Three factors affecting the improvement of website rankings

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How to upgrade the site rankings, how to do a good job SEO Webmaster

How to improve the site rankings: internal factors

1. The keyword appears in the URL

2. The keyword appears in the title of the Web page

3. Keywords appear in general content

4. The keyword appears in the first paragraph of the page

5. The keyword appears in the last paragraph of the page

6. Heading tags such as h1,h2 in the keyword

7. Site links appear in the key words

8. Export links to related content

9. The keyword appears in the Export link

10. The keyword appears in the picture file name

The keywords appear in the Alt tab

Keywords appearing in comment

13. Reasonable Frequency Update content

14. The content to the search engine's display position

15. The website structure circulation PR, but not distribute PR

16. Proper modification of keywords (bold, italic, etc.)

Two. How to improve the site rankings: external factors

1. A large number of import links

2. From high PR worth of Web page to get import links

3. Get the import link from the relevant content website

4. Import links point to the page has specific content

5. Anchor words have keywords

6. Anchor text around the relevant words

7. Anchor text exists in the article or sentence

8. The length of time to import the link, the general Import link exists for a period of 3-6 months

9. One-way link value is higher than the exchange link

10. Import Link page export link less than 100, the less the better

11. Links from different IP

12. Reasonable Import link growth frequency

Three. How to improve the site rankings: what you need to avoid

1. Keyword accumulation

2. All anchor words are the same

3. Use CSS or background color to hide content, this is a heinous evil

4. Use JavaScript to jump

5. Web pages under the same IP directly carry out a large number of exchange links

6. Bridge page and cloaking, inducing the search engine crawler, which is the heinous great evil

7. Adult content, illicit drugs, gambling-related content

8. Duplication of content

9. Link to cheating website

10. Most pages in the station have the same page title

11. Join link Farm or link Exchange class website

12. Use of the domain name being punished

13. The website is based on the punished IP

14. Four. How to improve the site rankings: avoid problems as far as possible

15. Dynamic Variables in Address

16. Single Picture and Flash website

17. Web navigation bar or directory made with JavaScript

18. Use the picture to do the website navigation without alt label

There's too much code between 19.〈head〉〈/head〉.

20. There are too many content unrelated to the subject of the website

21. Import links in the majority of purchase links

22. And cheating sites on the same server

Add 12 points:

1. Too many similar pages in the site will affect the ranking and Domain name Trust degree

2. Too much page code, confusion, Spider will think that this page can not be accessed, the impact of the collection and weight

3. The title of the article is controlled within 55 English characters, while the Chinese digest is controlled within 10 Chinese characters.

4. Must ensure that each product page or other pages of keywords and descriptions are not the same!

5. The 3rd and most important point is the content of the website. Content is more than the search engine to pay attention to a better ranking. And you must ensure that the content of the site is updated daily.

6. Space is best placed on a robots.txt file. and put unnecessary statistics and advertising code in a separate JS file

7. Do not use colors, sizes, and fonts in HTML code [font color= size=], preferably a CSS style sheet.

8. The website map is necessary, must be detailed! Ensure that the Map page contains all the size plates, and if so, please add the topic page and the page you think is very important.

9.404 Custom error page is also required, if your space is not supported, please select. htaccess

10. The lowest end of each page, please ensure that there is a text navigation chain, and a single page of code length please do not exceed 100k, otherwise the robots will feel very tired

11. Links to do more! But unrelated links please keep it away from your site! A large number of similar web links can be a good way to improve the weight of your site.

12. Stick to it, persevere and win

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