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After understanding the theoretical knowledge of Internet entrepreneurship, began the field to start the actual operation of the site. In this chapter, we will explain in detail how to build a Web site that conforms to the user experience.

Web page planning and style design

Second, the choice of Web programming language

Third, the choice of website database

Read more details of the above can go to the article "Internet Entrepreneurship Success (iii): From theory to practice site to establish combat" look.

Iv. hardware requirements and preparation of the website

Website to publish to the Internet, also need to have a server or virtual host space. Determine the use of the Web site language and database, it is necessary to start to choose to support their virtual host, in general, the content of the site is divided into virtual host, virtual VPN and server hosting three ways, small and medium and traffic is not large sites only need to use virtual host. Here is a description of the virtual host identification and acquisition and performance testing methods, as well as server hosting and settings.

Website to publish to the Internet, also need to have a server or virtual host space. Virtual host is the use of specialized software, a server into a number of spaces, each space can be bound to a separate domain name, so compared to set up their own server has a great cost advantage.

1. Site space security and stability is fundamental

In general, the content of the site is divided into virtual host, server hosting, and other means, small and medium and traffic is not large sites only need to use a virtual host can. As compared to their own leased server, the virtual host because of a dedicated maintenance, security is relatively high, it is very suitable for the establishment of small and medium-sized Web sites and personal blogs and other types of sites.

It has the advantage of not having to bear the high cost of acquisition and hosting of the server, can use it to build a completely independent web site, and can also increase with the site traffic to the virtual host capacity expansion.

If the virtual host is unstable, can not continue to provide access, it will make the site can not open the phenomenon, so not only easy to lose visitors, more serious is the search engine will reduce the weight of the site, or even stop or delete included. So in the selection of the host, we must look for a stable service provider to provide the IDC.

2. Performance first select the appropriate host

According to the language used by the site, the virtual host is divided into Windows and UNIX two kinds of systems, the former mainly for ASP scripts and static Web sites, of course, it can also support a variety of other scripts such as PHP, the latter for PHP and other scripts to support a higher degree. Usually host provider to provide detailed description of the type of virtual host, such as ASP host, PHP host, CGI host, etc., must choose the same host space as the program used.

Choose a virtual host first need to consider performance, such as the speed of access, server configuration. In addition, there are usually the following parameters that require special attention:

Web and database space: Web space is the storage space used to store the Web site files, while the database space is used to store the database of MySQL or MSSQL.

IIS connection: typically 100 IIS connections can meet the needs of most small web sites, which means that the virtual host supports 100 visitors browsing the site at the same time, if the site's number of people online exceeds this number, there will be a service unavailable prompts.

3. Careful gimmick the most impractical function introduction

(1) Log space

Some hosts in the sale of virtual host when the provision of "log space", such a space can only be used to store the log files generated by the operation of the site, but not the Web page file or database, for most small and medium-sized sites such space is not very useful. Only such as database space gift, is more practical.

(2) Enterprise Email

Enterprise mailbox is to your own domain name suffix of the mailbox, its application although more extensive, but most of the virtual host gift or sale of the mailbox is not cost-effective. In addition to the expensive, the capacity to use is relatively small. Especially for the webmaster is almost "chicken ribs", if you want to achieve a domain name suffix of the Post office, you can use Google's free enterprise post office services.

4. Performance Test query server number of Web sites

At present, there are many businesses unlimited in a server to open a number of virtual hosts, exceeding the load of the server, so that the performance of the host will be a sharp decline in the purchase need to pay attention to distinguish. You can test the quality of the server by looking at the Web site on the server.

First open Http:// Enter the domain name of the host, after reverse IP will show the number of sites placed by the same server, 14 of which represents the number of sites on the server.

Figure 1


It should be noted that, if the new server, the site data found may be inconsistent with the actual situation, the data update will take several days. And even if the server is currently hosting a limited number of sites, there will still be a significant increase in the future.

5. Speed test learned server connectivity status

The simplest and easiest way to do this is to ping the command. Ping is a system-led tool that can be used to detect network connectivity and link speed. Enter CMD in the Run dialog box to open the command prompt. Then enter the command "Ping IP address or domain name" after the relevant parameters appear. Depending on the length of time returned, you can determine the approximate speed at which the server is displayed.

Figure 2

However, if you want to carry out a comprehensive testing, the general need for a number of different routes of the computer to ping test, so as to ensure the accuracy of the data. Of course the number of ping, with the use of the network also has a direct relationship.


We can also ping the command after the addition of various parameters, such as the-T parameter can continue to the target host to the contract, you can see whether there is a packet loss phenomenon.

6. Webmaster experience on the purchase of small host skills

(1) Sufficient capacity of the host

If it's just an article class site, with no too many pictures, a hundreds of MB virtual host can already meet most of the requirements. If you have more pictures and you have a small number of files to download, you need gigabytes of space. In addition to web space is necessary, other such as post office space and database space, etc., can be purchased according to their own needs.

(2) Attention to various functional limitations

Most host providers to the virtual host traffic has a certain limit, but many host business ads are written on the unlimited traffic, in fact, not limited to often is not possible, if a server on the hundreds of sites have no traffic restrictions, The result is often because of a certain site traffic is too large to cause all the Web site is not functioning.

In fact, restrictions include CPU limits, IIS restrictions, and traffic restrictions to access data, and most hosts limit the resources used by the site unless they are expensive bulk virtual hosts.

(3) Choose the space to pay attention to the area

The access speed of the space is also an important parameter of the server performance, but due to the geographical differences, even in a part of the region to access the speed of the server, it may be slow in other regions, according to the site visitors to the choice of virtual host space.

V. Hosting and maintenance of servers

In the site's users, you need to use a separate server to carry out the site's data storage, in general, if the number of users is not large, you can also choose a more cost-effective VPS server use, or can be directly independent server hosting. What should you be aware of when choosing a Web server?

Little knowledge: What is a server?

Server is a high-performance computer, as a network node, storage, processing network 80% of data, information, so also known as the soul of the network. The composition of the server is similar to the computer, there are processors, hard disk, memory, system bus and so on, they are specially formulated for specific network applications, so the server and the computer in the processing capacity, stability, reliability, security, scalability, manageability and so on are very different. In particular, with the progress of information technology, the role of the network is more and more obvious, the data processing ability of the information system, security and so on are more and more high.

Reference VPS Virtual Server

The disadvantage of the virtual host is that all users on a server share the bandwidth of the server and so on, when one of them overuse, overload is easy to cause other sites can not connect the problem. A VPS Host (Virtual Private server) is the use of virtual Server software, such as Microsoft's virtual server, VMware ESX server, etc., on a server to create multiple isolated virtual servers.

VPS can be flexibly allocated server resources in many different ways, each virtual server is not the same, can meet a variety of needs. By creating 10 or so VPS hosts on a single server, you can ensure that each user has exclusive VPS resources, and because it has its own operating system, it runs and manages almost as much as a standalone server.

Article IDC Selection and server hosting

IDC, the Internet Data Center, is the telecommunications sector to use existing Internet communication lines, bandwidth resources, the establishment of a standardized telecommunications professional computer room environment for enterprises, the Government to provide server hosting, leasing and related value-added services. Through the IDC server hosting business, there is no need to establish their own specialized rooms, to avoid laying expensive communication lines and other investments. In the choice of IDC service provider, the first to see whether the company has an ISP certificate, as well as the attention of the IDC reputation. There is the attention of after-sales service and technical support, whether the problem can be dealt with in a timely manner. In the choice of IDC, there is the server room location, which is similar to the choice of virtual host.

Servers are divided into tower servers, rack-type servers and many other specifications, can generally be directly in the IDC to buy or rent. can also purchase the server itself, will it express to a dedicated IDC room for hosting. The quality of the server is certainly an essential part of the investigation. Also need to pay attention to is the server hardware specifications and the size of the bandwidth, is not able to meet the needs of the operation of the site. At present, the price of 100M shared bandwidth, a year of trusteeship is generally about 5000 yuan, according to IDC Room, the price will be different.

(3) shared bandwidth and exclusive bandwidth

Shared bandwidth is an access mode that uses the same bandwidth resources as other people's servers. It is suitable for web sites, such as corporate websites and personal websites, that are relatively small for data traffic and access, or have no special requirements for bandwidth resources. The advantage of shared bandwidth is that the cost of hosting is relatively low, and bandwidth can be used most of the time. But the disadvantage is that the speed varies with the overall change in the amount of traffic.

Exclusive bandwidth is a separate use of fixed bandwidth resources access mode, it is suitable for a large scale of data traffic and access, to maintain a constant rate of bandwidth resources requirements or have special requirements of the site, such as the larger ICP service providers, commercial operations for the purpose of the site. The advantage of exclusive bandwidth is that the speed is stable, not affected by the network running state of other servers, and the disadvantage is that the corresponding hosting access cost is higher.

Please pay attention to chapter III other content

Vi. Server Performance Testing

Vii. Query and registration of domain name

Eight, the actual combat walkthrough domain name application entire Introduction

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