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There have been experts that, for the general E-commerce site, more effective network marketing methods are mainly two kinds: Advertising Alliance and search engine marketing (that is, SEM), in general, E-commerce site to do sem conversion rate of 1%, while the CPC, CPA, CPS and other conversion rate is generally 1 per thousand.

From the above point of view, you can see SEM is a relatively large conversion rate of network marketing, Baidu and other search engine advertising market share has been climbing, the reason is here. So the importance of SEM to E-commerce is self-evident, but compared to other sites, E-commerce site SEM implementation will be different? This is illustrated by the example of the E-commerce Web site of the type of Business-to-consumer.

Amazon from 04 onwards, the basic use of CPS Alliance and SEM of these two forms of online advertising, the network of brand advertising basically did not, by its impact, the domestic excellent Amazon's external promotional form is also only the alliance and search engines. According to our company's search engine marketing department monitoring, the Network of Excellence is now monthly on the search engine on the amount of nearly 1.5 million, search engine brought new customers accounted for the total number of new customers about 15%, the immediate cost of bringing new customers around 30 yuan.

Search engines have actually become the main source of traffic for domestic e-commerce sites. According to Eric's Iuser tracker statistics, May 07, the three major search engines (Baidu, Google, Yahoo) to Taobao's flow of traffic accounted for Taobao's foreign traffic ratio of nearly 60% (of course, more of this is the flow of natural search). And the search engine brings more traffic than the conversion rate will be much higher, in general E-commerce sites, search engines bring 100 clicks can be transformed into an order, and not the search engine may have 300-500 clicks to be converted into an order. Therefore, search engine marketing has become the main traffic source of E-commerce, has actually become a new portal and new media.

The efficiency of SEM is so high that it is expected to be favored by mature e-commerce companies. Let me briefly introduce the characteristics of search engine marketing: First of all, the search crowd, the target audience of large users, the main domestic search engine coverage of the number of users in the past six months before more than 50 million, Baidu Web day search requests in the number of 1 years ago more than 300 million times, so the search engine can form a certain scale ; user-initiated demand matching, can be to a certain extent, the exact matching of the crowd and region, bringing users are very targeted users, so the flow rate of conversion is high, and from the form of advertising, in search results and search requests related to the business information, than the traditional online advertising content, More easily accepted by netizens, and the search engine gathers hundreds of millions of times a day long tail search request volume just satisfies many e-commerce enterprise many long tail variety of marketing; In addition, the budget can be fully controlled, the bidding strength and length can be flexibly controlled, implemented quickly, the effect of sustainable optimization, These can be fully guaranteed to obtain a higher Roi.sem has become the most accurate, most effective one of the marketing means, but also can be large-scale delivery of the important network marketing channels.

A lot of semer in the face of large-scale E-commerce site search engine marketing, there will be some confused feeling, do not know where to start, in fact, the work of large-scale business-to-business Web site is the same as small business-to-business sites, the difference is only the latter account small, simple account structure, fewer keywords, No need to design a separate access URL, but the overall planning idea is interlinked. Mtkman According to Baidu's search marketing standards in search marketing steps:


Baidu published Search marketing steps

Sorting out their own development of the basic thinking of SEM strategy, mainly has the following nine steps:

1, to determine the advertising plan, clear the long-term objectives of advertising and advertising goals at all stages.

2, a clear need to put the search engine keyword structure.

3, according to the promotion needs of enterprises, select the appropriate keywords.

4, try to plan some of the keywords, and write advertising ideas.

5, the design of the production of keyword ads access URL.

6, the submission of keyword ads, observation of statistical advertising effects.

7, Bulk planning keywords, and submit ads.

8, the On-line keyword carries on the statistical analysis.

9, according to the statistical data on the key words of continuous optimization.

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