"Three high" industry double-male firefight

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2014 is an important year for comprehensive electric dealers to accelerate the development of fashion electric power. Whether Ali or Jingdong in the fashion electric business strategy is more systematic and strategic, from their operation and layout, we can see how the comprehensive electrical business to eat the vertical electric quotient step by step, and the consumer to their own platform.

"Three high" industry double-male firefight

January 2014, the Beijing-East issued "Still Jing Dong" slogan, the cat was followed by the release of the new brand slogan--"Chantian Cat, on the purchase", the focus also fell on the "still" above the word. August, Jing-dong put forward from the fashion, fine, platform of the three major directions to promote the overall fashion strategy, trying to create a one-stop network fashion shopping platform.

Fashion category because of its high profit, high-turnover, high coverage of the "three-high" characteristics, so that the comprehensive electric power, especially the higher operating costs of the Beijing-East have to pay attention to, and relatively low logistics costs can also allow Third-party platform to reduce the burden of business-earnings show, in Beijing, nearly 60,000 pop third-party businesses, There are 38,000 clothing businesses, it can be said that the third party sellers propped up the Beijing-East fashion business, but itself is the platform business cat, it is relying on a large number of small and medium sellers to earn high profits.

In fact, the small number of giants in the fashion of the electric business play, is somewhat similar or even convergent--for example, increase from the mobile end to vigorously promote (micro-letter, Hand Q, Beijing-east app, cat app, Alipay), the force of Flash purchase platform, as well as with the fashion industry, such as the big brand cooperation.

In the Beijing-East layout, whether it is with "fashion bazaar" cooperation, or the holding of fashion show, is its "fashion" of the evolution of the direction of the fine, then in the last year began with the German luxury brand Hugo Boss and other big-name cooperation; in the direction of the platform, to take the use of fine + time-limited special selling mode of flash purchase + Partner Tencent's mobile side of the bundled operation.

After the rise of mobile power, the user's shopping has actually shifted from the functional to the brand, how to improve the user's stickiness, enlarge volume, improve customer unit Price is also the problem that the integrated electric business must face, such as Beijing East last year to "still Jing East" as the theme of spring and summer fashion new conference, autumn and winter fashion show, and even with the " Fashion Bazaar "to achieve strategic cooperation, and Archie art together to create" love the Supermodel "video program, from the beginning of the 0 initial in the field of fashion firmly established heel, this series of serial play, but also in the clothing of a single show of the day cat unexpected.

In addition to the regular online promotion, the fashion field is to pay more attention to "accent", so you don't care whether it is a monthly salary of 3000 of the editor teaching millions of rich people how to spend money, or camped reporters risked death candid camera bo Eyeball, the industry's operation and promotion and 3C electrical appliances are still very different.

Campaign marketing, the reverse method of Jing-dong

It is not exaggerated to say that the domestic users of deep online shopping for 618, double 11, double 12 may be more familiar than many traditional festivals. For example, on the day of the double 11, fashion clothing category are a considerable exposure, which for wooing women has a considerable temptation, according to my observation, almost most female friends will be "symbolic" of the next single shopping.

However, in the fashion field, the National shopping festival is not enough, a variety of subdivision activities and offline marketing is also essential, and do not mention the day Cat dazzling fashion guide topics, after a year of precipitation of the Jing Dong even began to create a special "women's Day"--3.8 just past, launched a "woman to still" as the theme of large-scale promotional activities, Lasts 2 weeks, giving a big discount to 618 stores.

And the reality of the nature of the "Love Supermodel" is the Jingdong and Archie Arts cooperation, borrowed from the Victoria Secret series operation mode, use video deduction way lets the consumer learn to wear the skill from the show, and completes the next single shopping activity, this is also the future fashion electric business and the video program effective cooperation means.

From the electric dealers in the fashion layout can be seen, its target users are relatively high-end and picky, so it is necessary to use a more diversified way with well-known brands to attract those who only shop in the physical stores of traditional users, in this regard, Jingdong woo the world's largest bag enterprise new beauty, luxury brand Hugo Boss, In the field of popular fashion, Gap and other dozens of international brands also settled in Q4.

In addition, the customer service is also essential, including "Beijing Girl" and other buyers are also in the "Love of Supermodel" close contact, equivalent to the consumer review of the sun outside more activity space.

These, in fact, it is from the fashion electric business strategy This direction for the surrounding area of the landing action, it and the rural electrical industry, the brush wall, the expansion of the international electric business, the depth of O2O businesses have a very different play, but in addition to "accent" higher, Do not forget that clothing electric business (pan-fashion electric power business) is in addition to 3C home appliances to contribute the most turnover of the category, how to advance insight fashion trends, access to the most appropriate brand resources and services to pioneer users, is each electric dealer to focus attention.

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