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At present, at the time of the financial crisis, each webmaster also has to think about our way forward. Many owners have multiple domain names, multiple sites. Many stationmaster said oneself do is rubbish station, and we are used to call the rubbish station is a bit of flow depends on Alliance survival station. And such a station, in today's view, the search engine requirements more and more high, K probability also panda and big. The flow is also gradually reduced, the Union deduction quantity, the unit price is low, but own website and does not have the concrete profit item, this goes on only then the thought one.

Many personal stationmaster already started to transform, began to sell own website. For example, the novel station, the country also has the policy, strengthens the regulation. Personal stationmaster is not suitable. Some stationmaster has changed careers, and many stationmaster already embarked on this one not return. So what is to think about is to do what kind of station?

Why is Baidu's bid successful? Even a click on the unit price of 10 yuan or so, but why there are so many companies to bid it? Because that keyword can bring them a lot of business, and bring business far more than the cost of clicks. This also affected a lot of Seoer clan.

As the saying goes: "Good shade under the tree", many units to buy Baidu keyword, but there are a lot of keywords no one to buy. Then we individual stationmaster chooses these keywords to represent the profession to build the station. Small investment, quick results

Examples here: for example, "Chengdu E-commerce site" This keyword was purchased, but also explained that Chengdu E-commerce website industry is very rich to earn. E-commerce site so many, our personal webmaster can analyze the market according to their own experience, find an E-commerce site project construction site. For example: Free Business network, business network procedures, business network construction, business Network code. Don't underestimate these, if a parent or student search came to your site, and telephone consultation, request registration. This month's income is almost half the white-collar treatment. Then the personal webmaster may ask, we just set up a website, but we do not have a website construction project AH? This is a very good solution to the problem, according to our personal strength to do a great station more difficult, then you can consider and some development of E-commerce Web site cooperation, such as easy to think of business network

Here is a simple introduction to a model, I hope to give you some inspiration.

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