There are 3 lunatics living between the ideals and reality of advertisers.

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Recommend an advertiser as the background of the American drama "The Crazy Ones", starring is a long time no see the veteran comedy actor Robin "> Williams ... and "mad man" compared to the play more relaxed, funny, and basically is not likely to trigger the "mad man" craze, but still can be a pursuit of the play, especially for advertising and creative interested friends are more to see.

In the 10th episode before the end of the winter break, the most eye-catching is to Williams advertising Victoria Secret of the Super models, people beautiful legs long underwear beauty AH. This is the implant warm-up before the grand show.

This is also the feature of the show that each episode has one or several creative implants from advertisers, well, from fast food to cars, from coffee to underwear, are also interesting, especially the protagonist Williams as a creative big coffee, the neurotic image and wit, but also in line with the idea of a lot of people in the minds of creative people image-yes, the In the Mad Men, the Tang is the same wit but the surface looks more normal.

Many people do not enter the advertising line before or from the outside to look at advertisers, may think they really are "the crazy Ones" in that way: knowledge-rich, anytime and anywhere creative, or glamorous people, or maverick, access are large enterprises, contacts are corporate executives and celebrities, coffee, red wine, The nightclub. However, the reality is likely to be, living in the distant Tongzhou country, in the international Trade of Senior office work, the road wearing shoes company wear shoes. Stay up late overtime plan write manuscript. And night and night overtime. Overtime.

There's a sister in the advertising industry that says she's working in the advertising circle: "In the three-year trade in the Telefonica event for 12 consecutive hours did not sit down, wearing high heels run east run West grinding full heel son of blood?" Is the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival and team overtime writing plan two months later to know pitch failed? Is for Kraft's global activities run to also the village to go to the video, back to their own clips plus subtitles? For Zara Online Shop media delivery and supplier overtime for a few sleepless night? is the rebranding for Weight Watchers lasted one months each night with the American Concall, doing a report written by communication plan's final health collapse? Or for Schick SNS Communication planning, work overtime to 10 o ' clock, a person sitting in the office crying, so that lasted one months? ”

Oh, I forgot to say that the sister who wrote this paragraph was the sister of the International advertising agency, and she described the state as an extreme example. However, it does not rule out that many times have occurred.

Between ideal and reality, there are 3 lunatics.

So, before you want to enter the advertising, PR this line, ask yourself a few words:

Can you withstand loneliness? Can you withstand the endless work? Can you withstand the pressure? Can you really admit that you are a vulgar ad pr person without originality?

If you dare to admit it, there is much to be done, and if you doubt it, sell pancakes and be a successful person who looks like a bright internet thinker.

For PR people, the three lunatics who live between ideals and reality are:

1, the adherence to the professional philosophy;

2, there is not enough confidence in the cause;

3, the future planning is clear.

These three lunatics, will come out occasionally to let you tangle, let you self-doubt, let you in overtime helpless when collapse burst into tears of nerves ...

But, what needs to be told is that, although there are three lunatics, this line is still comic, and all the happy episodes that occur in the crazy ones are frequent in advertising companies.

Because, only to oneself request very high, uses the professional ideal to ask own advertisement person, inside the heart only then lives 3 lunatics ...

So, to see the play, heartless smile finished, in the endless battle between the ideal and the reality.

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"Onlookers Kan Technology" (Micro-Signal: KANKEJI): Kan technology is created by the marketing people Zhao. Watching the science and Technology circle, the Internet circle of small things, no matter regaling marketing circle and public relations advertising circle gossip, and friends to exchange the industry's shady white curtain and gray screen. That's it, support original.

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