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Outside the chain has been the SEO workers attach great importance to the problem, in the earlier even was considered to be SEO the most important optimization work. Now the role of the chain has been weakened a part of, so many webmasters think the chain is useless. There is actually a problem with this statement. Niche, share your opinion.

The function of the chain is beyond doubt. Recently, often heard netizens said the chain has been useless, here the niche to say, the chain must still exist for a long time, even more important than before. Because even if all the search engines are attacking the chain, we still can't ignore the fact that spiders search for new pages by crawling links. As long as this technical mechanism does not completely change, the role of the chain will not disappear, only more and more big.

The previous chain, mainly to the forum (posts, replies, Personal homepage, signature), blog (Bowen, links, blog sprocket) mainly, and as the search engine gradually understand their outside the chain of law, the outside of these places to give weight has been getting lower. So should we try some new external chain methods?

Outside the chain is not the number of times to win, the quality of a single chain is more important than the quantity. Below recommend some of the current search engine still love the outside chain resources.

Outside the chain resources one: each big platform's shop.

How to say, each industry more or less have some large-scale platform website, and those platform website generally has the function of shop or yellow pages, these places can insert plain text link Generally, some can even insert anchor text link, and these websites compare authority, the correlation is high, it is a rare outside chain resources. For example, the niche has a tourist website called the Travel Network, I am looking for the shop is the major tourism platform of the shop, has been looking for nearly 20 online shop, the effect is very good.

Outside the chain Resources two: article submission.

We all know about this, but we all find it difficult. There are also some skills here, today I only say one skill, is the destination of the submission (way):

(1) The first is based on your own good aspects of writing articles, and then submitted to the corresponding website up;

(2) The second is based on the nature of the industry, submitted to the corresponding peer site or comprehensive news site.

Outside the chain of resources three: Large-scale classification information network.

Classified information sites are usually rich in content, they have more opportunities to gain weight, and generally have a breakdown of our specific industries, there is a huge advantage is that almost all classified information sites have a daily free places. This kind of chain is the most able to pull off the gap with peers, make good use of classified sites, will let their website weight soaring. Of course, most classified information sites can only add plain text links.

Specific outside the chain of resources, niche here is not an example. The next time you have the opportunity to share some of the high-quality outside the chain resources, as well as outside the chain of resources to find skills.

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