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After the website is built, maintenance and management become the work that needs to be carried on continuously. In this chapter, the site will be optimized for internal links, efficient maintenance, PR upgrade way to introduce.

Optimize the internal link of the website

Two, the website effective maintenance three general knowledge

Third, improve the site PageRank have a coup

Iv. Site Exchange links also beware of counterfeit

V. Objectionable content of the website against Vulgar Prohibition

Vi. simple configuration to make the Web server impregnable

Seven, to understand the "spider" to improve the site included

Eight, cleverly speed up the display of Web pages

Nine, improve the domain name PageRank tips

Ten, avoid messy online management of web site files

XI. website fault real-time monitoring automatic reminder

12, for the site to add a simple search function

13, the Web site to prevent the security of small Kam Bag

14, visitor inquiries and security measures

The right to set up Web sites to refuse hacking

16, refused to "be black" safety prevention

17, after the site was hacked to deal with the method

18, let the website lossless transition operation method

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19. Database backup and management of website

1. Unattended Automatic backup site data

Personal site is always very easy to have many accidents, such as server parts damaged, disconnected or hacked, any situation will cause the site can not function properly. After the site has a problem, to restore it to normal in the shortest possible time, the best way is to use backup data recovery. But most webmaster often can not every day of the site data backup, once there is serious loss can not be undone. Especially for frequently updated web sites, regular backups are more important. In fact, even unattended, can also automatically back up the site through FTP data, so that the site truly "preparedness."

(1) New FTP backup task

Here we need to use a "green Ring FTP Data Backup", which is dedicated to the FTP data backup green software, and is a free version, decompression without installation can be used.

Open the Software EXE main program, click the "FTP Backup" button, select "New FTP Backup Task", will pop up the parameters set menu, according to the interface prompts to enter the "task name" and so on, and then set the Web server FTP username and password. If it is a virtual host user, you need to fill out the FTP account password provided by the space provider; users who have their own servers need to create a new FTP user using the Serv program.

Figure FTP parameter settings

In the domain name or IP address option, you can either fill in the domain name of the IP address you have already bound or set the IP address of the server directly. After the completion of the parameters, click the "Connect" button, if the FTP name and password is correct, will be connected to the success of the server prompts, so you can select the left side of the software need to back up the source directory.

Figure The FTP user password information

Next, set up the Web site data to save to the local folder, in the target directory to select a large space hard disk, and then create a new special folder.


If FTP is not connected, it may be because there is no reason to use a passive connection. Passive FTP can solve the problem that data connection from server to client is filtered by firewall, but some FTP software does not support this way. If you cannot connect directly, you can select the Connect using passive mode check box.

(2) Set up automatic backup cycle

After setting up the parameters of the website, we also set up the time of automatic backup, we can set up the cycle of the automatic backup according to the type of the website and the update of the data.

If it is an infrequently updated site, choose a monthly backup setting, and you can set a specific time for monthly updates in the software. If the data is more important site, you need to backup every day, software backup cycle is very convenient, you can choose any time for automatic backup.

Figure 37 Backup Cycle settings

However, for a typical web site, a full data backup of one weeks is sufficient, just select the "Weekly" Radio box, and then set a time period such as "Monday", and the time to start the backup.


The backup schedule cycle is in seconds, and at least one backup per second can be set. So for some database and other important files, you can realize real-time off-site backup function.

(3) Backup task options

After the backup cycle setting is complete, select the specific parameters. Switch to the other options menu to set the number of retries for a backup failure so that you can back up the operation at the wrong time.

When all of the above options are set, the software automatically backs up the site data once the preset time is set. Next we only need to set the software to start automatically, let it run automatically in the background. After that, the software will automatically work at the set time and back up the data in the specified folder.

If you want to back up your site data immediately, you can choose the Start Backup feature in Options. The software will immediately begin downloading and backing up the data for the site.

(4) Advanced step of data backup

Through the above settings, you can complete the basic Web site data automatic backup. But we through other settings, but also to achieve a variety of data backup advanced functions, so that the site data backup more convenient.

Back up only updated files: In general, the site is not much updated daily content, each download all the data not only waste time, but also caused the backup data redundancy. We can configure the software to only back up the updated web site files. To do this, switch to the Copy rules interface and select the Copy modified files only check box, so that if you have files in your Web site that are not updated, the software will not be backed up and downloaded again.

Backup and Web site data synchronization: To ensure the accuracy of backup data, to avoid irrelevant content. You can set the "Automatically delete files and directories that do not exist in the source directory" feature in the Copy rules interface, which automatically deletes additional files in the local backup folder. However, it should be noted that before enabling this feature you need to ensure that the local Web site backup folder is private, there are no other files, otherwise there will be mistakenly deleted files.

Figure 38 Web site data BACKUP log

Backup LOG easy to query: Web site Backup unattended, how can you know the data to the end of the backup completed? Or is there anything wrong with the backup item? The backup log feature of the software provides the various log records of the backup, at the bottom you can see the system log, recovery log, failure log three tabs, which list the specific data that is running in the software, including the records of all downloaded files. This way, even if the person is not in front of the computer, the site data backup can be informed of detailed operational data.

2.MySQL Online data Backup good helper

Web sites are often exposed to a variety of dangers: because the vulnerabilities are compromised, the server loses power and the database fails. So backing up the site data is critical to the webmaster. Preparedness, preparedness, and now most sites have adopted the speed and security of the Php+mysql Web site procedures, so that although the site files can be directly downloaded backup, but the database backup is more troublesome. This MySQL dedicated backup program, can solve the construction station worries.

Imperial Backup King (Empirebak) is a dedicated MySQL data backup and import production software, the program system using a split-volume backup and import technology, theoretically can back up any size of the database. It is also simpler to use and is a free version (program address: CD/program/ The biggest feature of the software is that it has a very good effect in backing up large databases and can be compatible with different versions of the database, as well as other practical operations such as repairing the datasheet.

(1) Program installation and Setup

Use this program to ensure that the server is a Window/linux/unix system and that the Zend Optimizer and PHP components are installed. Download the package and unzip the upload folder to upload all the files to the virtual host or server.

Upload complete, directly in the browser using http://domain name/directory/index.php access, in the presence of the login interface can choose the program's language code. Then use the default admin account "admin", password "123456" login, Login successfully in the "Account Settings" in the password changes, lest the program was stolen by others.

To make your program work, you need to set the parameters of the database to be backed up first. Enter the database Setup interface in accordance with the prompts to fill out, in general, only need to fill in the database username and password, and others are kept by default.

Figure 39 Installation of backup tools

(2) Fast and convenient group backup

After the program is installed and the parameters are set, the database can be backed up.

In the Backup Program main menu, select the Backup Data option, the program will list all the database names, after the data name that needs to be backed up, click the "Back Up data" button, wait a moment, the backup parameter settings interface appears.


If the amount of data is large, you will need to wait a long time. The program uses the group backup, the system will automatically divide the database into many parts to export. Theoretically unlimited database size, can be backup and recovery.

Figure 40 Database backup parameter settings

Here we can choose to "Backup by file Size" and "Backup by record" Two ways, the former for relatively small data, the latter is suitable for large data databases (such as more than 500MB) use, more efficient than by file size backup much higher.

Then select the location of the database backup, by default, "database name _ Backup Time" As the folder name, you can modify as required. In the Backup description text box, you can fill in the description text of the backup and generate a Readme.txt file to facilitate the identification of the backup data.

Finally select the data table that needs to be backed up, click the "Start Backup" button, in the pop-up dialog box, select OK, the program will automatically start the database backup operation. Software generated backup data file is a. php suffix, using a number of encryption methods such as login verification, only log in to the administrator to carry out data recovery, to ensure the security of data.


After the database backup is complete, you can download the backup files to your local hard drive to save them from accidental loss or corruption. Can be directly in the program data packaging download, if the data capacity is large, can also be downloaded directly through FTP.

(3) Safe and convenient data recovery

When the site database error, or the site to transfer server space, need to restore the backed-up data, you can go directly to the program's "Recovery Data" interface, select the data backup file to restore, by clicking the "Select Directory" button to open the Directory browsing interface, click to select the Backup folder to restore, Then select the name of the database you want to import, when you are sure, click the "Start Restore" button, the program will automatically restore the backup data, if the amount of data is large, you need to wait for a long time.

Figure 41 List of backed up data


Generally speaking, the personal site every few days a data backup can be, each backup file will occupy a lot of server space for the long time old data can be deleted to save space.

(4) Other practical functions of the program

Different versions can also be compatible

There are many versions of the MySQL database, and different versions of the data are generally incompatible. This is especially troublesome when transferring server space, Empirebak can automatically identify the MySQL version format and then automate the conversion. This allows for a direct backup and recovery between different versions and different coded databases.

The system also supports full backup functionality, which means that even if the two database tables of the backup and recovery are inconsistent, it can be directly backed up and restored, which is very convenient for beginners.

Repairing a corrupted datasheet

The Web site uses a php+mysql program architecture and is likely to cause data tables in the database to be corrupted as a result of a sudden shutdown of the server. Empirebak has a function to fix the datasheet.

If you have a corrupted datasheet that you want to recover, you can usually repair the corrupted datasheet by following the steps of the backup data into the Datasheet list page, checking the check box before the corrupted datasheet, and clicking the Repair Datasheet button. If more than one table is corrupted, you can select multiple table names at once and fix them.

3. Gently loosen access to convert SQL

At the beginning of a site, access is generally used as a database for Web sites programs. Its advantages are easy to use, easy to use. But the disadvantage is also obvious: poor security, the site is often a security threat; only a small amount of data can be loaded, once the data is too large or the load becomes larger, it will affect the normal operation of the site.

The MySQL database has the advantage of good security, and can carry a large capacity, suitable for the larger web site system. The speed of the website is not slow, the data is not more and more, need to upgrade? Let's look at how to convert an Access database to a SQL database without prejudice.

(1) Configure the software operating environment

Db2mysql is a program that converts an Access database file to a corresponding SQL code. can be applied to convert an Access database to a MySQL or other type of SQL database.

You also need to install Microsoft's MDAC components (Microsoft Data Access RS) to run the software (download address:

Http:// FAMILYID=6C050FE3-C795-4B7D-B037-185D0506396C&DISPLAYLANG=ZH-CN) It is a data access component developed by Microsoft for sq L server, we need to download the component first and then install it , otherwise the DB2MYSQL program will not function correctly.

(2) Convert database to MySQL

Download conversion software: Program running environment configuration is complete, you can start the conversion of the database, first download db2mysql software, the program is green version, no installation, decompression can be used. If the MDAC component is not successfully installed, an error message appears.

Select database table: Although the software is an English interface, but the operation is very simple. To convert the data, you need to add the database file to be converted, click the "File-open Database" button, and then in the pop-up File selection box, select the Access database file with the suffix. mdb. All the data tables on the database are then listed in the list box in turn. Click the datasheet name to list all the fields in the current datasheet, and click to select the data tables and fields that you want to convert.

Figure 42 Database conversion software


The so-called prevention in the early, even if the software can be a database of lossless conversion, it is important to back up the original database files. Because the importance of data is needless to say, no matter what kind of database operation, it is necessary to back up the good data beforehand.

Generate SQL statement: Select the data table that you want to convert and make sure that you can generate the SQL statement. Simply click the "Start" button at the bottom of the software and the software will automatically start the conversion of the SQL database, which requires a longer conversion time if the database is large.

To import a data file:

When an Access database is converted to a SQL file, it can be exported as a MySQL data file.

First we need to create a MySQL database in the same table as the Access database, by logging into the admin backend, entering the database user and password, and then entering the database name, click the "Create" button to create a new MySQL database.

Figure 43 Database Management panel

It is a good idea to import an SQL statement file that was automatically generated with the software. After a moment, the database is converted successfully.


Not only can you convert to a MySQL database, but you can also use the generated data files in other SQL databases. This means that the converted SQL statements can be executed not only under MySQL, but also in Microsoft SQL Server and Access.

4. "Lose Weight" for website database

With the growing growth of the site, the site data has become huge. Compressing the database not only saves space, but also makes it easier to backup and save. Here's how to quickly compress an Access database and protect database tables.

(1) Download and install the "Weight loss" tool

There are many ways to compress an Access database, and using specialized compression software is a relatively simple way to do so. Here we take the "Access Database Compression Wizard" Software as an example to illustrate.

Download and unzip the program files, open the installation interface to accept the terms of use, and then select the Software installation directory, and then click the "Install" button, will automatically pop-up software main interface.


Although the software is attached to the installer, but is actually green software, and will not add any information in the system, it should be noted that the installation has plug-in options, such as the need to uninstall can directly delete the corresponding program files.

(2) Data compression coherent

First, select the database file you want to compress in the file bar above the software. When adding files, even if the database suffix is modified to an ASP or other file format (the purpose of which is to prevent it from being illegally downloaded), the software can be automatically identified, and we only have to set the option of the file type Pull-down menu to "All Files" when we choose.

Because the security of the data is critical, we can back up the original files before compression, by selecting the check box before "Automatic backup before compression", while the software creates a backup file of the database at the same time of compression. After the confirmation, click the "Compress Database" button, the software will automatically complete the database compression work.

Figure Access Database compression software

After the compression is complete, the software will graphically display the compression ratio and database version of the file, which makes it easy to see the details of file compression. Even in a database with a password, the software can compress it quickly.


The database is also available after compression and does not affect the normal functioning of the site. For security reasons, however, it is recommended that you keep the original database files of your backups to prevent surprises.

(3) Encrypted data from a set of

Software not only has the ability to compress the database, but also with a "access hidden expert" gadget, click on the software main interface of the "Hidden database" button, you can open this tool. It can convert a table in a database to a hidden table, so that you can't display a datasheet with other viewing tools, but you can use it properly in your Web site program to protect your data well.

Figure Access hidden expert software

To open the database file in the same way, click the "Find Now" button to find the database table, and the lookup will display the table that exists in the database. Then click the "Hide" button, complete the hidden operation. If you need to restore the hidden datasheet, just open the corresponding database file, and then click the "Restore" button.


Data encryption operations have a certain risk, you must back up the relevant files before use.

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