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Baidu can be included in the day of the new station and experience about the old veteran webmaster may not be something strange event, but on the large part of the veteran webmaster, can be a very difficult topic. A new station about veteran webmaster, may need 15 days Fu can be included in Baidu, even if it is very good site also at least need a week of time to be included in Baidu. This is related to Google on a few said, individual a new station will be included in the next day by Google.

Remember I originally do small station of cent, a station the next day was included by Google, but Baidu is reluctant to include, every day in Baidu check can have included, really is very urgent person. That a small station in one months to be able to find, however, the time shown is from the site to establish a 16 of the light. I don't know what's going on in this situation. However, at first I do the station also slowly more up, accumulated experience is more and more, the new station was included in the time of Baidu is slowly extended, based on a week or so time is included.

So, for the new station was included in the day of Baidu is a very difficult event? In practice, Baidu is not a new site is not a myth, veteran webmaster can do, only to maintain a positive way, has been to explore new ways. My new station was included in the day has proved that only follow the affirmative way can be done. Then, then, to share some of my so-called experience it, wish veteran webmaster can guide, but also wish veteran webmaster can learn a little bit from outside the common sense it, can later my website to establish some sponsorship.

First, the choice of website construction Station order

The decision to build the station sequence is also a major contrast. The good build station order is to cast the search engine's good, the individual order is slowly. I began to learn to build the station is the use of a single page to do some simple Web site, these stations do not have any disadvantages of individual-like, natural consequences are individual bar. At first, the use of the CMS in the invention of time to include a significant increase in speed. Like Dedecms is a good order and is conducive to optimization. Good order is a good beginning, is called the end of everything is difficult, a beginning is to use a good order, is half of the victory, next good optimization, there will be good sowing.

Second, the effective publication of the original content of the website

After the acquisition of space and domain name, the order to upload to space, the site to build good, the first thing to do is to add content to the site. A site will be divided into several different sections, each section to add content, not because there is no time to empty. Content should be in the preparation of the site should be implemented between the task, do not wait to play the station has been built to achieve the content to prepare, so very active. Content is divided into original content and false original content, the initiative must be prepared in the latter part of the original content, not to thrifty time to copy the content of others site to make some false original. Search engine Love original goods, this is no matter the veteran webmaster is still veteran webmaster are recognized.

Third, the new station from the beginning to do a good job inside the link

About a wish that day was Baidu included in the new station, talk about internal links are somewhat unusual, here is mentioned is the internal link of the website. There are some old birds through some unusual way, such as the acquisition of domain name and space after uploading a vacancy page, and then start optimization, a few months after the beginning of the real station, to achieve very good results. Regarding a new domain name new station, protects each section to have the content at the same time, also must do well each section content and the link between the homepage. The goal is to make the new station look like a network, such a site is a good site, Baidu is more willing to be included.

Finally, the comprehensive consideration of Baidu Day included new station experience

The establishment of the site is a need for both the planning, not only simple to find an order to upload to the space, you need to plan well. A good new station should be a balanced plan from the acquisition of domain name and space beginning, and then step by step, until the consequences you want to reach. The choice of domain name optimization and space speed, stability and safety of the purchase are very important, not for the sake of cheap, choose the right space and domain name is the first step; the second step is to choose to be welcomed the establishment of the station order, the order also chose to include speed and later the optimization of task volume and difficulty; the next is the filling of original content, Do not save time and easy to copy other people's article may be false original; The last is to do a good job in the site's internal links to build, like the establishment of internal links spend the same time and spirit of internal links. This article is published by 168 net earning forum edit.

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