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Today is the new Year's 11th, Zhu Lei morning flight from Hangzhou to Beijing, because of the fog in Hangzhou, night 9 o'clock we only see above. About the five-storey teahouse in Jinyuan Mall, although we communicate with countless mail and telephone, should be aware of this stage of business development, but after meeting is still just simple greetings, immediately into business exchanges, I divided three parts with him to report.

The first is the business plan, online marketing is nothing new in the country, but more is to stay in the use of fresh media, new forms of advertising, because our business goal is the contribution of sales leads, so database marketing is my core, this is very professional marketing services, but we are located in small and medium-sized enterprises, It is necessary to product professional services, otherwise it will face cost problems. Our online marketing program business is composed of marketing platform construction and marketing service we think that the first thing enterprises need is a low-cost, valuable business platform, platform by the marketing Web site and marketing-oriented CRM composition, the site used to interact with customers, thus obtaining customer leads, CRM for the marketing staff's work platform, On the one hand to achieve the acquisition of customer information management, on the other hand, direct marketing. Our marketing website is commissioned in Taiwan to build a platform for the development of the manufacturer, embedded in the station system VCC, conference, etc., at the same time need to integrate with the CRM, thus forming a Web site customer access by telephone, online, interactive registration composition, Change the current website marketing customers to get more passive waiting for customer phone mode, these real-time interactive technology are the resources of Sequoia trees, in the world are leading. CRM is commissioned Turbocrm to customize, technical platform selection of Sequoia tree and Turbocrm in North American version of the platform, can be client mode, can also be SaaS mode, function will be marketing, in the complete customer management, mainly strengthen in direct marketing project management and marketing analysis, Software using full graphics and template mode, to help completely do not understand the marketing of enterprises, from the process to personnel settings, to a variety of direct calls to templates, so as to do a good job in the continuous cultivation of customers. On this platform, we provide network marketing, search marketing, SMS marketing, e-mail marketing, network conferencing marketing, market research services, such services can be provided by Sequoia Tree, can be provided by the agent, or BD partners to provide, in the delivery of customers, the use of deferred mode is distributed, If the enterprise can start from the website or CRM system deployment, we will only accept very low cost, after, the enterprise is willing to use our telephone center, the on-line interaction, the text message, the network meeting, the Mail and so on, does not need to increase any cost, only then must pay the communication expense only, after seeing the effect, in chooses other marketing service, In this way, customers can easily experience, but also with the use value of the promotion to choose more services, the value of more agents.

Sequoia Tree has always been very agree with the plan, on the one hand, and their goal is consistent, and easy to implement, on the other hand, the Sequoia tree can be the original products basically all integrated in. Then there's the organization and the people, in addition to research and development, we need to establish 10 departments of four centers, nearly hundred people, the team from the original department, on the other hand, I brought into the staff, the other is recruitment, Zhu Lei will be in order to cooperate with this recruitment, Hangzhou will be a special team to Beijing support, We have more than 40 people now, basic work can be carried out, we opened the meeting through the Conference hundreds, has implemented the centers and departments of the responsible, as well as the responsibilities of various departments, Zhu Lei is surprised at our efficiency, I can only tell him that the race with himself is the most laborious, We need to finish before the Spring Festival, otherwise I have only half a year to go today.

The final is the first quarter of the plan, in addition to the relevant business preparation and products, I told him that we have 15 agents, business from their start. They are the center of our snowball, to help them build capacity and make money is the work goal, for this reason, January three weeks to the end of February, we need to complete the channel training, starting from March with them to do user activities, is the tour. Zhu Lei asked me how the agency feel, I answered, the agent agreed to the scheme, I guarantee that each agent in the first year in the region exclusive, I give 30 customer leads per month, 2 tour every year, quarterly support activities ... He said this is of course attractive to the agent, other conditions are good to do, is a resource problem, but how to achieve 30 customer leads per month? I will move the mouse to the "Customer Development department", the manager "Liu", he smiled, said: "Raymond, you are terrific!" "(to Be continued)

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