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Website optimization is inseparable from the maintenance of the chain, this is also seoer need to spend a lot of energy to do things, and the third party blog to do outside the chain is seoer commonly used to increase the site outside the chain of one of the means, in the Third Party blog (hereinafter referred to as blog) do outside the chain of the process there are a lot of attention And there are a lot of details that are rarely mentioned.

A, choose what kind of blog to do outside the chain

See this, perhaps a lot of people will laugh, such a simple question to need to say? Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Baidu Space, news, the horizon and so on a word row open. This is really a simple question, but there are often many mistakes on simple issues.

1, whether the blog wrote a robots

Blog General will not write a robots to prevent, from the point of view of the site, he also needs to bring the search engine to his traffic, but if deliberately do more than the chain, hurt himself, then the site also do not hesitate to write on the robots to do short-term treatment to protect themselves, this is not alarmist, So seoer before choosing a blog is to check whether the blog is written on a robots, not who is known to choose who.

2, what search engine choose what blog

Not all well-known blogs are suitable for your optimization work, each search engine has its own preferences, such as Baidu is more inclined to Sina and its own products, such as Google more like the horizon, such as search will also like their own products. This needs to see what you do as a search engine, not Yiguoduan.

Second, blog selection between the depth of PK

1, is your own child good or someone else's child stick

I have said above, the general search engines are more inclined to their own products, Baidu is also a company, not a charity, what is the company? is a profit for the purpose of the enterprise, which means he also needs the content of his products to his station to bring traffic, this is indisputable. But this is a double-edged sword, their products means better control, Baidu space a lot of people say seconds, but after a period of time found to be sealed or directly do not accept, is because of its own product controllability, but also found timely, many seoer pursuit of short-term effects, after a miserable.

2, the characteristics of the blog itself is not overlooked

Each blog has its own characteristics, you can answer my Baidu Space user group characteristics and SINA User group characteristics of the difference? Perhaps you will say, I just a few articles a day, leave a link just, I was to the spider to see, not to the user to see, it should be the category of blog marketing. This seems to be no problem, in fact, also very problematic, blog also has the weight, the higher the weight of the blog link the more valuable, this is not conflict with the link, and the user browsing more, comments more, the rich page information on the search engine more benefits, many seoer is the article on their own website posted to the blog, that the choice of blog is very important, For example, Baidu space, it is relatively young state, love articles can be sought after, but if you put on the current affairs review, it is not engaging, the same blog outside the chain, why not find a benefit for their blog?

3, can not ignore the added value of the blog

Blog value-added is the extension of your blog to write the value of a lot of portal products bundled, posted blog, at the same time to the circle, micro-bo, etc., such a way is undoubtedly better than no synchronization function, such a display of opportunities regardless of the role of your blog, or the site, are beneficial, in addition, the blog related article function is also a value-added, It's easy to crawl your articles with spiders, without having to add time savings manually.

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