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After the website is built, maintenance and management become the work that needs to be carried on continuously. In this chapter, the site will be optimized for internal links, efficient maintenance, PR upgrade way to introduce.

Optimize the internal link of the website

Two, the website effective maintenance three general knowledge

Third, improve the site PageRank have a coup

Iv. Site Exchange links also beware of counterfeit

V. Objectionable content of the website against Vulgar Prohibition

Vi. simple configuration to make the Web server impregnable

Seven, to understand the "spider" to improve the site included

Eight, cleverly speed up the display of Web pages

Nine, improve the domain name PageRank tips

The above details can go to the "Internet Entrepreneurship Success" (five): Understand the "spider" to improve the site included reading.

Ten, avoid messy online management of web site files

As the site grows, the files in the web space become more cluttered. General FTP file management methods need to download the relevant software, can not be anywhere to maintain the site, and service providers online management system login process cumbersome and simple. How can the Web site files be managed and maintained quickly and efficiently so that they become orderly? Here's how to manage Web site files from the Web interface in a PHP system environment.

1. Installation Settings Step

To manage PHP Web files online, you need to use a program software called "Phpcms File Manager". This software is only in the size of the KB and is free software. Its advantage is to use PHP + AJAX way to build, the client uses caching technology, reduce the burden of the server. Before using, we need to first confirm that the Web space supports session and Zend components, and PHP has a version greater than 4.10.

Then download the Phpcms File Manager main file, the program uncompressed after the folder "upload" and all of the files uploaded to the PHP site space. The files that need to be sorted and the upload folder are then changed to read-write mode. The method is to log in to the Web site space in the FTP software and change the permissions attribute of these file directories to 777, which is to select the readable, writable, and executable check boxes.

Then execute the Refresh command, confirm the installation is correct, in the browser input file address, that is, "http://your domain name/upload/index.php", press Enter will appear after a concise program login interface.

Figure 14 File Management interface

Finally, using the default username and password "admin" Login system, the program will automatically change the password page, in the Password text box, enter the default password and the new password, and then set the program in the directory, and finally click the "Submit" button.


The program directory can be set in a more covert location, such as a two-level or even more-level directory, to reduce the likelihood of malicious use of the software.

2. Batch operation convenient and practical

The File Manager program can perform almost all file management operations. It not only has a general upload, download, new, renamed files and other functions, but also provides a lot of practical other functions, according to these practical functions, we can complete the site management maintenance and other related operations.

Figure 15 Uploading files online

The "Upload file" button in the function menu of the manager's main page will open the File upload module at the bottom of the page, click the "Browse" button to select the local file, and then click Upload. The file Capacity section of the program automatically displays the size of the Web site, and the file size is displayed in KB or byte two units. We can according to this function convenient to the website file collation classification operation; Click to download a hyperlink can download the Web site files to the local hard drive, operating in the same way as ordinary download, you can use the Thunder and other download tools to download high-speed files;

Software also provides a powerful editor, click on the edit connection will display the source code of the file, it also provides a local preview and online preview function, so that the site file debugging work becomes very simple and efficient;

Figure 16 Web page Code Editor

In practical applications, there are often multiple files that need to be modified. At this point we can add more files by clicking the "Add" button and opening the file selection module. The software has no restrictions on the number of file uploads, but the more the number of uploads, the slower the upload speed will be.


When the number of files is large, the program may have a transient unresponsive phenomenon, just wait for its automatic recovery. If you close the browser directly, you may receive a file loss or corruption error.

3. Data backup Coherent

In the site maintenance, webmaster often to the Web site data backup, so as to avoid accidents caused by loss of data. The general download backup method is not only troublesome but also slow. At this point we can use the file compression function provided by the program to quickly backup the site data.

First select the check boxes in front of the Web site files that you want to back up, and then click the "Add to Compressed Files" hyperlink, and then enter the file name in the dialog box that pops up, and be sure to enter a compressed file format with a zip suffix. After a few moments of determination, a file compression package is made. Just download it and put it in a safe place to save it.

If there are problems with data loss, we can restore the site back to normal through backup, the method is to upload the backup file to the Web site space, and then from the program into the file folder, click the zip backup file after the "decompression" button, and then select the file directory to extract, you can successfully restore the site data.


After downloading the backup files to the local, it is best to delete the backup files in the site space, so that one can release the extra space, and the other is to ensure the security of the data.

4. Remote download Convenient and quick

Software provides a unique remote file download function, the purpose is to download files from other servers directly to the Web server, the advantage is that because both are high-speed Web servers, file transfer speed than directly from the local upload a lot faster, you can easily install the Web site program and other operations.

The method is to click on the remote download feature to enter the remote file address and the new file name in the module (if you do not need to modify it to skip), and finally hit the "Download" button. Note that if the transferred file is in a compressed format, you need to use the appropriate remote decompression tool to process the file.


If you are using an ASP type of space, you can choose the "Autumn Memory File Manager" for Web site management, the installation and use of the software is similar to the Phpcms file Manager.

XI. website fault real-time monitoring automatic reminder

Even if most of the webmaster every day in front of the computer "everywhere", but in many cases, the site problems can not be immediately known, such as common server failures caused inaccessible, and even invaded. These accidents will cause many losses to stationmaster, also can reduce user's browsing experience. The first time to learn about the site problems, and timely response to treatment, to maximize the reduction of losses.

1. Site Nanny Site Error Real-time reminder

Servers are often faced with many dangers, such as the emergence of short-term, attacks and other failures, the use of server failure detection of the site, can not be SMS and other ways to carry out fault prompts, but also can complete the site search records of the automatic recording, and many other functions.

The website nanny is specially carries on the server monitoring the procedure, appears the question may the mobile phone text message prompts. Currently there are free users can use, to support the detection of a Web site or server, the use of reminder services do not need to install any program in the site, only after a simple registration, you can make the site to monitor the function of failure monitoring.

The first step: Register to become a nanny user. Access to the website failure SMS Reminder Service Registration page (, only a simple name and password and the completion of e-mail can be completed registration, the entire registration process is very simple. Then return to the home Login program management background, the entire interface is simple and intuitive, the left menu lists all the function action button.

Figure 17 Website Nanny Management Home

Step two: Add Server. Initial use needs to first apply, enter the new site to add a form page, first choose the server or virtual host, and then enter the domain name to be detected or a single URL, and then follow the page prompts to enter the contents and parameters.

Here we can also set a variety of different reminders, there are e-mail, MSN, QQ and mobile phone message three ways to choose, and finally fill in the message to receive the phone number prompts, and get the verification code. The site can also set a day not to send the message of the time period, such as setting a daily break not to send and so on.

Figure 18 Setting the server information for detection


Use a reminder other than SMS, without paying. and to use SMS Reminder service, will charge a monthly service charge.

Step three: Automatically remind travel without worry. After the above simple settings, the website nanny began to carry out the site's operating status monitoring services, if the site in a set time can not open or error, will send a real-time message to remind. When the site is restored, the same message will be prompted.

In the list background can also carry out the view of the Web site run log, including detailed date time, the site error of the specific situation, as well as the detection of the computer room location and other information.

2. Radar monitoring included in the control

Light to learn about the operation of the site is not enough, but also want to record the site by the major search engines included in the situation? If you go out, I am afraid I will not be able to complete this task. As a website maintenance or promotion personnel, site in the search engine index situation is necessary to pay attention to, here recommend this "webmaster Radar" system, not only has the function of server fault detection, but also can be included in the site and domain name for automatic detection, and support QQ, MSN, SMS three ways to remind. The feature is that in addition to the receipt of a message every time the message fee, do not need to deduct fees by days, other functions and the way of notification can be used for free.

STEP1: Into the Webmaster radar system (, the first is still the user registration, and the above steps similar, only need to fill in the basic account information.

STEP2: Login System Management page, click on the top of the page "set up a new detection site" link, add to detect the site, enter the domain name after the click Submit, simple settings can be used after. If you want to use SMS reminders, you also need to pass the verification code input.

Mobile phone, as well as QQ and MSN to remind, you need to pay attention to, if you want to use mobile phone SMS reminders, the site will be based on 0.1 yuan/time charges. But we can add QQ robot (number 25555119), you can receive free real-time notice in QQ. The way to use MSN Prompts is to add MSN Robot


To use the prompt of instant messaging software, be sure to fill in the correct information when applying for the account, otherwise the function will not be used normally. If you fill out an error when you apply, you can modify it on the Personal information page.

STEP3: After the setup is complete, you can wait for the program to gather all kinds of information automatically. To learn about the site included, just click on the Program Management page "included detection" link, you can view in Baidu, Google, Yahoo, sogou, search, Microsoft Live five search engine data collected information, but also intuitive choice of statistics to view.

In addition, the program also provides a unique "optimization detection" function, can be based on the site in the search engine in the number of statistics calculated, statistics all monitoring the site daily page number of changes in the average, the higher the value of the new Search engine index update the larger amount.

Fig. 19 Search engine Indexed monitoring

3. The website housekeeper Various notices method and uses

What? Do you think that these two schemes are not enough and that you want to implement other functions? Here again recommend a "Webmaster Web site monitoring System" can be through e-mail, cell phone messages, SMS, instant messaging software, and even artificial phone way to notify. The use of basic services is also free of charge, just need to add a link to the site, suitable for a variety of small and medium web site use.

The process of applying for services is no longer the same (address:, unlike other similar sites, the program also provides the function of self-help links, you can easily find similar sites for connection applications.


The use of the site housekeeper need to place a link on the home page to be able to pass the program automatically audit, verification after the removal of links, web site testing and other functions will be ineffective.

12, for the site to add a simple search function

With the content of the site more and more, the forum or CMS built-in search function is stretched, become "chicken ribs." Because generally speaking, the search occupies a large amount of resources, ordinary virtual host or low-end server can not withstand a large number of search requests, here is provided to everyone a new idea, borrow a large search engine to achieve the search function in the station, not only save resources, but also make the search speed become faster. At the same time, if the corresponding advertising alliance to use the search code, but also to search the browser while increasing the revenue of the site.

1. Easy to set up using Search engine search function

Want to let netizens search the content of the article such as the website, and the construction station program or forum as well as each kind of blog program built-in search often very occupy the resources, the website traffic slightly rises may cause cannot respond and so on. In fact, we can use the search engine site code placed in the website, this way not only faster search, and no impact on the site resources. The only fly in the ointment is that the site content needs to be indexed by search engines to be able to be searched, and can not realize Instant Search just published articles function. But for most small and medium sized websites, it is already very good enough.

Add Baidu Site Search

Baidu's users relatively more, many netizens are accustomed to using Baidu search. The following is Baidu search code and effect of the legend. When used, you need to replace the domain name with the domain name of your own web site (as is the case with other search codes).

<!-Baidu site search function code began-->

<form action= "Http://" >

<input Type=text name=word>

<input type= "Submit" value= "Baidu Search" >

<input name=tn type=hidden value= "BDS" >

<input name=cl Type=hidden value= "3" >

<input name=ct type=hidden value= "2097152" >

<input name=si type=hidden value= "" >


<!-Baidu site search function code end-->

Figure 2000 Site Search effect

Add Google search function

Google search included a comparison of the information is one of the characteristics, to use Google's site search function, you can add the following source code in the appropriate location.

<!-Google site search function code to start-->

<form method=get action= "Http://" >

<input Type=text name=q>

<input type=submit name=btng value= "Google search" >

<input Type=hidden Name=ie value=gb2312>

<input Type=hidden Name=oe value=gb2312>

<input Type=hidden Name=hl value=zh-cn>

<input type=hidden name=domains value= "" >

<input type=hidden name=sitesearch value= "" >


<!--Google site search function code end-->

Google site search results

2. Site search to save resources and increase revenue

Add the above code directly to the website is convenient and quick, but there is another way to achieve site search. It can not only achieve all of the above functions, but also can customize the good looking search box, the most important thing is to access the user's search for advertising costs. To achieve this effect is to use the search for their own advertising alliance features. Note that to use the search features described below, the first to have a corresponding affiliate account, otherwise can not get code to use OH.

AdSense background directly to get the search code

Map AdSense Ads Backstage

Google AdSense ads in the background can directly set up search function (address, login site backstage, first into the "AdSense Settings" section, and then select the third item of AdSense for Search Settings menu, follow the page text prompts to select the type, and customize the search box size and style according to preferences.

You need to be aware that you must select the "Goog websearch+sitesearch" option and enter the correct URL, otherwise the site search function will not be available

In the Function menu can also choose the search box style as well as the site language and other items, compared with simply adding simple code, this way there are more customizable convenience features. When the settings are complete, the generated code is placed in the Web site, which can be displayed after 10 minutes. The final effect is shown in the figure.

Figure 23 Search box effect settings


Google AdSense allows you to place up to two AdSense for search boxes on a single page, and if you want to place multiple, you need to use the search code provided in the previous section.

Baidu Alliance search Code style diverse

Baidu Alliance search box is unique to have a variety of color styles to choose from, such as the default and drift clear blue, simple gray and simple and so on a variety of versions. First into the Baidu Alliance backstage, click the "Get Code" button, select the "Site search" into the Setup Panel, and then set the specific size and other parameters and search box color scheme.

Figure 24 Search box color scheme

Note that you must select the "Station" check box in the Search option, and enter the URL of the site search website in order to appear in the station search function. The effect of the implementation is shown in the figure. Finally copy the generated search box page source code on the panel, paste it into the appropriate location of the Web page to use.

Figure 2,500 search box effect in station


Using this search feature, if a visitor clicks on an ad in the Web page, it generates an ad revenue. In the alliance backstage "The effect report" can see the daily search quantity as well as the advertisement expense which produces.

Please pay attention to the other paragraphs in chapter Fifth:

13, the Web site to prevent the security of small Kam Bag

14, visitor inquiries and security measures

The right to set up Web sites to refuse hacking

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