The world's eight major blockchain friendly countries

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The world's eight major blockchain friendly countries

According to the name of our website, we already know that the password is not in the [block] chain. According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, the cryptocurrency market is now worth $300 billion, and Bitcoin is currently trading at more than $13,000.

Technology unlocks the potential of national regulatory solutions and instantly accesses your wallet from anywhere in the world. It is important to remember that various factors determine whether it is a top blockchain country, such as tax rates, whether the government prohibits, welcomes or tolerates, or whether it can be automatically extracted through a local ATM machine. Some of them may be obvious, others may need to be looked at.


Let's see which countries are already in the blockchain queue.

United States

As the home of Silicon Valley and other blockchain-friendly countries, the United States has the most powerful cryptocurrency and blockchain startup scenarios, and Bitcoin ATMs are easily accepted by metropolitan residents.

It should be noted that the financial technology blueprint varies from state to state, and the regulations in Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Montana are the most friendly. As expected, Washington's legislators remain skeptical and warned that Bitcoin's financial system is unstable because it is still an unknown tax area and increases the risk of money laundering.



After the bankruptcy of the infamous shell company, Panama became an emerging player on the blockchain stage. The blockchain in Panama has recently opened its doors and intends to serve the public, connoisseurs, enthusiasts, developers and entrepreneurs in the blockchain ecosystem.

Although not a Panamanian, Venezuela's digital asset company Cryptobuyer opened the first two bitcoin ATMs (called BTMs in Spanish) at two commercial banks in Panama City. Due to the high-net-worth population traffic, Panama’s friendship with the blockchain makes sense.


Estonia, the country's pioneering blockchain and e-government, no one knows more about advanced data encryption technology than they do. Public key infrastructure and eID are technology-based and include two-factor identification.

Even if all the data is still scattered, you will never find the same data in two different places. Because of their advanced blockchain technology, Estonia considered adopting its own electronic currency (“estcoin”) at the beginning of the year. However, the European Central Bank (ECB) President Mario Draghi does not support any EU countries to create currencies other than the euro.

Denmark and Sweden

Let the Nordic countries maintain a leading happiness and financial curve. Both Denmark and Sweden maintain a 100% digital plan for the world.

Since Bitcoin is not affected by capital gains, Denmark is successfully trading blockchains, 80% of transactions are electronic, and they are developing the digital only e-krone logo just like their Swedish counterparts. Friends, relax, and pay attention to your currency.


In Japan, Bitcoin has been regarded as a legal tender since April, in stark contrast to China and South Korea, which completely bans and bans blockchain technology.

In September, Japan accounted for more than 50% of Bitcoin transactions. Japan's Financial Services Agency (FSA) recently approved 11 exchange operators to enter the Japanese market. They must abide by strict anti-money laundering agreements, but if they follow the rules, Japanese encryption procedures will certainly be stricter in the near future.


South Africa

The 2018 Blockchain Africa Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa next March. South Africa has demonstrated an open and open economic attitude to embrace the blockchain. In addition, their second largest national food retailer, Pick n Pay, has been piloted and can now accept bitcoin payments.

The most popular exchange in South Africa is Luno. Although the national policy is still informal and unclear, citizens are responsible for reporting all transactions to the South African Revenue Agency.


United Arab Emirates (United Arab Emirates)

The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai, is not exclusive to blockchain technology. In the real estate market, 30 BTC can purchase luxury apartments in the development of Aston Plaza.


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