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From January 16, 2010 to the new network agents to request domain name transfer password, to January 27, 2010 13:55 cent whois information in the domain name registrar changed to GoDaddy, lasted 11 days, my domain name successfully transferred abroad.

Why to transfer domain name registrars from home to abroad:

1, Full control of the domain name: most of the top-level domain registrars in the country take the domain name owner of the "Domain name transfer password", set various conditions (such as: fees, renewals for a year before the password, mailing certification materials, etc.) to improve the domain name owners to obtain "Domain name transfer password It's even a variety of excuses to prevent you from being informed about transfer passwords. Domestic domain registrars can only set up two DNS server addresses, while foreign domain registrars may set up multiple DNS addresses. In the Foreign domain registrar, you have the full control of the domain name and transfer rights, domain name transfer, domain name transfers can be entirely by you online operation, free of charge.

2, Price and security: the domestic Domain name Registrar registration, renewal price is expensive (. com domain name more than 100 yuan), in the agency although some cheap (about 60 yuan/year), but the domain name control less, encounter black-hearted agent, maybe you work hard to run the domain name, one day become someone else's. Register in foreign countries, renew the domain name (for example, in GoDaddy with discount code only 7 U.S. dollars/year, less than 50 yuan/year).

3, the main reason: to "Clienthold" said "No". Recently, the relevant departments have found a more convenient way than to unplug the computer room, that is to inform the domain name registrars to the domain name for "clienthold (domain name pause resolution)", Clienthold is a registered commercial to disable a domain name the simplest means

By the company, the professional team operation of the Web site has been suspended to resolve the fate of the domain name, so weak personal site domain name like "soldiers in their necks", once "Clienthold", may be permanent. The way to prevent domain names from being hold is to transfer domain names to foreign domain name registrars, and to resolve domain names using Foreign domain registrar DNS servers, self-built DNS servers, or third-party DNS servers (e.g.,

4,. com,. NET,. org, such as international domain names or other national domain names, can be transferred to foreign domain name registrars, with the ". cn" Domain name friends, resigned to it.

Second, to transfer to a foreign domain registrar?

1, Enterprise choice: Receptacle FX, LLC (

Through the "" query, you can find that Sina, NetEase, NetEase mailbox, Sohu, Sogou, Tencent search, Jinshan, Jinshan Xiaoyao, the Chinese net, even the state-name of CCTV, Xinhua, domain names are registered in the foreign domain name registrars, and registrars are the same: " Receptacle FX, LLC ".

Receptacle FX was founded in 1979, has 30 years of history, is the world's first to provide domain name registration company. 1993 with the United States National Science Foundation signed an agreement to undertake InterNIC domain name registration services and information services and to carry out network technology services, consulting and other services, existing more than 7 million domain names are registered.

Therefore, the domain name transfer to receptacle FX, relatively is the safest. However, its price is more expensive, for example, the. com domain name is about 30 USD/year, so it is suitable for enterprises. Of course, if you have money, you might as well choose receptacle FX.

2, Individual choice:,,

Godaddy is the world's largest ICANN domain name registration agency, accounting for 18% of the market share. Godaddy registration, transfer, renew the domain name can search for a variety of discount code,. com domain name use discount code only 7 USD/year. Most importantly, it supports the use of "Alipay" to pay in renminbi for exchange.

Founded in 1997 in Washington, D.C., ENom is the world's second largest ICANN domain name registry and one of the world's largest name-registration agencies. is also a low price of good domain registrars.

Third, before the transfer of work: request the domain name transfer password

Domain name transfer password also known as Authorization Code (Authorization code) or domain name EPP code (EPP Key), each domain name has its own transfer password. Only when you know the transfer password can you transfer the domain name from one registrar to another. Under the terms of ICANN, each domain name registrar is obligated to notify the domain name registrant of the transfer password for the domain name. Currently, not all domain names have a transfer password, common domain name suffixes (such as. com,. NET,. org) generally have the transfer password, some countries domain name does not transfer password.

Ask your current domain registrar (for example: New network, million network) for your domain name transfer password. If the domain name is registered in the Agent department, to the agent to transfer the password domain name. Http:// on the state of your domain name, if the status of "Status:ok", you can normally turn out. If the status contains "clientTransferProhibited", you must also apply to your domain registrar to remove the transfer restrictions.

My domain name is in "The new net" the agent "Shanghai Enterprise Networking" registers, therefore on January 16, 2010 to request the domain name transfer password to the agent. Agents to renew a year is obviously want to last, but the expiration of my domain name will be increased by one year, the domain name turned out to be important, I do not want to be in this above and agents entangled, continued to spend a year.

January 18, will be printed in the document, signed, together with a copy of the ID card to the courier company sent to the agent. January 20, express Company's website Courier tracking show the recipient has signed, so again contact agents, urging its "new network" request my domain name transfer password.


As the "new network" in Shanghai has branches, so agents stamped agent seal forwarding to the "new net" belongs to the same city Express, the day sent to receive the next day. January 21, e-Mail received the "new network" Domain name transfer password:


PS: Encounter domain name registrars do not give domain name transfer password or a variety of interference, if your domain name is. com,. NET,. org, and other international domain names managed by ICANN, you can refer to this article, through the following Web site to the ICANN complaint domain name registrars, obtain the domain name transfer password.

Iv. The operation steps of the domain name into godaddy

Note: In accordance with ICANN regulations, the domain name transferred to the new Registrar, the new Registrar needs to be renewed at least one year.

1, enter the GoDaddy website ( register a member account.

2, after landing, follow the icon steps and mouse gestures for the domain name into operation:




3, select your domain DNS server: Choose to keep the original DNS server unchanged, such as the successful transfer of domain name, and then change the DNS server, so that in the process of transferring registrars, domain name resolution will not have any interruption.


5, this step can be entered GoDaddy discount code. Even if you do not enter the discount code, the domain name into the default has been preferential,. com domain name into the renewal of a year's price of 6.99 U.S. dollars, plus 0.18 U.S. dollars of tax, a total of 7.17 U.S. dollars, equivalent to less than 50 yuan.


6, choose to use "Alipay" payment. It is much safer to use "Alipay" to pay than visa. Visa Credit card in foreign consumption only need credit card number, credit card positive English name and behind the 3 digits, no real card, each transaction does not need to enter a password. Once you enter your credit card information, the merchant will not need to ask for your consent to deduct the money in the future (for example, when you choose to automatically renew the time, the domain name of the business can automatically be deducted from your credit card renewal fee.) , if credit card information is stolen, the consequences are unimaginable.


7, confirm the submission of orders


8. Automatically jump to Alipay payment page


9, after the successful payment, the mailbox received a letter from, titled "Transmits of" mail. Remember the "Transaction ID" and "Security Code" in the message, and then use it.


10, click on the top right corner of GoDaddy "my account" into the Member center, select the left menu bar in the "Domain transfers."


11, check the domain name, follow the mouse instructions to click the button.


12, input just that email "Transaction ID" and "Security Code":


13, select "Authorize", click "Next":


14, input from the "new network" to obtain the domain name Transfer password:


16. Complete.


17. View Domain name transfer status. If the former domain name registrars (new network) do not manually confirm the transfer (to the new network is the usual practice, is not to confirm), 5 days later, the domain name will be automatically transferred to GoDaddy.


18, Next, you need to wait 5 days time. But 5 days is only a process time, the actual operation time may be more than 5 days, a friend reaction took two weeks. I have been waiting for 6 days, the domain name WHOIS information Registrar has not changed to GoDaddy, in order to avoid nights, I sent a letter on January 27 to the customer service mailbox of GoDaddy, urging a bit.


19, four hours after The Mail (2010 27th 13:55), through the query domain whois information, registrars have been successfully changed to GoDaddy, and received a GoDaddy Customer support technician's reply and a successful mail message titled "Domain transmits Confirmation".


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