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Thon has already shared in front of the website column optimization on the new station navigation directory layout optimization skills, today thon next to talk to you about the site layout in the website layout optimization of some optimization skills. We all know that a site optimization of good and bad, first of all to see its home layout optimization how, the homepage of the site is like our face, can not attract the attention of users and retain users, that is, improve user viscosity, the key is the homepage layout. Then the site's homepage to how to optimize the layout is better? Below Thon to share with you the Enterprise Station home page layout optimization techniques.

First, from the competitive strength of keywords to layout the site home page

Enterprise Station home page layout to be considered from the competitive strength of the key words, perhaps so that people will feel abstract point, then thon for example, we follow the Thon look at the following picture:


This picture is part of the homepage of an enterprise website Thon cut out. From the figure can be seen in the main page with a three-column structure, but also the enterprise station is usually used most typical of the three-column structure, from the point of view of optimization, the enterprise station three column structure is also more conducive to optimization.

From the above, we have not considered such a layout structure, from the point of view of the keyword is more difficult to optimize. And why? First, we analyze it from the left column (the upper-left corner of the picture is labeled 1), and we see no, in that PPT, that is, slide that position, it is the product of the picture display, if from the keyword, should be the traditional classification is to add a product category on the PPT, because from the layout , its navigation has not been the competitive strength of this keyword, and want to improve the keyword competition, we want to do the Product keyword on the website most prominent and users most easily see the place, that is, the left column slide that position, and the PPT on the "water and health and investment to join" This position of the two pictures. and the following "product announcements", in that place there is no optimization meaning, we think, if you want to let your site's keywords have competitive strength, you are in your homepage navigation layout of the most things should be your target keyword Product description or related product information the most anchor text, So if the above homepage adjusts the layout, its product keyword competition strength will correspondingly increase.

Second, from the user's browsing habits to layout the site home page

From the user's browsing habits to layout the home page, after the analysis above, everyone may be easier to understand, in the above example, thon to everyone cut the picture, we look at, that PPT, that is, the slide that position, is not the user in the first glance will see the user browsing habits are usually from left to right , from top to bottom, so that position is also closest to the user. So this position should put the product classification, or the website wants to do the target product keyword, this kind of appearance can attract the user's eyeball in the first time. From the user experience, users to browse the site, for them, the most concern is that our site has no products or information they need, so if users enter our website, see the classification of products, users will be interested in continuing to browse it? So the time of the user's stay will increase correspondingly ? So the site's bounce rate will also be reduced? So, in the layout of the site home page, from the user's browsing habits to consider, the site most want to show the user's product information, or your site want to do the target product keywords in the eyes of the user closest to the place, that is the upper left corner of this position.

Third, the search engine crawls the Web page the way to layout the website homepage

The position in the upper-left corner of the 2nd mentioned is both the closest to the user's eye and the nearest to the search engine. Below Thon also takes this homepage the layout to analyze, how from the search engine crawls the webpage the way to layout homepage. Let's take a look at the middle section of the above picture (the one on the 2 above), and for the convenience of everyone, Thon cut the middle column individually, as follows:


We look at the next picture of the circle, that is, the middle of the section above, this homepage is the enterprise dynamic, from the Search engine crawl page, this position should be put product display, that is, the product picture and descriptive text, like the following image:


In the 1th of the above, AMI has analyzed if you want to make the site's target keyword competitive, the main page layout of things should be the site's target keyword product or product description of the anchor text, the same search engine in the crawl page, will also appear from the target keyword most of the anchor text began to crawl, So the above should be the layout of the product display, that is, the product of the picture and description of the text, and the following should be the layout of the product-related technical parameters or product news, this homepage, the following part of the "water and health" is the product-related information, so the layout is better, as long as the above part of the layout adjustment, More from the Search engine crawl page angle to think about the site layout optimization will be better. Also more conducive to site target keyword rankings.

Summary: If everyone in the layout of the Enterprise Station home page from the keyword competition, from the user browsing habits and search engines to crawl the Web page to consider the layout of the words, do more than three points, I believe that the site Home page layout optimization skills, you have mastered half, as for the other half, that is, the site home page link distribution skills. Thon will continue to share and explore learning in the next article.

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