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Recently, the website construction is more and more civilian, more and more people want to build a website of their own. But building a good website is not so easy, a website to build up, need to operate well, can develop. Later development depends on the previous site construction, so said how to build a site, very important, the relationship between the development of the site, so for the novice webmaster, how to build their own web site? What needs to be done to build a website? On this question, I'd like to talk to you about my own experience and opinions, I hope to share with you novice webmaster.

The first thing you need to do before building a website is:

1, according to your plan to do a good job on the Web page, in your computer debugging success.

2, rental of virtual host, size according to your design of the site size to set, generally more than you design a good site file, for example, your website file is 50M, then you'd better rent 100M more space.

3, you make good website files to space, you can upload with FTP.

4, apply for a domain name, the domain name to explain to your space.

5, in the computer address bar input your domain name, OK, congratulations, your station appears.

6, remember to ask the space business to help you record, no money.

7. Complete the stage task.

These things are hard to ask, that really build a site far more than that, below to discuss a soft aspect you need to do well:

First of all, to build a website, you have to have a clear theme. This must not be difficult for everyone to understand. Why do you want to build a station, what is the purpose of the station? Clear the goal, you can determine the theme of the site, your site style will be can come out. Don't blindly do, think good topic, then want to, what content rely on, do the content, do accurate, deep excavation, always remember to take the user as the center, the content of the website must be readable, Relevance is very important to reduce the rate of jump out of the site, enhance the stickiness, the user will be able to stay, you can put your site collection, often come, that is the best. The so-called website content is king, this is the truth. The title is clear and the content is accurate.

Second, the subject is clear, the content is clear, then must start to look for the website related information, this material must and the website has the correlation, must aim at the customer, the website content should be comprehensive, must be specialized, more must humanize. Another site planning, but also to do, no plan, there will be no success, no planning, there will be no foresight, no foresight, there must be worries, so dear novice webmaster, for their own site to do a long-term planning and short-term planning, is necessary.

Third: The content is done, the following is publicity and updates, regular maintenance. A website to do again good, no one to come, no popularity, is also useless. Therefore, publicity and promotion is very important. Construction station and promotion are inseparable. You only continue to publicize your site, can attract popularity, in order to let more users know there is a site like you. Then the promotion of the site before the daily regular quantitative update is also essential. This is what we call the maintenance site. Build station does not maintain, just like dead station, inferior do not do. If you want to build a station, you must have perseverance, keep doing well, do it. Don't halves.

To sum up, the novice to build a website, looking at the simple, in fact, not so easy to see other people's website to make money, in fact, the sweat behind the pay, far from a few words can be constant. If you have a love of learning heart, if you have a brain of wisdom, if you have a pair of hard-working hands, plus you have a never give up a strong heart, then, Novice webmaster, you follow the above methods. Try to do, stick to it, I believe, you will build a successful website! Finally, I wish you webmasters in the road of the construction station, the more walk better, more and more successful! The above content by the Chinese Construction Talent Network in the ADMIN5, reproduced please keep the URL, thank you!

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