Those who buy the flow of webmaster, you buy what exactly?

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Many novice webmaster just started to build stations are very eager to their own site has a good flow, but in the face of hundreds even 10 or so IP, the idea of buying traffic is also forced. Now online purchase flow is very cheap, 3 dollars a day can have 1000 IP, also let a lot of unknown so the webmaster to burn money to this. Here, I would like to ask those who buy the flow of the webmaster, what do you buy it? Do you really have that value? We might as well analyze it here.

First of all, to analyze the purpose of the flow of people to buy, I summed up, there are about 4 uses: 1. Promote Alexa rankings; 2. access to the user; 3. Obtain the attestation of the Advertisement Alliance; 4. Sell these flows again. Here's another analysis.

1. Increase Alexa rankings

To buy traffic to improve the Alexa rankings this is indisputable fact, but the Alexa data is not accurate this whole Earth people know, it is only based on the Alexa plugin users to browse the site data produced by the ranking, these data can only refer to, can not be used to analyze the site exactly. To improve the Alexa rankings do not have a substantial interest in the site, at best, just a site external indicators, to see even, do not put in mind.

2. Access to User

We all know, bought the flow is generally a rebound in the window, whether the site bounced over, users are very disgusted, this aversion will affect your head, users will immediately turn off your website, such traffic is only IP=PV, even a little value is not.

3. Access to the Advertising Alliance certification

Many of the applications in the country have the minimum IP requirements, in order to pass the certification to buy traffic is a means. In fact, do not need to do so, a even flow to rely on the purchase of the site to put on advertising, can imagine how high the income, I am afraid even to buy the flow of money can not repair Ah!

4. Resale of these flows

Direct point, this is a kind of cheating, as for the implementation of the method I did not operate, so it is not known, and I know that this is not in the operating site, but for money in the deception is people, immoral, nor long.

Buy Flow said really no use, may even be found by search engines and down the right, it may be the advertising Alliance think cheating and seal. Do the station is a long process, the face of sporadic flow unavoidably impetuous, but to calm down carefully analysis, do not waste unnecessary money.

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