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Weeks are not at home when there is nothing to do, reliving the film, "Seven Sins", directed by David Finch more than 10 years ago, is a crime thriller, using Christianity's seven demons of Satan to depict the dark seven weaknesses of human nature, ending with the climax of the film, Let us know that those who have self-control will also have time to hold on to human weakness.

After watching the film, I was prompted to think more deeply. As a user experience related practitioners, I have been studying and analyzing the user's psychology and behavior. As a product user, first he is a person, followed by the use of products, no matter what industry he engaged in, what kind of interests and hobbies, they will show the weakness of human nature. In the evening, I read a good article on the Internet: The new weekly "20 major Chinese-style vulnerability marketing", talking about how to use the weakness of human nature to do business marketing, analysis is very good. OK, so much, I want to write an article here, user experience in the design of the user's various "sins", the article called "Users of the Seven" "", here only to make a shallow analysis and explore the user's weaknesses, if you think the title is ripped, please ignore the following.

First of all, I throw out the seven "sins" of the User: greed, laziness, jealousy, vanity, lust, conformity, inferiority, you may feel that the weakness of human nature far more than these, but I speak here is the most general, or the other scattered some of the summed up into one, please judge from the following analysis of the user's psychological behavior is this.


People always want to "give" and "get" more, or spend the smallest cost to maximize the benefits of things. The world has not dropped the pie of good things, and it seems that the user's various greedy behavior psychology, became the driving force of business marketing.

At this point the use of the most is all kinds of e-commerce sites, product designers use the user's greed to make a lot of methods, such as group buy, second kill, limited discount, integral redemption, trial temptation, buy one send one, invite friends, sign in and so on. But as business competition intensifies, product innovation is weak, and the user's aesthetic fatigue, business designers need to change this model to "greedy 2.0", as the name suggests, is the user to greed slowly vigilant, with more innovative way to erase, this needs the designer's deep thinking.


In general, users are lazy. In their daily behavior patterns, they are too lazy to write and read, lazy to think, and bother to participate in business social activities without interest. In a variety of noisy fast-food culture packages, they are more like onlookers, soy sauce, product designers do not expect them to bring high-quality content, many things they will not tell you and will not share with you, because they are too lazy. You will find in a variety of popular community platforms, knowledge management platform, the quality of the content is not generated by the site users, but a small series of selected.

Laziness also shows up in some ways impetuous and annoying complex. In the process of using the product, the user is lazy to see the product manual, lazy to adapt to unfamiliar interaction, lazy to understand other things they feel complex. In Don T made Me think, the author pitiful How the designer of the website designed the product to be more concise and more in line with the user's habits.

For the user's performance of a variety of lazy behavior, designers have a long way, on the one hand to design a more concise, more user-friendly interface, on the one hand continue to produce an attractive source of content, everything is for lazy users.


All kinds of inequality between people create the psychological imbalance of human nature. Women's contests, men in order to power the infighting, even children will be for the beloved toys to compete with each other, all of which are rooted in a person born with a jealous heart. See there is better than yourself, the mind will be unbalanced, serious, will be angry, will increase blood pressure.

A lot of classic business marketing cases, will use sensational copy to ignite the consumer mutual envy Psychology. In product design, designers will also use this strategy, for example, through some product advertising, Word-of-mouth and implantable marketing, so that users have an unbalanced mentality, let them feel that the demo can be so cool so beautiful so good, if I spend time can do it, the next step is the experience of consumption.


Whether you admit it or not, when you enjoy certain privileges and are in a certain aura, your mind expands, creating a supreme sense of honor. The people in the society to the money, the power, the status wrong, causes the vanity the root. Performance in others do not have me, others have me better, others excellent my more scarce. Just like women love diamond jewelry, men love luxury cars, in fact, is vanity in mischief.

In the 20 big Chinese marketing of weaknesses, the author also talked about in the real business marketing, a variety of VIP cards are created by people and people to enjoy the power of inequality, but this is not equal to most of the money can be exchanged, of course, and some are as the business fans, they "free" to you, It's just a free back pocket. In fact, vanity this thing can take all levels of people, there is a high handsome platinum VIP credit card, but also for the cock silk Group of cheap performance, such as QQ show, singing flowers, micro-bo in the plus V, and so on, here can really play the designer more imagination space.


Food, sex Also, this is definitely a hard demand. Do not talk about all kinds of red naked naked adult sites on the human sense of the stimulation of the hormone, even all kinds of social, pictures of the home page hung on the sister map, are attracted to popular click of the entrance.

If you think that the "color" related to the site, do not need any user experience, then you are wrong. Good "color" products not only have a better reading experience, but also to have based on the analysis of user behavior, it is best to have artificial intelligence data extraction and depth of custom, like shopping websites, well, all for a better user experience.


Herding effect is a strange phenomenon in economics, especially in stock market and financial management. Still remember when I was a child saw a fable, probably said: There is a people's day looking up to the sky, the passing person also followed him to look up, everyone does not know why other people do so, the last passer-by asked the most start looking at the people looked up at what? The man said that I was bleeding and my head was bleeding. The herd sometimes shows celebrity, just as many people have not read Han's books, but they have not prevented them from becoming his faithful.

There are many examples of this, like in app, an application has been 1000 praise, this may not you have any use of their own, the first download under the look of the next chant, as well as some of the site to engage in activity research, wrote that there have been 1 million people to participate in the survey, you will also be tempted to click in to participate. And many applications based on LSB, to encourage users to the business rating, high ratings of businesses rely on Word-of-mouth spread more attracted popularity.


Don't say you've never been in an inferiority complex. Even if you are successful again, in your heart, there may be some kind of inferiority complex. This is not surprising, Kim Pure no one is perfect, but you have a compulsive disease to see their own shortcomings. Self-confidence and inferiority always follow, when you are not enough self-confidence, that aspect of the sense of inferiority is revealed. The root cause is that you as a member of the social group, too care about others how to think of themselves, afraid of their good enough, will be someone else's cold and verbal slander.

Modern lifestyle makes many people suffer from social phobia, which is also a kind of inferiority. Internet social way, so that more users live in the virtual space, online under the people with the fear of communication, but very active online, the furthest distance in the world, we sit at a table, but through the network to each other spit trough.

We designers can not save the phenomenon of inferiority, but it should be designed to better play, for example, do some virtual inferiority test, analysis of the user's inferiority index, the results of how many points, OK, you need more in-depth psychotherapy, please click on the "Treatment button", the rest of us to help you ...

Written at the end of the article. As the saying goes, painting tiger painted bone, painting a picture of people difficult to draw heart. When we design products, it is more to try to figure out the user's heart, and not just the surface function and demand on the things. User's behavior psychology, is worth us to spend a lifetime to study and research, when you really read the user's heart, that is the master-level designer.

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