This year's WWDC, integrated in IOS 8, HealthKit is undoubtedly a highlight

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On this year's WWDC, HealthKit, integrated in IOS 8, is a big bright spot. For the first time, Apple has tried to integrate health data from different sources and present it in a unified format to users. In addition, Apple has announced a partnership with the leading maker of the electronic Health Archive market, Epic Bae, and has gradually dabbled in the medical field.

From an ordinary user's point of view, I absolutely want to applauded. In the mobile phone with the program, I can always look at all kinds of health and fitness-related information, such as blood, heart rate, hydration, blood pressure, nutrition, blood sugar, sleep, respiratory frequency, blood oxygen saturation and weight, to understand their health panorama. Apple has also opened its interface to third parties, and I can selectively open my health data to a third party application or medical institution for better quality and reliable service.

But what about companies in the medical field? This may not be the case. What looks like a good HealthKit may not be good for these companies.

The operability of HealthKit is now not strong. Apple's official website simply introduced the next HealthKit, but the specifics of the problem are largely silent, such as whether users need to download each company's app on their mobile phones, and users can decide what information to share, what to share, how long to share, and whether to share medical information at any time, Before these critical, concrete details and operating hands are published, HealthKit operations are not easy and risk-prone.

The competition between data sources must be more intense. Now a variety of monitoring equipment and the use of the function of the same quality, the resulting data overlap is also relatively high. If these sources are connected to Apple's HealthKit interface at the same time, which data record will Apple choose? If Apple does not choose, then what is the difference between users seeing multiple identical data and opening multiple apps separately? If the data can not be selected, then a physical sign presented to the user a number of values, will inevitably affect the user experience. In the end, Apple is likely to form its own screening mechanism, and the competition among these manufacturers is likely to be more intense, and it is likely that only a handful of them will be better off in the end.

Apple has always disliked the open system, the more important the more closed. Before his death, jobs and Apple were likely to begin to realize the importance of medical care. And to dominate an industry, there are generally two ways: do the standard, let others to fit you, do open, to fit more third party. What Apple likes to do is undoubtedly the first. While Apple does provide a base platform for healthcare providers, the top of the pyramid is still Apple, and the firm's position is getting closer to the bottom and more disadvantaged. Given Apple's emphasis on health care and its determination to subvert traditional medicine, Apple's seemingly open health care is becoming more and more closed.

As more and more devices are plugged into HealthKit or Google Fit, future medical models and health care structures are likely to change in a disruptive way.

When our health data can be monitored, recorded and aggregated at any time, health data processing is likely to be in the clouds, the past sickness after the medical treatment is likely to become an intelligent disease warning, in the monitoring of our illness may be timely early warning, to provide more scientific and effective preventive measures. Another consequence of digitization and cloud is the centrality of medical institutions, and the future major medical institutions will not be cities, but communities. Community medical institutions will be the main places to visit, people can solve most of the medical problems in the community, the center of the hospital will be mainly responsible for a small number of large-scale surgery.

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