of DNS system

14, the website CMS Choice has the knack

Read more details of the above can go to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success (III): Web site CMS Choose the trick" to see.

The convenience of small use of worry-free CMS Rapid construction Station

Worry-free CMS is an ASP programming architecture of the Web site content management system, the characteristics are small. The programs described above are more powerful, however, the initial station, the use of this small program is enough, use it can build small and medium-sized news release, article class site, maintenance and establishment are relatively simple, the need for environmental configuration is not high, can let you quickly taste the fun of the site built.

1. Installation system

First you need to prepare a Web site space that supports ASP and access, and a typical hundreds of MB virtual host can meet your requirements and bind the domain name and wait for the resolution to take effect. The worry-free CMS package solution, the file through the FTP software uploaded to the Web site space, and then run index.asp to install, set user password and other parameters. Install finished click Update Cache, and then login to enter the home page.


Programs use an Access database to store data by default, with the advantage of easy management. If your site has a large amount of data, you can use a SQL database.

2. Add Column

Program's background Management page is very concise, after the domain name plus admin/login.asp, and then enter the account and password can be logged into the site management backstage. Backstage plug-in information, including Google, Baidu, Yahoo and other search engines, "spiders" on the site's access time display, easy to understand the site search optimization and other information.

First of all to configure the site, set the site name and other parameters, and then the column added. Into the column management list, click the "Add Column" button, according to the prompts set column name, description, keywords and other information, and finally click to save. After the success of the column, you can publish articles and so on, add content and use the blog to publish articles almost no difference, very simple.

Worry-free CMS customization is very powerful, for SEO is very convenient, file name customization function can almost define any want to define the filename structure, and the title of phonetic title to name the way.


The system can set whether to generate HTML static pages, the same can also use the ASP suffix dynamic page, the advantage is easy to manage, do not need to add content each time after the need for static publishing.

Figure 33 Worry-free CMS system Management background

3. Modify Template

Templates can also be modified according to their needs, worry-free CMS system template files in the template folder, combined with CSS code can be modified, the homepage template for index.html, column template is channel.html, the content template is article.html. The use of worry-free system customized a set of code tags, but also to make their own web pages, and then use the system tag on the title of the article, columns and other information to call it.

For any site content management program, familiar with the system's label use will be used freely. modifying templates and customizing the Web site you want is not an issue.

Small knowledge:

What's the difference between UTF-8 and GB3212?

The General web site CMS program has UTF-8 and GB3212 two kinds of coding, mainly language support is different. Other things like code and databases are the same. UTF-8 files are suitable for use on foreign hosts, and Web sites are intended for visitors of all languages. If the language of the site is Chinese, and the main face of the visitors are domestic netizens, the general use of GB3212 encoding can be, otherwise, there will be garbled error in the visit.

4. The explanation of several modes of website

Dynamic: That is, ASP, SEO is not very good, the most flexible, but occupy a large server resources

Static: HTML page, SEO better, more flexible, occupy less server resources

Impersonation static: Requires a rewrite component (ISAPI), which consumes server resources equivalent to ASP. But the page is conducive to SEO

How to simulate static mode:

First, you have your own server, or the virtual host supports the rewrite component (ISAPI), and you put the downloaded file in C, any folder. Like C:\rewrite. Then go to the IIS settings site where you want to use the rewrite component (ISAPI), and open the properties. In the ISAPI filter entry, click Add, the filter name is filled in Rewrite, and the executable file is C:\Rewrite\Rewrite.dll; This path is the downloaded component path. Then into the worry-free background, set the parameters to rewrite static.

16, use the discuz! to build the Exchange forum quickly

discuz! Forum is a php+mysql database architecture of a forum software. It has cross-platform features and can operate in a variety of operating system environments such as Linux/freebsd/unix and Microsoft Windows. At present is also a majority of domestic web site Forum will adopt a program, here we will introduce how to use it to quickly build a forum.

1. Preparatory work before installation

(1) Space preparation

If it is rented virtual host space, the general formal hosting provider to do a good job operating system configuration. discuz! Forum needs to use the support of PHP space and MySQL database, but also to prepare the SQL database server address, database username password and other data. This information can be obtained from a virtual host provider or the forum will not be installed.

MySQL database account should have CREATE, DROP, ALTER, and other executive authority. Because discuz! Data tables have a prefix design, so you can usually discuz! Install multiple discuz! in the same database with other software in the same database or with different prefix names Forum without conflict.

The LINUX/FREEBSD operating system is recommended, not only for free, but also for better stability and load capacity. discuz! The server is required to contain available HTTPD servers (such as Apache, Zeus, IIS, etc.), PHP 4.1.0 and above, Zend Optimizer 2.5.7 and above, MySQL 3.23 and above (only for MySQL version discuz!).

(2) Binding of domain names

Before installing the forum, to first parse and bind the forum domain name that needs to be used, some domain name server's refresh is slow, before parsing takes effect, can use the domain name that the virtual host system assigns to carry on the installment of the Forum. You do not have to wait until the domain resolution takes effect before uploading the site program.

(3) Software preparation

If you are using a virtual host to place the forum program, you need an FTP client software. Through the server's FTP account and password, upload the program to the server space. There are many FTP upload tools, recommended to use FLASHFXP or leapftp.

The rest is the discuz! Forum installer file (program address: CD/program/discuz.rar). At the same time also need to prepare a simple text file editing software for configuration files for parameter modification, the general operating system, such as Windows Notepad or Third-party software ultraedit can be competent. It should be noted that the use of FTP software to upload the Forum program files, the use of binary (BINARY), otherwise it will not work.

Little knowledge: What is binary upload

All FTP server side and client software support two ways of file upload, one for text (ASCII) upload, the second binary (BINARY) upload. discuz! Require users to upload PHP program files, using binary upload mode. The reason is that some program files are compiled and processed, and using normal text uploads will cause file transfer errors and affect the use. To upload the file in binary mode, check the relevant options in the FTP software.

2. Installation of Forum procedures

The first step: the installation of the Discuz! program into any folder, where users_guide.htm for the forum installation instructions, Usersguide directory for the use of the contents of the instructions and pictures directory, utilities directory for the forum with the tools.

Figure 34 Uploading programs using FTP software

Upload all the files in the FTP software uploaded to the Space BBs folder. If the server is using an operating system of the Linux/unix class, you also need to make changes to the file properties before you install it, and you do not need to change the properties if the server is a Windows system. After the above steps can start to install the forum.


To change the properties of a file, in the FTP software, select the file or directory where you want to change the property, then right-click to choose CHMOD (change file properties), enter a property value (such as 777), and then determine.

Step two: Then start the installation process. Run Setup address in the browser/install.php into the installer, after reading the license agreement to click on the installation, follow the step-by-step instructions to install. Information such as database username and password If an error occurs, the forum will not install correctly.

Figure 35 Forum Database Information fill in


If it is a virtual host user, the database username and password are provided by the virtual host space provider; if it is a stand-alone host, the database username and password are the username (typically root) and password that were filled in when MySQL was installed.

The third step: Set up the Forum Administrator username and password, where the account and password is not a database, but the discuz! forum administrator account. When the setup is complete, click on "Start Installation discuz!", the system will automatically establish the database required by discuz! and each datasheet in it. It is best to click on the bottom of the page to enter the Forum button, you can see the Forum installation success tips.

3. Set up forum information and add plate

The next step is to enter the Forum's management panel, the Forum's Plate and information configuration. After using the Administrator account password Login forum, the point right above the "system settings" into the forum background. First set up information such as the name of the forum. Then you can add the forum plate, the relevant settings can be obtained through the program Help file, here no longer repeat.

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

17, build popular SNS website

18, easy to erect independent blog site

19, the excavation guest, lets the website interact

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