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At GMIC 2014, a smart watch that looks like a regular mechanical watch attracts many onlookers, and it is the world's first smart solar watch, called TheTinsee. Prior to this, the days of smart watches in the country's most influential crowdfunding platform crowdfunding launched an exclusive online project, has hit a 4-day raise of 100,000 yuan outstanding performance.

Reporters in the public network project introduction page found that the days of smart watch project as long as the May 16 raised 100000 yuan can be successful, has now raised over 180,000 yuan, and the amount is still growing.

"In fact, at first we did not think so quickly crowdfunding success." Tianzhang watch CEO Zhang Pengcheng in an interview with reporters said that the crowdfunding project was so successful, both the product itself is excellent, but more with crowdfunding network Platform, using the Internet to promote the effect of thinking.

Crowdfunding detonated circle of friends

"The crowdfunding model was initially chosen because we felt like we could try new ways of delivering products in the Internet age." Zhang Pengcheng said in an interview.

Crowdfunding, translation of the word crowdfunding from abroad, that is, public funding or crowdfunding, using the Internet and SNS dissemination characteristics, so that small businesses, artists or individuals to show their creativity to the public, for everyone's attention and support, and then get the required Financial aid.

Chang-Cheng Zhang said that when the original attitude of trying to try, day smart watch the four project creators, the crowdfunding project sent to their WeChat circle of friends, but achieved unexpected results.

Zhang Pengcheng a friend saw this project, they did not hesitate to support 980 yuan. At the end of the crowdfunding, he will receive a Tinsee solar smart watch priced at 1,680 yuan and a leather strap worth 268 yuan.

"I had the opportunity to spend a small amount of money, support my friends' ideas, and actually experience what the crowdfunding was, and I was involved at the time," the supporter said.

In fact, many supporters from the circle of friends are embracing this mentality, which is just one of the important points of success in crowdfunding. It is to make use of social networks.

Hao Xinghua, a member of the editorial board of "Fun crowdfunding", once said that crowdfunding needs to be started quickly by the foundation fans to form a rapidly rising order volume. This is in line with the four founders of Tinsee first fighting for the support of their friends.

Zhang Pengcheng also said that supporters from circle of friends have laid a good foundation for the project's crowdfunding success. "After they participated in the crowdfunding, they also transferred the project's information to their own circle of friends and spread through such a communication. There are new people who are constantly watching and engaging in the project."

This happens to be the fission effect of using social networks for crowdfunding. Through circle of friends, continuous dissemination, strange groups brought in to form a cluster, this can also break the boundaries of the original circle, the formation of a large circle. And those involved in the project have more or less maintained some kind of weak connection with the sponsors of the project, they are friends, friends of friends, friends of friends and even friends ...

An economist said only the crowdfunding model can be fueled through social networks. Because crowdfunding is not a donation, nor is it fund raising. In the crowdfunding project, all supporters have a corresponding return on their support. At the same time, backers are also interested in the stories and rewards of fundraisers, and even like-minded people. These resonances allow supporters and project sponsors to come together and go further. This can also explain why crowdfunding has become an important channel for start-ups to raise funds for publicity.

Closer to the user

"In addition to the broadcast of friends circle, we still have more than 50% of supporters from crowdfunding network loyal users." Zhang Pengcheng frankly said that "the original crowdfunding model to promote products, in addition to save a lot of money, but also pay more attention to crowdfunding Network provides platform support. "

As a well-established crowdfunding platform Crowdfunding Network is a platform for project sponsors to provide fund raising, investment, incubation and operation of a one-stop integrated crowdfunding service, which also enables more cooperation between entrepreneurs and supporters.

"If our watches choose traditional channels of communication, nothing more than looking for an agent, but so it is difficult for us to have a direct communication with the user. The watch they feel good or bad? Need to improve? We do not know. Zhang Pengcheng said, but crowdfunding mode is not the same. Crowdfunding online, project sponsors and supporters to carry out the most direct exchange, and Tinsee solar smart watch has collected a lot of pertinent suggestions for improvement.

Zhang Pengcheng gave an example to reporters, Tinsee solar smart watch publicity is "solar energy", but some users have raised through the crowdfunding network, obviously all the visible light can give this watch charging, is it right? Can not be spread in the project Time to point out what?

"We humbly adopted this opinion, promptly adjusted the publicity, so that we can make better use of our products." Zhang Peng Cheng said that only products and users closer, in order to obtain loyal users.

Faced with the opportunities offered by crowdfunding networks, Zhang Pengcheng has a longer-term view. "This time, all those who sponsor Tinsee solar smart watches in the public network will enjoy 10% discount on other products purchased by our team later."

Faced with this preferential activity, Zhang Pengcheng explained that this is also for the company's long-term development, won the long-term loyal users to consider. "International high-end brands Armani are involved in crowdfunding activities, and we enterprises should seize this opportunity."

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