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For each industry especially unique customer base, each customer group preferences of life, shopping, leisure environment is different. So for cafes, in the overall layout should be, private, emotional atmosphere to build the overall environment. (This specific to decorate the company as a subject, here put forward only for the later promotion of preparation, and not spacious and bright)

The final result: through the online theme activities to promote, so that more visitors to become your prospective customers and also become a free propagandist.

Related preparation: 1, relevant forum account number (can be a well-known forum in Hefei, Industry forum) proposed to Hefei Forum and HEFEI million hotline, with other relevant small forums. Including the main account and a number of accounts.

2, communication and consultation with the Forum staff. Because part of the activities involved in advertising, prior to effective communication with the forum to prevent short. It is best to get the support of moderators.

3, the relevant entities of the personnel. Warm up for the next event. This includes a number of clients and a number of beauties.

4, DV One and related supporting objects. Photo and video shooting during the event.

5. A computer that can surf the internet.

Correlation analysis: 1, the forum is the place that the grassroots gathers, no matter anyone can become the network celebrity, all have vanity, must satisfy this kind of vanity.

2, Valentine's Day will be, the selection of Valentine's Day gifts make a lot of people headache.

3, for the fear of unfamiliar things, and through a friend introduced can lift the psychological prevention.

Activity name: It ' s your day

Activity explanation: The café through in the forum Post said: Every day will vote for a person's name, as long as the forum and the same name can go to the café in common free to participate in coffee grinding, production, taste. In the process, you will be taking pictures and photographing. Put the scene on the web and the relevant works for auction. and the name of the person who voted for the next issue in the previous issue. It is also possible to enjoy a honeymoon between the Spring Festival and Valentine's Day.

Activity Chew Head: Meet vanity, honeymoon trip, know beautiful mm

Activities: 1, the registered Hefei Forum and million hotline related to the main account and a number of account, account registration, do not immediately put into use, in other people's posts to leave their footprints. So that all accounts are not just registered, otherwise easy to be perceived by people. At the same time all the relevant information to complete the account, including the name (to take meaningful, must not be random) head (avatar to human mm as good) information, birth and so on.

2, in the account in the process, preparation of related activities theme text. The content includes the activity introduction, the shop name introduction, the award introduction as well as through the blog and so on the way pastes well and prepares the first period the activity photograph and the speech. (Photo is divided into two kinds, one is normal activity content, the other is "Candid Camera" form. It contains the prepared beauty (beauty one or two) enough. Let their actions be the focus of your photos. Sexy point, must be accompanied by the relevant introduction, and the forum said don't let mm premature photogenic

3, after the completion of the running-in, the main number will be issued (selected in Monday), the name can be taken to make people fantasize. Let a person have a bit of desire, must not be the name of the activity title. And then through the account on the first day of the relevant top stickers asked the relevant situation, to insinuate. Then the main account answers the questions. Record the relevant registration.

4, during the process, through the main account and account number of the cooperation to let the posts do not sink. But don't send meaningless words.

5, interval period of three days, three days (just in the afternoon of Friday), will be prepared in advance of the photo through another paste (name to and last related), and through the account top stickers This is the last to be photographed the protagonist and related other account.

6, through the account, in the forum published and coffee grinding production of related crafts, while teaching how to choose and buy good coffee. This post can have nothing to do with just the activity sticker. To create this atmosphere. and teach people how to make gifts for friends and family through coffee. (This poster is the one that you played before.) Let her teach you the relevant information with a knowledgeable person. Point to this mm blog (this is for the back of the matting, where the post more atmosphere, blog content settings will be said later) 6 and a half, if it is possible to ask the relevant environment to give this mm close-up and positive evaluation. If it's not even. Some words must be in the front page of the forum.

7, in both kinds of posts have a certain reputation, this is the time to let the café out to speak, in the original post editor, post a message about them found in their café has a mm often appear in the café, and seems to be the forum of the professor who made the gift of the MM (not too clear. At the same time continue to upload a group of "Candid Camera" photos. The watermark of the photo should be modified before we post it. Let netizens doubt whether this person is really this mm. This news option was published in Wednesday or Thursday.

8, this time someone will come out to review whether the coffee shop hype, no relationship, no comment on the head without chewing. This time let the MM blog keep quiet. Wait until Friday, through the blog in mm confirmed the fact that she often go to this café to drink coffee. (Of course the story how to arrange, rely on the café itself)

9, once through the blog and the Forum both confirmed that the café can and this mm "direct contact." None of this is blunt. At the same time we should build a few about this mm QQ group. Let more people want to close to mm and make coffee gift friends can pay more attention to.

10, later on the step-by-step in the process of making coffee and making the gift of the craft through the Forum and QQ group released to more people.

11, this time forum posts have been cold for some time. It's okay, we're firing it. Before we said, let the last issue of people vote for the next issue of the name of the people, of course, although the vote, but we have chosen the name of the first (select those popular) and then let them through the phone to tell their friends around the same name, so easy to form the contagion effect. This time to and the previous mm alternately inserted pictures. (This time the picture if positive, sexy)

12, it is time to announce the award. This award includes the relevant "legacy" in the café, including what they make. And what we said before about the honeymoon journey (the journey of the honeymoon must be felt to make sure that someone can get it, otherwise, once seen, the post will be scrapped, of course, this person can be our own people, tell everyone this honeymoon is through everyone voted to choose the most active people (of course, this access Way at discretion). But this time the end result comes out of the video. Get more people involved.

13, the latter as long as the day-to-day maintenance of this post on the line. Publicity this café forum promotion cut-off, of course this mm can still continue to hype, here is not much to do narrative.

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