There is no point in the electronic IT industry going out without comparative advantage

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Abstract: China electronic Information Industry group is a familiar and unfamiliar to the outside enterprise. Said familiar, our country's first color TV research and development manufacturer Panda electronics from China Electronics, but said unfamiliar, its military enterprise identity, let outside

China Electronic Information Industry group is a familiar and unfamiliar to the outside enterprise.

Said familiar, our country's first color TV research and development manufacturer Panda electronics from China Electronics, but said unfamiliar, its military enterprise identity, let outside of China's largest state-owned integrated IT enterprise group's identity is not much understanding.

In the CPPCC, China Electronic Information Industry Group general Manager Liu Lehong, the entire group's operating income from the past more than 60 billion, to the present 203 billion; products from the past mainly in the low-end to the current gradually rooted in the high-end, and has a certain international competitiveness, For two consecutive years by the State Council SASAC as the Central Enterprise performance assessment of A-level enterprises, four consecutive years selected Fortune 500, he and his colleagues should say or "rough spell."

The establishment of mobile operation ecological chain, Chinese enterprises still need time

When it comes to electronic IT industry, competition is an obvious feature that can be intuitively felt by the outside world.

Liu Lehong Frankly, all successful companies, each has its own unique and unique. In the past, the electronics industry for enterprises, product production and research and development, most of the use of follow the strategy, learning, learn from foreign products to carry out the design, production, manufacture, sales. Chinese companies used to be less adept at discovering and creating new demand, lead to homogeneity of the phenomenon is more serious, enterprises in some well-known areas and forms of low-level fierce competition, but also there is insufficient attention to emerging consumer products and emerging markets, resulting in consumer demand is not allowed, resulting in consumption spillover phenomenon, to go abroad to buy. But now innovation-driven development is becoming the new normal of the development of electronic industry. More and more enterprises to pursue the development of alienation, the pursuit of user experience and good experiences, the pursuit of unique core competitiveness!

Take television for example, 50% or so value in the tablet. LCD substrate glass as the key base material for LCD panel, because of its technical difficulty, five years ago, more than 90% of domestic total demand still rely on imports.

Liu Lehong said that under the guidance of the national new flat panel display industry revitalization plan, several Chinese enterprises represented by China Electronics have invested hundreds of millions of yuan in the new Flat Panel display field, which has built a new flat display enterprise represented by 6 generation factory and 8 generation factory, which supports the transformation and upgrading of the whole color TV industry. Now the TV tablet self-sufficiency rate has reached about 50%, the proportion of people to buy domestic smart TV is far more than foreign brand TV.

Overlooking the industry's leading Apple, Google, Liu Lehong that, if from the performance of terminal products, such as "China small Cool alliance" such a company, actually already to a large extent and Apple to keep pace. But from the whole industry chain key links, especially now integrated circuits and mobile operating systems, based on mobile operation of the industrial ecological chain, the Chinese enterprises still need 5-8 years time.

The transformation "chop tail" must have the house to have

Complete the pursuit of world-class enterprises, no transformation and upgrade difficult to complete the task.

In recent years, China's electronics in the interior to do "subtraction", adjusted to optimize the number of enterprises lost more than 600.

"Why do monkeys become human?" Said the monkey also want to become a person, the key point is to get rid of the tail, a flick of the tail to think of three things, the tail cut off the pain does not hurt, indicating that the transformation is very painful; the second tail cut off, can really become a person? Feel that there is a risk of transformation and innovation; the third habit of the tail, the tail a cut off, will not be accustomed to, have feelings, "Liu Lehong said," So we Chinese say willing, always to shed some things to get something. ”

Liu Lehong says that every business that cuts down a inefficient, ineffective asset is actually a painful way to cut its tail, a process that is difficult.

To this end, Liu Lehong stressed the need to firmly abandon low-end, low-level industries, because this area does not have the advantage of competition, but also to make a decision to do addition. Do integrated circuit, emerging flat display, operating system for the representative of the basic software, information and information security industries upstream.

In these industries, the current China's electronic technology investment accounted for more than 10% of the proportion of sales, the whole group deduct trade factors, the overall technology investment accounted for the proportion of sales revenue has accounted for about 4%.

Overseas expansion without comparative advantage don't go out blindly

China's electronics to go out has many years of experience, especially in the last five years focused on security areas to implement the overall solution to go out, China's electronics has opened a new world.

February 22, 2011, China Electronics through the Chinese National Development Bank's financing framework, and Ecuador's Security Coordination department signed the National Security Command and Control System project (ECU-911 System), out of the professional field of the first step to try. China's electronics contract in South America in 2013 already exceed 1 billion dollars. Products are also exported to Europe, Africa.

"In fact we go out in the process, has been accompanied with the fierce international competition, this also forced us to think, in the process of going out, to grasp the comparative advantage." Without a comparative advantage, your going out is meaningless. "Liu Lehong said.

Recently, the electronics industry has encountered a new challenge, that is, network security. Liu Lehong said that the developed countries often in the name of network security, China's local Huawei, ZTE, including China Electronics, to block outside the door. However, from the practice of China's electronics, the network security as an important strategy for enterprise development, especially the network security products, both face opportunities, but also face challenges.

Looking forward to "all the Way", Liu Lehong also saw the opportunity. He said that interconnection is the "all the way" of blood and meat, in the interconnection of not only highways, railways, but also the actual information facilities and information-based services.

Chinese citizens use the ID card, Social Security card, health card, the use of Chinese electronic chip. In overseas expansion, Ghana's national identity card and identity card management system also comes from China electronics.

"I hope that the country in this regard, like the promotion of high-speed rail, the promotion of highways, can promote our information products and information infrastructure." "Liu Lehong said.

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