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Over the past three years, Jason and the audience have experienced ups and downs, he realized that once the expansion of the heart beyond their own ability, eventually will pay the price. Wen/Wenli on the same day Taiwan media headlines, 2008 years later Jason (Weibo) only once--on the entertainment version-because and Phoenix TV (Weibo) female anchor Chen Yujia marriage.  In addition to the bride has been pregnant, the major media will be exploded in the Jiangnan spring of the net worth, in various versions of the description, ranging from 6 billion to 30 billion. In fact, the year before the wedding, on the Jiangnan spring business since the most tangled days. His share of the year suffered a spate of shocks, with shares falling from $60 trillion to less than $5; and that year he surrendered the CEO's print, ignoring all media inquiries and speculations, shutting off the phone and disappearing from the public eye.  Now it seems that he had at least gained love that year.  Yong "Morning, 7:50, young poets wake up/put a belt tight, sweater wear/eyes can not return to reality/But the sun is clearly too dazzling ..." When writing this poem, Jason is also a student of the Chinese Department of East China Normal University and president of the Summer Rain Poetry Society, occasionally inviting girls to dance at the school ball with the identity of "poet". A few years later, he no longer wrote poetry, in many people's eyes, if he did not speak, do not expose the Shanghai accent, stature and physiognomy is a North man.  Writing poetry, he said, was like a zit, and he had already passed that period, and business was the bone of choice. Founded in that year, Jason only 30 years old, not a poet, morning also woke earlier, 6 o'clock up, 9 to the company, has been busy to night one or two, never weekend. There are several famous jokes about him: one is that he has only shirts in his closet, there is no casual clothes, the shoes have no time to fill the water; Secondly, his only leisure is foot massage, because the foot massage can also call, talk about things; the third is that he likes to visit customers, whether it is the beginning of the original, or listed after the arrival of the person.  This style, has also become a model of the CEO world, almost all industry sales staff are sour, said, "People's performance is good because the big boss to see customers." There were no microblogs in the market, no 3G phones, without a tablet, waiting for an elevator to wait for an airplane like a bear market in the economic cycle, and so the emergence of the audience is immediately dubbed the "New Media", the dormant venture capitalists smell like sharks. In China, to prove that a thing is not fire, it depends on how long the market will have its cottage version, how many kinds of Shanzhai version. In the 2003-2005, it took only three years for the audience to go through the road from creation to the United States, and the imitators of the three-year division created another miracle: buses, parking lots, hospitals, beauty salons and even hotel toilets, where people are everywhere, with advertisements, Many small and medium-sized outdoor advertising companies from the birth of the first day, the goal is to be divided into the acquisition.  "Tell them about the price." It was the mantra of the Jiangnan spring period. His "Ballo", not only from the "Wealth"-2007, the market value of the public once more than Sina, Sohu, Phoenix Satellite TV, White Horse and other four Nasdaq listed companies of the market value of the sum of up to more than 8 billion U.S. dollars, but also because the audience has successfully completed two single acquisitions-  To 183 million U.S. dollars to buy the framework of media, thus controlling the elevator plane advertising media 90% of the market share, to 325 million U.S. dollars in exchange for a mass media 100% of the equity, thus becoming the monopoly of LCD advertising, to maintain the pricing power of both, has continued to this day. If someone asked me today what the building TV would be like, I would be very reluctant to answer.  "In July 2007, Jason said in an interview with the media. The concept of "life circle Media" is refreshing to the Chinese, but this business model based on physical space does not fit the tastes of Wall Street investors, who, in the face of more than 50% per cent annual profit growth, still writes in the analysis: imagination is limited. Thus, Jiangnan spring quickly changed a concept-across the outdoor, mobile phone, the internet three major areas, China's largest digital media group.  This time, Wall Street smiled and kept giving "buy" and "overweight" evaluations. Originally, this is only Jason for Wall Street, a dream tailored to the man, who said that he was intoxicated with it. "The speed is quick, the purchase contract is signed today, the report will come in tomorrow and the share price will rise." "Jason to recall the stage, it is almost like a demon."  "Acquisition, is the most energy-intensive, in fact, I am not a decisive person, a lot of things are repeatedly hesitant," he said, like a person to a position, down the loss of the image, to maintain the image, we must continue to pay the price. Only 2007 years, the audience will be 8 digital outdoor, 10 mobile advertising companies and 6 internet advertising companies into the bag.  At that time he was not sure how many companies he owned or had a stake in, and he only knew that "no one has ever made it to the wrong company". With the arrival of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the growth rate of the online advertising market will exceed 50%.  "Analysys International analysts have been so looking at the 2008 years of the audience. Unfortunately, 2008 for the audience, is fleeting: "3 15 party" Exposure of spam messages, wireless and all of its companies are the first; Wenchuan earthquake led to a large number of advertisers in a period of time to suspend the launch, the acquisition was placed high hopes of the seal Cheng Media, not only did not achieve the expected revenue,  It also cost the 200 million of billions of dollars to restructure its business; at the end of the year, the financial crisis sweeping the globe came again. Zero-start "the audience will not talk about what digital media groups." "February 8, 2010, at the annual meeting of the Jason, he said to more than 800 employees.  At the end of the 24-page PPT, he wrote in the largest font: In the eighth year, we start from scratch.This is Jason back to the point of the CEO a year later. In fact, from March 2008 to March 2009, the most black period in the history of the congregation was the period when the CEO of Jiangnan Spring retreated. At that time, although the audience encountered a barrage of shocks, Jason has always ignored all media inquiries and speculation.  Until the beginning of 2009, in order to match the focus and Sina merger plan, he suddenly comeback, unexpectedly, the merger was not approved by the Ministry of Commerce. Away from that period of time, exactly what, what to do, Jiangnan spring rarely mentioned. In a word, in people's eyes, the Jiangnan spring after coming back is really different.  He began to pay attention to employee training, requiring each supervisor to personally deliver the cake on the day of his employee's birthday; 7 years after its establishment, the magazine was finally set up, and even a coffee bar was established inside the company and the dumplings and snacks were supplied for a long time. Now, as we all know, Jiangnan spring work four days a week, Friday flying Taichung, next Monday back. When the plane landed, he shut down and hardly anyone knew him. On weekends, he wears casual clothes with his wife, eats at the night market, and can be satisfied with only 500 NT dollars. Jason said he slowed down so forcibly. The audience also slowed down. Over the past two years, the focus has come back to building, frame and store advertising networks.  In addition to the new movie in the cinema before the advertising market, the audience abandoned the station digital advertising screen and the expo site around the advertising brush machine and other opportunities-although the capital market that "is a good concept", but this time Jason think, not yet.  Jiangnan Vernal Equinox to death there are three years of "New weekly": In the eyes of Outsiders, 2008 is the watershed of the public, in the ensuing financial turmoil, the company's share price suffered a setback, and now, the audience seems to come back, how do you look at these three years of experience? Jason: 2008 is indeed our experience of the crisis and the test of the year, we encountered in the local business market unpredictable waves, the end of 2008 to 2009, the global financial tsunami led to the advertising, consumption, investment market turmoil. Looking back, the focus of the main business buildings, stores, frames, theater ads are very high-quality media channels, the market recognition is very high, but we in 2003-2008 years of rapid development in 5 years, the heart gradually expanded, the goal beyond the reality of the ability.  At the same time, investors are expected to be very high, but also driven us in the main business of the rapid increase in the same time through mergers and acquisitions to expand the territory. In these acquisitions, some projects are in the right direction, but the timing is early, some projects lack long-term core competitiveness, some projects lack of effective integration, so when the market demand if there is a problem, these acquisition projects are hit, and directly caused the company's share price tumbled.  From this crisis, we realize that in a period of high market, if the lack of awareness of the cyclical fluctuations in the economy, the expansion of the heart too large, beyond the reality of their own ability, will eventually pay the price. "New Weekly": 2009 when you re the CEO of the division has changed a lot, theirWhat's the comment?  Jason: Yes, our previous management meetings are mainly discussed sales strategy, market opportunities, customer development, and now we are more back to the product, service and human level, and promote internal change and promotion, this is the consensus of the management team. This is because we realize that the essence of the audience is the enterprise's starting point, that is, the value of the deviation. Values, sounding a more abstract concept, summed up in my own experience is a sentence: do what you think is right, do something valuable to others. Many things in front of you is often full of temptation, there is a realistic interest, but a company to have values, right and wrong in front of the choice, when the face of things will be very little confused, little contradictions, little struggle, because you know what is the principle, what is right and wrong.  The world is a cause and effect, to have positive values, do not covet the immediate and loss, adhere to do the "right" thing, will see fruitful day.  "New Weekly": In the 2003, when the audience just emerged as a new media, now the momentum is very fierce is Weibo, it is dividing up the "fragmentation of the time", how do you judge the challenges faced by the audience? Jason: I also like to use Micro bo, it is a good life tools and media forms. As a media form that captures the "debris time" of people, I think that the value of micro-blogging and diversity cooperation is greater, and that different new media are cooperating in this field is the real trend in the future. Why do you say that? Consumer life more and more diversified and fragmented, this is the information age brought about by the great tide, will be coerced everyone, bound layers of infiltration into every detail of life, I think now is just the beginning. The audience feeds themselves by selling "debris time".  But what the audience is selling is just a fraction of the "debris time" in people's lives, and more and more "debris time" and "debris trajectories" are standing in the future waiting for new media to discover them, including the audience, including microblogs, but not just that. So I think the real challenge for the audience is not to "carve out" the fragmented time by Weibo or "X-bo", this time is to be divided, the focus is whether we can find these fragments of space-time, and in these fragments of time and space to effectively develop, integrate into consumers and advertisers have greater value for the media channels,  This is the focus of the past and the future survival of the fundamental. I would also like to say that a sustainable growth of the company must often reflect on their own, in the face of the market has a strong sense of crisis, and the real crises often lie in your own understanding of the mistakes or deficiencies in their own accumulation is not enough. It's like a man seeking to survive.  In an internal meeting of our company this year, I once alone used a page of PPT only wrote 9 words-"divided by the death of three years", I hope that every employee can be in danger.  "New Weekly": What is the progress of the interactive advertising screen project being conducted by the audience? Jason: The concept of this project was formed in 2010, and we started in early 2011Preparation, early team building, market research, technology development, equipment production, functional testing and so on for several months, starting from September 1 in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Seven Cities hanging machines, new interactive advertising screen from early October officially out of the street, while starting media sales,  At present the customer's demand is entering the system gradually. Specifically, the new generation of interactive screen mainly uses the advertising screen and mobile phone interactive form. In addition to the existing television screens of buildings, there are three small interactive screen, each interactive screen is equipped with RFID sensor area, consumers can easily get a free induction card, in the first use of SMS can be used to achieve RFID card and mobile phone number bundle, which is a follow-up service to a permitted action, after use, Consumers only need to be in the corresponding interactive screen RFID sensor mouth swipe, our system to the product information and promotional information, such as SMS transmission to the consumer's mobile phone, in order to be discounted, sample delivery or other interactive basis.  The technical principle is no different from the swipe card in the Metro Gate by the inductive area.  "New Weekly": Some electric dealers have taken the lead out of the street O2O nature of the advertising format, the pattern of the audience what is different from others? Jason: From the mode of the audience, we are in the formation of the geographical basis of the media Terminal network to do O2O services, this is our special. In addition, the audience also has the scale advantage.  Before the introduction of interactive screen, our building TV media can cover 130 million urban mainstream consumers, plus our digital posters, store TV daily traffic coverage can reach 200 million, interactive screen after the online, these traffic will be tens of millions of people each day to participate in interaction, this is a very impressive number. We do not use the effect mode at present, the main charging method or the use of the length of fees. 3 small screens, the overall playback time for each small screen is 5 minutes, each ad is 15 seconds long, each screen has 20 advertisers. The 3-screen advertisers can reach 60.  In the commissioning period, our pricing will be relatively low, the target is urban coverage. The size of the budget for advertisers is generally large, which is another kind of budget, not in the traditional advertising budget. The advent of interactive screen so that the audience not only in the television market to obtain customer budget, in the Internet market to get the budget, and in the sample sales also get customer budget.  I believe that for the development of the audience has a long-term and obvious value. "New Weekly": You have regrets, said Envy Shao Yipo and Tang Yue of Freedom, the dream is "sitting in the garden, write a poem," but also think they are different from them, is "not fit" people, now you still like this? What kind of company do you think the audience will be in the future?  Do you have any plans for your future? Jason: In the face of shareholders, I feel that the audience to become a continuous, stable, healthy growth of the company, we have to have the endurance of long-distance running, to create long-term value and competitiveness. In the face of customers, I think the focus is to become a through continuous change to create a higher value of customer communication companies, andNot a vested interest in the new media. In the face of the staff, I think that the focus is no longer a hard work, high income short-term struggle to make money, but efforts to become a person can make people happy work and self-development place. I've always thought that the future is now. My future must be with the audience today, so I will still "not let go". Share to:
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