The three main elements of network marketing

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A mention not to mention the condition, in this society no speed will be what kind of situation, I do not want to explain you should be more than I understand. No speed to work late, no speed customers run away, no speed squid copied away. Everything in real life reminds us that you can survive only if you have the speed of winning. In the network to do marketing, speed is the customer, speed is money.

Who dares to say that I am still able to get the final order without (unless there are other ingredients "trouble", this is not what our "honest businessman" can discuss). The market is the development in the competition, in the marketing process has no speed to leave you what. An order or a letter of resignation, I think you know better than me. How to make your own network marketing stand out from the crowd. Through the dissemination of online advertising and other publicity can be done.

Today's network is a piece of information composed of integrated block, as long as the right way, any way can lead to success, but the time spent is not the same, it depends on how you choose. For example, when choosing a network advertising service provider, you will focus on the price or brand. With a cheap price, the effect may not be rapid and obvious; with a loud brand, it may be a little tight at hand. But if I were you, I would choose the latter, although the latter will cost more than the former, but the cost behind is a huge speed advantage, you run in front of others this means that you have more opportunities. Here I would like to remind you that the cost of the brand sometimes not all people can afford, investors need to do, after all, who are unwilling to do a loss of business.

* Targeted

With the speed of the next to have targeted publicity. For example, someone joked that marketing starts with women and children. Learn to target them because they are a potential consumer group that is more likely to contribute to marketing. Is that true? Is it really best for women and children to earn money?

To be honest, women are the most picky animals in the world, and their money requires you to be careful enough to be able to make a full target. Now the female consciousness rise, many commodities vigorously advocate "the woman is the water to do, must like the water to protect them"; However, the fact is that women are an extremely difficult group to please. They are very careful, very pay attention to feeling, shopping very much need to trust. The ladies in office are not just looking for a place to do their shopping. What they ask is what you have to do with them, and whether they are in line with their emotional side. And now the proportion of women on the Internet has begun to overtake men, some have done surveys in Taiwan, women online time is 1.5 times times that of men. The use of the number of users and browsing the number of pages, the female behavior is 1.4 times times and 1.5 times times the male. But their consumption on the Internet is quite different from that of men. Men tend to like to go straight to the theme, search engines are their best friend, search to their own want to buy and then turned away, purposeful quite strong. And women are not at all, they love to go shopping with the set of intact moved to the Internet, they like to wander without purpose. See what looks good, go inside and buy it or come out and continue watching. If Baidu, Google's search engine is for the development of men, the recent emergence of a mainland in the Chinese text advertising can be said to be targeted at women. This kind of advertisement uses the keyword link, inserts the advertisement in the text, when you browse the article the mouse just moves to the keyword position to be able to eject the advertisement. That means you can stroll around a Web page full of content, so it's perfectly suited to the tastes of women. This form of advertising has long been in the United States, the Taiwan region has, the domestic now doing is vogate.

Speaking of women, in fact, children are also a truth. Now unlike in the past, the number and pattern of goods in the market has already been the growth of the flat way, the child's optional object more, the demand is also rising. What's more, the children are now more than the Grinch, there is no dazzling style and familiar names, they will be desperate to drag the clothes of their parents? Although the network is still some distance from them, the Internet will often be accompanied by the parents, but as long as the ads can be attractive enough, they will ask to spend (although the consumer will eventually be their parents, but they still have a great choice of rights).

* Accuracy

The network is the digital information builds up, each piece of turn turns is the numeral to make up, their accumulation only then built today's network. It is not difficult to have accurate statistics on the web. The data that a good online advertiser can provide to you is sometimes enough to help you get the most out of your marketing. Baidu, Google, Yahoo, vogate These online advertisers can do this. (Although many of them have already positioned themselves at the level of web software providers, online advertising is still a struggle for them, as can be seen from Google's acquisition of DoubleClick, which is still an oily fat.) These exact figures are a "fish hook" for every advertiser to hold the market tightly, telling you when to start investing, when the market will change, and what consumers need most. So it's very important to choose an advertiser who can provide you with accurate data.

What would your internet marketing look like if you had all the above elements?

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