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Our reporter, Yunbo Guo Wei intern Liu Guanggeng

January 25 is the 62nd session of the "World Leprosy Day" and the 28 session of "China Leprosy Festival", this year's theme is "accelerated action to eliminate leprosy hazards." How to prevent leprosy? What has been done and what has been achieved in the Leprosy prevention and control work in our state? Reporters recently visited the state and even the country's southwest region of leprosy prevention and control of Wenshan skin disease prevention and treatment.

Leprosy cure rate close to 100%

"Do you know the details of the operation tomorrow?" "In the State Skin Defense Institute ward, deputy chief physician Yu Xiufeng patiently asked patients from Baoshan Wang (alias)." Reporter learned that wang because of leprosy after the foot ulcer has not been timely treatment, aggravated illness caused osteomyelitis, now need to amputate. She looked very excited in the face of the impending operation. Wang told reporters, initially, her right foot root bone spur, to the local skin epidemic prevention station to see, diagnosed as bone hyperplasia, eat a few years medicine not good, but also find someone to pack herbs, who knows more and more serious disease. After a visit to a local hospital, diagnosed as leprosy, need to do surgery to remove the newly-grown bones. "All kinds of checks have been done, but the operation has to pay a deposit, we do not have money to do surgery." Speaking of history, Wang once choked. Later, the Doctor of the Baoshan epidemic prevention station through the patient learned that Wenshan skin protection of the medical conditions are better, and can rely on the program of the Federation of Disabled Persons for free rehabilitation surgery, recommended Wang transferred to Wenshan to treat.

Although the incidence of leprosy is currently under one out of 10,000, it is still a change in the talk about leprosy. Yu Xiufeng introduced that leprosy has left people with a horror of the impression that the so-called "mouth, squint, broken hands, rotten legs" is due to the former leprosy patients for a long time without effective treatment caused by the results. Yu Xiufeng said that there is widespread fear of leprosy in the community because of the excessive exaggeration of the infectious and harmful effects of leprosy. In fact, leprosy is resistant, treatable and not scary. Leprosy is mainly transmitted by inhalation through the respiratory tract or through the damaged skin contact with the bacillus. Daily contact with leprosy patients, such as eating, drinking and working, will not infect leprosy.

"The key to the treatment of leprosy is early detection, early treatment, the current cure rate of the disease is almost 100%." "Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by the invasion of the human body by leprosy, which mainly invades the skin and peripheral nerves," Yu Xiufeng said. The viability of the leper is weak, for example, it has a 1-8-minute ability to boil. In addition, even if people are infected with germs, according to current medical technology, timely detection after a few days or weeks of formal treatment, can cause the disease to lose infectious, and the cure rate is close to 100%.

"In recent years, the newly discovered patients, almost all have been deformed, is because of the delay of time too long!" With the advancement of technology, leprosy treatment has become very simple, oral medicine within a few days can kill most of the bacteria in the body. But once the treatment is delayed, there is no way to reverse the patient's deformity. "Yu Xiufeng's tone is full of anxiety and regret," many of the patients from the field to the treatment of Wenshan are not many doctors, missed the best treatment time, can only be amputated. ”

Since the 80 's, the World Health Organization recommended the use of a combined chemotherapy regimen to treat 13 million patients worldwide. This shows that leprosy patients can be cured as long as the early diagnosis and treatment, without leaving any sequelae. Therefore, early detection and early treatment can avoid leaving a disability.

Effective control of leprosy incidence

The last Sunday of every January is the world's day to fight leprosy. This was established by the World Health Organization in 1953. Many countries in the world have been holding various forms of activities on this day in order to mobilize social forces to help leprosy patients overcome their life and work difficulties and gain more rights. After the reform and opening-up, China has joined the global elimination of leprosy, the Chinese Leprosy Control Association decided since 1988 to "World Leprosy Day" as "China Leprosy Festival", aimed at popularizing leprosy prevention and treatment knowledge, eliminate leprosy terror and discrimination. After the reform and opening-up, China has joined the global elimination of leprosy, the Chinese Leprosy Control Association decided since 1988 to "World Leprosy Day" as "China Leprosy Festival", aimed at popularizing leprosy prevention and treatment knowledge, eliminate leprosy terror and discrimination.

State Dermatology director Yang Rongde told reporters that leprosy is one of the major endemic diseases of Wenshan, the prevalence of long, widespread, the highest prevalence rate of 5 years 2009 years of 11/100,000, the prevalence rate has been effectively controlled.

Over the years, party committees and the Government have been very concerned about the prevention and treatment of leprosy in Wenshan, and have given a high degree of care and help in the construction of institutions and control teams. Relying on the national Debt Project and the Public Health Service Equalization Project, carry out the standardized service, make the feasible prevention and control measures, and increase the prevention and control efforts. It has been arranged to implement the "Central finance transfer Payment Leprosy prevention project", "Leprosy village construction project and capacity construction project" and "Public Health Service Equalization Leprosy Prevention Project", which has played an important role in promoting the prevention and treatment of leprosy in Wenshan. At the same time, states, counties, township governments at all levels of leprosy into a state-controlled disease, the prevention and treatment of leprosy into the government's responsibility targets, the level of the signing of the government responsibility target book, the regular periodic assessment; In a phased formulation issued the "Wenshan Leprosy prevention and control 5-year Plan", regular organizational assessment, to promote the implementation To integrate leprosy control into the state, the county basic Public Health Service Equalization Service content, the establishment implementation method, the implementation standardized management, has maintained the Leprosy prevention and control organization at all levels in the medical reform, and strengthens the skin prevention system construction unceasingly, implements the full financial appropriation, guarantees the leprosy prevention work normal operation, has formulated the feasible " Wenshan Public Health Service equalization of leprosy prevention and control implementation plan, according to the annual average of 1 yuan per capita from the basic Public health service funds arranged, the annual arrangement of funds of more than 3.5 million yuan for the prevention and treatment of leprosy; strengthen the construction and management of the national debt investment Leprosy Village, allocate the administrative land for the newly-built Leprosy village, arrange the pass water, Electricity, access projects, the establishment of a standardized, detailed patient detention placement policy, and for the investment in the construction of national debt funds of Leprosy Village, hospital rehabilitation fund or building materials, new or rebuilt housing, improve the living conditions of rehabilitation. At the same time, to find patients as the focus, to increase leprosy treatment, leprosy patients and families to carry out annual medical examination, the establishment of skin health files. Tracing management of leprosy source of infection. To mobilize grass-roots reporting of leprosy clues, verified by professional bodies, each year to collect about 2000 leprosy clues; Where the discovery of a case of leprosy patients, the award of the discovery of 800 yuan, suspicious clues once confirmed the reward for the disease 800 yuan, and some counties also raised to 1000 yuan, to encourage the masses of cadres actively report leprosy suspicious clues. The diagnosis of leprosy patients to be standardized treatment, monthly follow-up examination, the occurrence of leprosy reaction, adverse drug reactions in time for free treatment, and the implementation of the operation of leprosy disabled persons.

Provide better medical conditions for leprosy patients

In view of the long-standing fear of hemp thought and discrimination against leprosy patients and the indifference of the phenomenon, over the years, the state skin control staff widely publicized leprosy prevention and treatment of scientific knowledge, to reduce and eliminate social discrimination against leprosy patients psychology. According to the introduction, leprosy prevention and treatment professionals in the work, more emphasis on precept and deed, in the day-to-day diagnosis and treatment work to avoid may cause "This disease terrible" misunderstanding behavior, for patients to check leprosy without wearing quarantine clothing, and the initiative and the patient shook hands; In the patient's home, and the patient, Even put the patient's foot on his leg to check the ulcer on the plantar. Through long-term precept and deed, leprosy prevention and control work has been smooth progress, people's fear and prejudice against leprosy has gradually been reduced to a certain extent.

To strengthen professional capacity-building, state skin disease Prevention and Control department to the business personnel to Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Guangzhou, Sichuan, Kunming and other higher business units to study, while employing the country, the province's well-known experts to the State to carry out the practice of teaching and learning, lectures, and through the creation of Dermatology Specialty Hospital, To cultivate the backbone of leprosy control. In order to improve the ability of preventing and controlling leprosy in township and village doctors, every year, the Institute will hold state-run training courses on county and county, village and township to villages, and carry out leprosy knowledge training for all counties, township skin Defense personnel, dermatologists and grass-roots health workers, and promote the development of grassroots reporting disease. According to statistics, more than 98% of the state's dermatologists and more than 95% of township and village medical personnel have been trained in leprosy knowledge. In addition, according to the characteristics of leprosy, boldly break out a way to prevent leprosy: the emphasis on the prevention of leprosy from hospitalization and isolation treatment into social control; from a single drug treatment to a variety of chemical drugs combined therapy, from simple treatment into treatment and rehabilitation , the "Four transformations" that have been transformed from a professional team into a collective effort to mobilize the whole society.

We should actively carry out cooperation and exchanges between Chinese and foreign medical circles and seek more extensive assistance for Wenshan patients with leprosy. Over the years, the Institute has jointly carried out scientific research work with international and domestic units, and obtained 24 scientific research achievements, among which "national control and basic elimination of leprosy strategy, prevention and Control technology Study" won the "National Science and Technology Progress First Prize", "the treatment of leprosy new drug screening Research" by the Ministry of 9 people across the state have been awarded the highest award for "Hatem Medal" in leprosy control. At present, the Institute in collaboration with Shandong Leather Institute, Beijing Institute of Tropical Diseases, medical Institute and other units is carrying out the population leprosy Genomics research, leprosy incidence factor investigation, leprosy Ⅱ type reaction treatment research, leprosy health education, leprosy rehabilitation person social psychological factor investigation and so on project.

Yang Rongde said: "Prevention and control work is a dynamic work, a moment can not stop, can not relax." For leprosy patients, society and the family should be given love, let them in the care of early treatment, and early return to society. ”

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