The website is kept by the wine as long as the longer the more mellow

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I net, on-line for some time to come, because there are not too many people, and the location is also let me very headache, check a lot of information, read a lot of articles, seo into my life, listening to do the site's friends said to do the site easy, online is also easy, rare is to optimize, do search engines, Small station on the line to really understand the importance and difficulty of optimization.

The current flow of my station has been 1 days 1wip,60w PV, now experience

Chinese website to do optimization, most of it is for Baidu, Baidu brings the flow is also the most, Google and Sogou, Yahoo and other search engines bring the IP obviously no more than Baidu. Directly from Baidu to change the search engine algorithm, Baidu still "to webmaster a letter", special explanation for Baidu optimization of some of the webmaster suggestions, modified the algorithm after Baidu will be included in a week in a new station, included after the site you have a good ranking, after two weeks after the new station into the observation period, Will notice that the site only recorded a page, the other is not included, has been about to wait half a month, half a month after your site is not illegal, no violation of Baidu optimization rules will be released to you, slowly will be a large number of your site included in the page, from the site on the first day of the line you have to do a set of optimized program, emphasis on persistence.

The website wants to have a good rank, webmaster know the key word, title, description is very critical, the framework of the site is not moving, often moving frames site will be Baidu think distrust, so you are miserable, you will be k off, have experienced ah, eat a great loss.

The website internal guarantee is normal, try not to have dead link. Site keyword density is best below 8, the site is dependent, like women, women in vain, skin looks so good, see the feeling of bite, the site is dependent on, the important is to adhere to, outside the chain for and the site is more and more important, my small station is outside the chain to do a period of time, the effect is obvious, Outside the chain to do is also skilled, webmaster are often said that the forum is the best to do outside the chain of places, however, the forum is good, but now most of the forum has to stay on the screen, and some of your grade is low, so you can not have the signature, each message your signature on the left is a good way, but also to do the most simple chain, can be signed with restrictions, Required is the size of the field.

Using a blog to raise the site is the best way, blog you do not have to be original, you can freely, what you want to say, you can add a website link in the article, while taking the site keyword, is to go to Baidu often go to the site, update the fastest blog to publish articles, I often go to Sina, Baidu, outdated, And so on dozens of website blog. Sina and Baidu in particular, Sina is currently Baidu update the fastest site, in Baidu May you publish the article Baidu will be able to include in the 1--2 hour, writes the blog time to pay attention, does not have the obvious to do the propaganda, has left many links in the article, like that will make the Baidu spider to dislike, will think you cheat, It is important to read more soft text If there is no written content to go to some of the site to find some of the latest news, sent to their blog inside is also good, so included is also very soon, blog to do a connection is also a way, blog has links to their own sites, especially one-way links are very efficient.

Yesterday, I was asked to do an exchange link, always thought that the exchange link and friendship link is the same, the original friendship link is a kind of exchange connection, interactive link is other people use the link of the big stations for his small station connection, if your station does not have his site included more, to your station is very good. Blog site can not be too fierce, to be appropriate, to adhere to, so that spiders have the opportunity to digest, that will be better for your site rankings, your small station may not be a good ranking or a good number of visits in a few months, and your similar site is too far away, then don't lose heart, you can think about how long others have done, Station on-line time is when, your only a few months, this is the question of time, this also you cannot change, you must have the patience, slowly, insists the final victory.

Blog site is good, do not past the forum to do some outside the chain, to large sites, Baidu to patronize the local message and comment, do friendship links and so these are not slack, can not be really little, after all, a word "' website is dependent on such as women, like wine as long as the longer the more fragrant. "But it is best to do the content of the site is also good, the site content update is very important" content is King "is not a lie

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