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May 25 to 26th, the global Search Engine Strategy conference was held in Xiamen, the General Assembly to search engine marketing and search engine optimization into the theme, and extended to search-related areas, including business-to-business search, mobile search, video search and other emerging areas. Guests sitting on the "search engine marketing value," the issue of a lively discussion.

The following is the transcript of the live dialogue:

Prof. Song: Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon! Our service industry is still backward in the world, and I can see from my films that it is relatively backward relative to the developed countries and even to India. Our service has not developed a great reason is that we do not have good integrity of the system, no good security system, no good payment system. Originally I seach to the service object, can use this product or use this service, we may use the contract execution or the barter exchange to bring back, when I finished this, I thought can link this together, may push our seach to the higher level, obtains the bigger opportunity. I have been to one of the largest steel metal companies in China, and they have heard of modern services and seach, which are only 10 minutes long, and I may speak very quickly.

Modern service industry in a word, that is to use our modern information technology, is our Internet technology, communication technology, coupled with a number of management concepts, to solve our current service for the people, for the Enterprise Services for the Government for the masses of services. In that case, people think, we have to have an entrance, that is, we users have a demand, require a service, I must have an entrance, the entrance best everyone knows on the internet we seach, for example we do surveys in Zhejiang, many small manufacturing plants it wants to know which countries in the world they need it, What kind of products, what kind of quality, these agents can not trust each other, whether to send things to him, whether to sign the contract, these seach is done better, but the latter part is not sure, I send things past, it does not come back to do. Our first pass is a common credit, that is to say, what we now seach can have an opening into my network. After coming in, our service industry includes which, basic service is communication, do communication is to do modern service. Only by combining our communications and information with other service industries can we become a modern service industry, a travel company, and our seach, and some of our current information technologies, become a modern travel company. Regardless of our cultural education, logistics, agricultural support systems, the government's public service system, that is, to add these technologies to it, will become a modern services.

Then why do our country have to do modern service? The manufacturing industry has brought us a very good growth rate of the national economy, but also brought us air pollution, the consumption of natural resources, so that our next generation left behind is not very good building foundation. Second, we want to do is the software industry, the software industry is good, the profit is very large, no pollution. But we are also learning about this, so the most important area left for us in China is the modern service industry. Because in this service industry, the first one can absorb a lot of labor, the second, almost do not consume a lot of natural resources for the foundation, the third, he is a high profit place, four, he is a high-tech. As a modern service industry, it is a kind of service industry which is built on the basis of high-grade technology.

So this is why our country around the continuous development, we can not walk every day to consume a lot of coal, polluting the air, the road to the full reduction. The development of modern service industry is to the sustainable development of our country, but also for the next generation can have a good environment. The probability of our service industry developing modern services is related to our seach. You see, the world's GDP ratio, the United States services accounted for 74%, China 40%, India accounted for 48%, so the development of modern service industry in China is very large, assuming that our Internet technology, seach technology can be combined with it, will enhance the whole value of our seach and our position in society.

I just said that we can't old-fashioned now, as you know, we are now contributing to the world, Americans because of the Chinese products, their annual living expenses save more than 400 dollars, Europe's living expenses also because the entry of Chinese products so that they can save more than 500 euros per year, which is our world, Contributed to the human race. But you see, we consume 74% of the world's oil, 37% of coal, 31% of steel and 52% of cement, and that's how we traded for economic growth and a contribution to humanity. We can't go on like this now. So we want to be able to do such a system, seach want to delay? Of course I do. Our service chain, not that I seach knocking on the door, you want to see the old Zhang this person is reliable, product good, if seach can do so, the establishment of a complete one-stop service, your value will be improved. Second, to the people who are not sure, is not signed a contract to pay me, so now there is a modern service industry supervision and management system and modern service standards, and we will ask the PBOC to oversee the process of our modern services. Then we seach things together with our one-stop service, integrity of the investigation, the company, I immediately through a system of integrity, I investigate the system can be trusted, there is no such a lot of money to buy these things, bought these things could not pay back, so we do these deferred. So, the idea is from me to do the modern service industry, to I have done a little seach, I think, these two things together, such as Chu would rather put the volume of profit of 15% to you, it is not our seach fee, is our service charge. For example, more than 24 billion a year, you can get 15%, you think, this seach coupled with our modern service electronic systems and contributions and his value, which is why I have such an idea.

Finally, I'll talk about the relationship between modern services and search. You know, now our party Central Committee, the Government and the State Council have put forward to the information huimin, is that you seach huimin, people are very convenient to get information. Should want now the government to give us water, give us gas, give us public transport, such an obligation. That is, we are here to undertake such a task, to information to the people, the common people have information can be rich. In addition, it is everyone to think, people must be the first, need information, in fact, the information behind the need for services. First, I want to know where to play, second, I want someone to arrange for me to my favorite place to play, third, I want to arrange the people safe, reliable, and paid, value for money. I think this is the task of seach, to help you pick one of the best, followed by our modern service industry to do, do a reliable one-stop service. I think we seach things and our modern service industry will be successful, thank you!

Lee: We wanted to come to this meeting, has not put the search and marketing to their own website, not in their own voice process to engage in the Internet so some objects to explain, search marketing the value of exactly where, can do something, very happy Professor song from the macroscopic aspect to tell us, We can actually use a lot of search in the service industry. So, from our point of view, we have always believed that the advent of search is a big change in the Internet. For the first time, he has given us the opportunity to search through behavior, including when everyone in this room is able to search for keywords, the frequency of each word you enter and the time period is recorded, will help you analyze, through these actions you can know your psychology. So he lets all the people, you have the opportunity to put your service, your career, you want to sell products and Target customers match, just like we said in the morning is not the keyword and keyword matching. If you must go to the Internet to buy keywords, the IP of this click Price is quite high, but someone found that search is very cheap. This is not a simple experience. So there's a big problem, can we put it to good use in business, then it's nice to have a lot of people since 2001, including companies like us, including Chris and so on, and we started to see this value early and started helping different advertisers, Advertisers may be manufacturers, some may be travel agents, for their target customers to find, through the search engine analysis intermediary medium. In fact this afternoon will be a discussion, I will say a very interesting story, everyone should also see this article online, in fact, is also a very confusing problem, including me, including many of our staff and friends, he came back home, parents asked him what to do, not clear, only know that every day at work, It's like working in a company, not knowing why. We're doing an online marketing consultant, or we don't understand, and I say, we are a beauty pageant counselor, is that you provide a good service, you introduce things are fine, this already has you become a beauty of the conditions, but not every beauty has conditions to become Miss Hong Kong, Miss Asia, it needs accurate packaging, dress up, It all. This beautiful woman is a perfect, we are a beauty pageant counselor. Show your own style and make your performance better. This part of the preceding section may be the SEO part, SEO How to relate to this? You want to be a beauty pageant also need packaging, need to participate in a lot of business activities, and even when necessary to help you do some gossip, otherwise it will not be fired, so you can do three. Many people say that buying this is to buy a fixed position, it is impossible, your performance has been changing. Just like a beauty pageant, you are the first and second third, it is standing on the stage you to performance, we can not stand on the stage. So search engine marketing, the back end of these advertisers have to do, to cooperate. To observe that you doEach effect is what it is to be adjusted. To be number one, so that's a very interesting story, later found that I told the story of the process, most people can understand, and then a story, OK, why so many people talk about cheating, cheating can use this example to answer, if you are not good-looking enough to do this thing, can only send you to the cosmetic technology more developed South Korea, sent to plastic surgery. But, you know, the media are staring at it. So why tomorrow afternoon we are going to talk about how to cheat, how to discriminate for you to provide search engine companies are doing a while you do not see the cheating, this may be in the short term to bring you big better things, but in the long term will hurt you. The main reason why I'm sitting here today and sharing the value of this search engine is that I want to tell you this story I think we'll get into a question and answer session, or we can ask questions at the scene. As for the detailed operation skill, we will talk about in the E hall or today a hall, thank everybody!

Professor Song: I want to follow his beauty pageant to cite an example, I do not know whether Fujian can receive Beijing TV station, Beijing TV station now do a thing that CCTV did not think of, is a dream of red mansions cast, in Beijing overwhelmed the CCTV, as I just said, Suppose we regard the original function of Beijing TV station as a seach, in attracting your eyeballs, relying on your eyeballs to buy his ads, he now plays the role is just what I said and then extended to do the work of film, that is, corresponding to what I just said to do the modern service industry one-stop service. It not only the beauty pageant, but also the beauty pageant to the next dream of the film inside, and operation of the dream of the entire filming process, to the dream of red mansions sales. This is I borrow the general words of Lee to extend one step, is to extend the seach one step, the Beijing television station only advertise, do the function of the program to do extension. Thank you!

Chris: What's the problem?

Lee: This is indeed a challenging question, how to persuade the traditional advertisers to convince their bosses that this is the most common problem in the past, I think we have not encountered overseas, in Hong Kong is basically not such a big obstacle. But in China, the area is being pushed. This is a huge problem in itself, so we used one of the best methods that I'd like to use so far is diagnostics. The best way to knock on the door is to diagnose, to tell him, like a doctor, where the problem is, with his opponents in the same industry, whether in China or abroad, to do a comparison, he will find the gap. So I think the diagnosis is the best we can persuade traditional advertisers to convince their bosses to take their budgets to the Internet, to focus on web marketing and search engine optimization.

Professor Song: I think Lee always answered very well, I would like to from a user's perspective to understand how advertising in our country can achieve greater profits, or more popular. I say a process is that I think our country on the internet such a marketing may gradually grow up, and will be more and more good. Let me give you an example I asked my graduate students, what do you get up in the morning, they do not go to run in the morning, not to sleep, they get up the first thing is to visit the Internet, I have a feeling, I come to participate in seach and search engine will not be the same, come to the twenty or thirty-year-old people, This means that the cause of the young people. Now cannot say hundred percent of our students are buying books through the internet, but they solve a lot of problems on the Internet. They are all on the Internet, they will lock, so I think from the user side, in China is a process, just now Lee said I agree, for example, how many Internet users in the United States, some people say more than 200 million. No, there are 200 million people in the United States, why more than 200 million customers. Then came back to the United States, I said I admit that my niece, four years old, get up on the internet in the morning. One year old two years old, said that their popularization degree and we still have the distance, we now more than 100 million. So I said the advertising angle is the number of eyeballs, put in the eye of the person's pocket money is related to how much. Of course, Lee always said to do some beauty pageant work, not to pull up all the beautiful, so the eyeball will be thrown away. This is their plan, I do not understand, but I believe that China's internet will soon, perhaps five years will catch up with the United States users.

Chris: (English)

Li: We have always thought that there will always be 50% of the ads, but in the search industry has been greatly improved. That is to say, you can be traditional in the past you are advertising fees, now you can think of it as an investment. So it's a very, very interesting thing to do when you can figure out some kind of behavior and calculate the rate of return, and you come back to decide if you're going to increase your investment and the return is increasing year by year.

Prof. Song: I would also like to add my opinion that there is a big difference between advertising on the internet and advertising on TV. Television commercials are now eye-catching, let me give you an example of what our country has been doing on CCTV in the last few years, and I said to my wife, "you said the Chinese have a few rich decisions to buy a plane, but it's advertised on CCTV that almost 800 million TV viewers across the country can see it, which could be a waste of 99 %, but not on the Internet, as our seach technology improves, it can match the needs of our users. Match the content of some of your communications, and you often want to seach some keyword matching, so we do not dare to say that the personalized service, I give an example, a Google gave me a few ads, I was going to Shanghai to meet, he asked me, you are afraid of secrecy? If you are not afraid of secrecy, you may be opened by others. I do not care, I said in Shanghai to help me book a hotel. This matching ad, he knew what I needed. Suppose in a public event, this thing is very efficient.

So I believe that in the future the useful parts will be increased, there are techniques, and matches, and your psychological activities will be better matched.

(Guest questions)

Chris: There are some impostors, there's a company called search optimization that makes this search marketing, and they can show their strength by following the project. At the same time they will also stress their own strengths in what place, in fact, they must talk to them, talk about the talk came out.

Li: Thank you very much for asking this question, because indirectly can let me answer why this will be done in China. When we started talking about this organization, there were a lot of search instruments. If there is a choice in China now, you can listen to what they say first, how to do it, one more, I'm glad. Since last year, there have been a lot of people in China who have been paying attention to the industry, including partners, including saying that later we are supporting this meeting, including many very enthusiastic on our own blog, The media above talk about search engines and marketing and search optimization for these people. I'm doing these things too, and I'm spending a lot of my time trying to get these good people including the partners on the other side of the Taiwan Province, I hope to find them in every place in China, so that they have the opportunity to do a show them, whether it is their ingenuity or skilful business operation skills, so that every company, Every company can find its own suitable partner, I do not know whether this answer can make you satisfied. I wonder if there are any other problems at the scene? This kind of question and answer is the essence that we do this activity, thank everybody!

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