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Recently, the reader of Ms. Li to the report hotline, in this name "Happy Net" site has a "when" "Ruili" plane model "activities," said participation will have the opportunity to become "Ruili" model, the results found just a virtual game, cheat me delay time. ”

The reporter then contacted the "Ruili" magazine to learn that the magazine did not work with "happy net" to cooperate, and said that its behavior affected their image, is studying whether to use legal means to seek a statement.

Ms. Li introduced, a few days ago, her mailbox appeared in an e-mail, the title is "please you become a Ruili model." The message shows "fashion leader first step:" Ruili "plane model ...". There is also a link to the site, the point opened after the original is a game on the site. After watching for a long time, Ms. Li found that the so-called "Ruili" model is just a gimmick, he was "fooled". As far as she knows, several colleagues and friends have been "recruited".

Ms Li is very puzzled: "Ruili" is a well-known fashion magazines, they often see how they can participate in such a boring activity? And, she 211.html "> think the description in the game is vulgar."

However, when interviewed by reporters, "Ruili" denied that the game is a partner.

"Ruili," said the director of the website business, after internal verification and discussion that the site suspected of counterfeit "Ruili" for commercial activities, the use of such a game, is suspected of violating the "Ruili" reputation and legitimate rights and interests. At present, the matter has been told to the company's lawyers, "Ruili" will retain the site to carry out infringement litigation rights. and the Web site as soon as possible to remove the "Ruili" text, eliminate the impact, and to "Ruili" apology.

He also said that "Ruili" has never had a similar cooperation with the site, as a domestic famous fashion magazine, not to authorize the use of the name of "Ruili" magazine.

Reporters on the website of the page did not find any contact telephone and the company introduced, after the online query that this site belongs to the network in the more well-known Oak Interactive group.

At the same time, the reporter also found on the Internet, there are many complaints against, the main is to accuse them of infringing the user's privacy, misappropriation of other names, through the sending of misleading messages to the invitation to promote improper promotion, but also suspected of plagiarism, piracy and other related websites accused.

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