Thunderbolt 7.9.4 official Release-interface layout return to the Thunderbolt Classic, let Reyou use more fun!

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class= "Post_content" itemprop= "Articlebody" >"Thunderbolt has launched a new version, please go to the latest version of the meta-yuan download, this article is no longer updated.

Want to download the same time, fluent "browsing the web, watching online video, playing network games"? For the Thunderbolt 7, this is no longer a dream! In your Reyou support, Thunderbolt 7.9 found and resolved many problems, in the Thunderbolt 7.9.4 version of the interface of the "layout, design Style" for the revised optimization, interface layout return to the Thunder Classic ...

Functional changes:

Adopt new design interface style and layout

Original "Feature Encyclopedia" renamed "Gadgets" and moved to the far right of the toolbar

New LAN share feature in gadgets

New localized "Offline downloads" feature

Use "Private space" function no longer need to log on Thunder account

Detail improvement:

To remove the "flow Monitor" icon in the lower right corner, traffic information is displayed by default

Fine-tune the background of a task list

Problem fixes:

Fixed the problem that the last set of effect level is invalid after restarting Thunder

When you turn off the effect, open the "About Thunder" panel, which will cause the problem to be restored

Fixed the problem that the browser stops responding if you do not close the new panel or start downloading after you pull up the new panel from the browser

Fixed pre-download BT seed completed, eject BT task new panel while the pre-download panel does not automatically disappear the problem

Fix the number of days that the upgrade is displayed in the account information Panel, and issues that are inconsistent with the personal center showing the number of days to upgrade

Fixed left "feature recommended" for "put up, expand" operation, there is a problem with duplicates

Download Portal:

Download Thunder official version (Win) |  Download Thunder for Mac |  From | Download Grenade (Thunderbolt mobile version)

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