The U.S. Army seeks cloud computing for distributed general-purpose ground systems

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[According to Military aviation electronic website December 23, 2012] "> U.S. Army researchers will hold an industry exchange meeting on January 18, 2013, It is mainly about the cloud computing technology used and being developed by the United States Army Intelligence and Information Operations Service (I2WD), as well as its technical deficiencies and future needs. The exchange was hosted by I2WD Tactics (Tcil) and was held from 9:30 A.M. to 2:30 P.M. at the Aberdeen test site Building NO. 6000.

Army researchers will outline the current deployed technologies and assess future technology and capacity requirements. Attendees will receive a list of capacity descriptions required by Tcil. The conference will focus on the army's distributed General Ground System (DCGS) and the project's cloud computing and data storage requirements.

DGCs provides the military with a framework for developing common interoperability systems, processing and exchanging intelligence surveillance Reconnaissance (ISR) sensor data. DCGS supports target positioning, sensor management, and information usage. The system provides sensor information fusion, which enables intelligence analysts to gather information and generate intelligence images. Army researchers say DCGS must use cloud technology to build core, regional and edge nodes to support Army intelligence data collection and analysis. Cloud technology can provide data acquisition capability at one time, with little data movement and high reusability of data.

Currently, Tcil's work includes video processing, predictive analysis, semantic processing, geographic information, collection management, cloud computing performance, and edge node development. Tcil uses several Open-source cloud computing technologies on an industry-standard hardware that is traditionally rack-configured. The rack can be installed in a safe transport container and deployed throughout the world. The Tcil system includes a Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), which is an open source version of the Google file system that can be extended to EB-level byte levels; a Hadoop core parallel infrastructure, an open source version of a programming model that uses parallel computing to draw and compress A cloud based system similar to Google BigTable, storing structured data to petabytes of byte levels, Condor Cloud management infrastructure, puppet systems, automated software configuration, deployment, upgrades, inventory tracking, and system management.

After the seminar, interested enterprises can submit the white paper to i2wd within 45 days.

(Electronic Science and Technology Information Institute, Ministry of Industry and Information technology Chenhao)

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